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Run More Games: The Doctor When Solution PowerPoint Presentation
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Run More Games: The Doctor When Solution

Run More Games: The Doctor When Solution

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Run More Games: The Doctor When Solution

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  1. Run More Games: The Doctor When Solution Allen Cohn, et.

  2. Topics • One impediment to running more games • The Doctor When solution • Pluses and minuses • A brief recruiting pitch for Doctor When • Discussion topics

  3. Doing as we’re told • Back in GC Summit 2009 Red Byer told us to “run more games” • But my team, Meat Machine, didn’t have the experience, size, or time available to do it • I bet we’re not the only one

  4. I didn’t know any better… • I came up with the germ of an idea for a game • All I had was chutzpah, but not the people • So I recruited across teams—both in-person networking and posting to the Yahoo! Groups • I didn’t realize that that was an uncommon way to do it

  5. Pluses so far • If it works, then a game will be created that would have been impossible using conventional methods • We get to work and bond with people outside our teams

  6. Minuses so far • GC doesn’t have foundation of experience working together • Game development slowed by recruiting and team building needs • Members wonder if their teams will get “credit” for contributing to the community • May be divisive: If someone helps then they can’t play with their core team

  7. Here’s the pitch… • We have a lot of great people on board at various levels of contribution • But we need a few more

  8. The “stats” on our game • “Back To Doctor When’s Excellent Adventure” • A tongue-in-cheek homage to time travel adventures • Target length: 30 hours • Target dates: run twice—weekends of 9/17 and 9/24 • Start location: San Mateo • Target size: 20 teams each run

  9. An immersive experience • The teams will be protagonists in a plot line • Solving great puzzles is how the plot will be revealed and how they’ll achieve their goals • Sets, props, actors, special effects galore!

  10. Can’t we all just get along? Yes, puzzlers tend to be competitive. And we will have world-class puzzles. But still we’re trying to create: • A cooperative experience • Working together on a common goal • Get their sense of accomplishment from moving the plot, not beating other teams We won’t even keep score!

  11. Lots of progress so far • Detailed plotline complete • Identified which “showpiece puzzles” are needed • Prototypes of several • Key location secured • Great people already on board

  12. GC function leaders • Allen Cohn, overall • Trisha Lantznester, puzzles • Erik Stuart, administrative/financial (adult supervision) • _____, technical director (in the theatrical sense of “technical”)

  13. GC members so far Core • Dwight Freund • Sean Gugler • Wei-Hwa Huang Contributors • Justin Graham • Lisa Long • Acorn Pooley • Dave Shukan • DeeAnn Sole • Melissa Wilson

  14. We need more, more, more! The base requirements are simple: • Enthusiasm • Time Teaming with positive people makes this a fun hobby!

  15. Two specific needs • “Core” members • Members with theatrical skills

  16. Core members • Every GC needs a handful of people who will make this a primary hobby for months • We have a few, but need more • If interested, see us during the break and drink our Kool Aid

  17. Theater people The special flavor of Doctor When requires: • Set construction • Painting • Video production/editing • Actors/actresses Maybe not you…but perhaps your friends? Please spread the word!

  18. Discussion period • What do you think of assembling a GC from members of different teams? • Thoughts on how to entice puzzlers to enjoy the plot, play along, and not focus (so much) on competition?