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Arbonne Strong Start Program VP Webinar

Arbonne Strong Start Program VP Webinar. What is Strong Start?. Strong Start is an optional, easy-to-follow 90-day incentive and training program that engages new Arbonne Independent Consultants in goal-setting activities that lead to early success, exclusive rewards

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Arbonne Strong Start Program VP Webinar

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  1. Arbonne Strong Start ProgramVP Webinar

  2. What is Strong Start? Strong Start is an optional, easy-to-follow 90-day incentive and training program that engages new Arbonne Independent Consultants in goal-setting activities that lead to early success, exclusive rewards and promoting to District Manager with a team.

  3. What are the Program Objectives? Participants will: ▪Learn basic business building skills from the start including: • Prospecting • Booking • Selling • Sponsoring • Promoting ▪ Understand that consistent monthly focus on selling and sponsoring will ultimately grow a solid and sustainable business. ▪ Earn income immediately, fostering positive feelings of success to give confidence and reassurance to continue growing business. ▪ Build a team through sponsoring and duplication with the goal of promoting to District Manager (DM) by the end of the program.

  4. Who Can Participate in Strong Start? Arbonne Independent Consultants who are: ▪ New Consultants ▪ Upgraded Consultants who reach the Consultant rank for the first time ▪ Consultants who advance from Preferred Client and reach the Consultant rank for the first time

  5. Why Opt in? All Consultants who opt in during their Start Month or the following month are making an intentional decision to work toward specific goals and earn rewards. Strong Start Benefits: ▪ Start earning immediate income ▪ Advance your business through consistent activity ▪ Develop habits that lead to long-term success ▪ Position yourself to promote to District Manager ▪ Earn exclusive Arbonne rewards ▪ Learn new skills to teach to your new Consultants How to Opt in, as of Sept 1, 2010: Log in>Internet Consultants>Strong Start (or visit WebStats to opt in) • The Strong Start web page provides a program overview and Quick Links to training, materials and FAQs

  6. Currently I am a payclass Consultant who wants to opt in and participate in Strong Start, can I? Program Launch Exception: All current payclass Consultants as of September 1st , have the opportunity to participate in the Strong Start Program and earn exclusive monthly rewards. 3 months* to Opt In: ▪ September ▪ October ▪ November Benefits: ▪ “Re-Start” their businesses ▪ Learn new skills ▪ Grow a team and their business ▪ Promote to District Manager (DM) Note: *Limited time opportunity to participate; opt in only available to current payclass Consultants (as of September 1st) during the months of September, October and November 2010. Current payclass Consultants may have been at the Consultant rank previously and can still opt in.

  7. Volume Goals and Rewards Volume: PRV + Personally sponsored Preferred Client PRV + Personally sponsored Consultant PRV (with a maximum total of 500 PRV from each personally sponsored Consultant throughout the three-month program). Achieving all of the monthly volume goals will help you to promote to District Manager. Arbonne Recommends: The Strong Start Program training in the workbook recommends that each participant obtain 500 PRV monthly. By doing this and achieving the monthly volume goals, the participant will promote to DM by the end of the program. Note: Each monthly volume goals stands alone regarding rewards. Volume cannot be rolled forward or used to “catch-up” volume from a previous month. Achieving monthly goals to receive rewards is not depending on previous month(s) activity.

  8. Sponsoring Goal Sponsoring Goal: *Business Builders = a First-time, $109 new Consultant only.Upgraded and Advanced Preferred Clients Consultants do not count toward the Sponsoring Goals. Arbonne Recommends: Sponsoring a minimum of one New Consultant each month of the Strong Start program, to meet the total Sponsoring Requirement of 3+ Business Builders over the course of the three-month program. However, participant’s can sponsor 3+ Business Builders anytime during the three-month program. These goals will help build consistency and confidence in the sponsoring process.

  9. Congratulations Strong Start Graduates! Strong Start Participants who achieve ALL three monthly Volume Goals AND the Sponsoring Requirements: Virtual Product Voucher: *Can be used forArbonne products. Does not include product specials or Business Aids. Standard shipping and tax applies.

  10. Business Aids Strong Start Workbook Guides a new Consultant through a 30-60-90 day action plan based on mastering the fundamental skills of prospecting, booking, selling, sponsoring and promoting. Strong Start Brochure A concise and easy-to-understand tool that explains the goals, rewards and benefits of the Strong Start Program to a prospective Business Builder. New Consultant Starter Kit Includes a Welcome CD, Strong Start Binder, 10-pack Catalogues, Calendar & Tracker, 10-pack Samples and a Flash Drive. • The binder is divided into 6 sections: Strong Start, Specials, Opportunity, Products, Succcess Stories and SuccessPlan & Policies and Procedures. • Welcome CD walks the new Consultant through the kit and the first few chapters of the Strong Start Program. It also explains how to place an order—any new Consultant who places an additional order in their Start Month or the next month, will be able to add a 10-pack of Samples to their order at no charge (standard shipping and tax apply). • The Place Business Card promotion code is on the inside front cover of the Binder.

  11. As a current Arbonne Independent Consultant, how can I get a Strong Start Binder and Flash Drive? The Strong Start Binder with Flash Drive* will temporarily be available for sale beginning September 8th for $40 as a Business Aid. Available for purchase: • September 8th – September 30th • October • November Launch Exception: All new $109 Consultants who sign up in August and choose to purchase the Strong Start Binder and Flash Drive for $40, will also receive a $50 Product Voucher. Note: *Limit one Strong Start Binder and Flash Drive per Arbonne Consultant ID; items not available for re-sale.

  12. Online Training and Tools Skill set training will be launched as a series to trickle out after the program launch. Arbonne University ▪ Strong Start Program Overview – September 1st ▪ Prospecting ▪ Booking ▪ Selling ▪ Sponsoring ▪ Promoting Arbonne Learn & Burn™ ▪ Strong Start Program overview – September 2nd Recognition ▪ Strong Start graduate report posted online as part of The SPOT WebStats ▪ Strong Start participant progress report and Downline reports Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  13. As a payclass DM or above*, how can I earn the Strong Start Rewards? Monthly Activity Challenges: Achieve/Sponsor ▪ 1500+ PRV ▪ Sponsor 1+ $109 Business Builder Consultant (who accumulates 150 RV in their start month) Earn ▪ August Activity Challenge – Consultant Tote Bag ▪ September Activity Challenge – On-the-Go Desk Accessory Set ▪ October Activity Challenge – Arbonne Key Necklace *Must be Paid As status as of August 1, 2010 ▪ DM, AM, RVP or NVP • All payclass Consultants as of August 1st will be eligible to participate in the Strong Start Program and therefore not eligible for the activity challenges.

  14. Your Role with Strong Start Train your team • Use the binder, workbook, brochures and Welcome CD as your guide. Earn the Strong Start Rewards • By achieving the monthly Activity Challenges you will have the tote, portable desk set and necklace to show your new Business Builders what they are working toward. Show & tell is always more powerful than just telling. Encourage new Consultants to opt in • Use the Strong Start Brochure to walk prospects through the program goals, rewards and benefits Recognize your New Consultants who: • Opt in • Achieve the Strong Start monthly volume goals • Graduate from the program

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