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SIOP. Second Language Acquisition. How long does it take most students to achieve conversational fluency? 1.5 years. How long does it take most students to achieve academic language proficiency?. 5-7 years. and many will take longer. BICS and CALP. WHAT do they stand for?.

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second language acquisition
Second Language Acquisition
  • How long does it take most students to achieve conversational fluency?

1.5 years

How long does it take most students to achieve academic language proficiency?

5-7 years

and many will take longer

bics and calp
  • WHAT do they stand for?

CALP : Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency

BICS : Basic Interpersonal

Communication Skills

Think of a student that you can converse with, but when you ask them to perform an academic task they are unable to complete it.
  • Think of a time when BICS is important and necessary.
  • When is CALP necessary?
  • Is one more important than the other?
what is siop
  • Sheltered Instruction is a means for making content comprehensible for English learners while they are developing English skills.
remember 8 30
Remember 8:30
  • SIOP has 8 components with 30 features… The good news many of the components and features are already a part of your practice.
lesson preparation
Lesson Preparation
  • Content Objectives*
  • Language Objectives*
  • Content concepts
  • Supplementary materials
  • Adaptation of content
  • Meaningful activities
building background
Concepts explicitly linked to students’ background experiences *

Links explicitly made between past learning and new concepts*

Key Vocabulary emphasized*

Building Background
Opportunities for

students to use

learning strategies

Scaffolding techniques

consistently used

A variety of questions

or tasks that promote

higher-order thinking skills

review and assessment
Review of key vocabulary and key content concepts

Regular feedback provided

Assessment of student comprehension and learning of all objectives

Review and Assessment
comprehensible input
Speech appropriate for students’ proficiency levels

Clear explanation of academic tasks

A variety of techniques used to make content concepts clear

Comprehensible Input
Frequent opportunities

for interaction and


Grouping configurations

support COs and LOs

Sufficient wait time

Opportunities for students

to clarify key concepts

in L1

practice and application
Hands on materials

and or manipulatives

Activities for students to apply content and language knowledge

Activities integrate all language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking)

Practice and Application
lesson delivery
Content and Language objectives supported by lesson delivery

Students engaged 90-100% of the time

Appropriate pacing

Lesson Delivery
overview of our siop implementation
Overview of our SIOP implementation
  • SIOP Overview / Math Connect 12/3
  • SIOP Strategies – reading 1/7
  • SIOP Strategies – vocabulary 1/21
  • SIOP Review and Assessment 2/4
in it to win it
In it to win it!

Discuss your answer with your partner and write you answer on the white board.

I will give you a description of a feature of SIOP, you write what component the feature is under.

key vocabulary emphasized
Key vocabulary emphasized

Building Background