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DevOps Technical Strategy and Roadmap PowerPoint Presentation
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DevOps Technical Strategy and Roadmap

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DevOps Technical Strategy and Roadmap

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DevOps Technical Strategy and Roadmap

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  1. DevOps Technical Strategy and Roadmap Bruce Besch IBM Rational, DevOps Managing Consultant

  2. Software delivery is at the heart of today’s top technology trends Software delivery Big DataInsights on new products by more efficiently interpreting massive quantities of data Cloud Demand for apps requires fast, scalable environments for dev and test, as well as production Social Business Broader set of stakeholders collaborates to deliver continuous innovationand value Instrumented ProductsIndustry requirements demand faster response to regulations and standards, with traceability and quality MobileModern workforce expects constantlyupdated software toconnect to enterprise systems Intelligent/Connected SystemsSoftware component in smart products driving increased value and differentiation

  3. A lack of continuous delivery impacts the entire business enterprise in the new reality of “Systems Of Interaction” Line-of-businessTakes too long to introduce or makechanges to mobile apps and services OperationsRapid app releases impact system stability and compliance >70% of budgets devotedto maintenanceand operations >45% of customers experience production delays Systems of Interaction Systems of Engagement Systems of Record 4-6 weeks to deliver even minor application changes to customers >50%of outsourcedprojects fail tomeet objectives Cloud-basedServices Continuousclient experience Partnervalue chain Development/TestSpeed mismatch between faster moving front office and slower moving back office systems, delaying time to obtain feedback SuppliersDelivery in the context of agile HR CRM DB ERP MF iSeries

  4. Enterprise capability for continuous software delivery that enables clients to seize market opportunities and reduce time to customer feedback ContinuousBusiness Planning IBM DevOps Acceleratesoftware delivery faster time to value Plan& Measure ContinuousMonitoring Collaborative Development Continuousinnovation,feedback and improvements Balance speed, cost, quality and risk increased capacity to innovate Develop& Test Monitor& Optimize ContinuousCustomer Feedback and Optimization Release& Deploy ContinuousTesting Reduce time to customer feedback improved customer experience Continuous Release and Deployment

  5. DevOps and Cloud adoption Automating for faster delivery with DevOps and cloud Traditional On-Premises Infrastructure as a Service Platform as a Service Applications Applications Applications Data Data Data JazzHub (SaaS) Mid Config Mid Config Mid Config Man/Auto Man/Auto UC Deploy UC Deploy Middleware Middleware Middleware Manual O/S O/S O/S Codename: BlueMix Virtualization Virtualization Virtualization PureApplication System SmartCloud Orchestrator SoftLayer Servers Servers Servers Storage Storage Storage Networking Networking Networking Customization; higher costs; slower time to value Standardization; lower costs; faster time to value

  6. Rational Focal Point Rational Requirements Composer SmartCloud Orchestrator IBM Pure Application System Jenkins Rational Asset Manager Rational Quality Manager Rational Test Workbench Rational Test Virtualization Server Rational Development and Test Environment for System z InforSphere Optim Test Data Mgmt SmartCloud Application Performance Management Rational Team Concert Rational Build Forge IBM DevOps Solution IBM’s DevOps solution is built on an open standards based platform and a set of services which enable clients to leverage open source and third party tools IBM UrbanCode Release IBM UrbanCode Deploy Line of Business 6

  7. Investing in Release Automation … Introducing UrbanCode Drive down cost Remove manual effort and wasted resource time with push button deployment processes Speed time to market Simple, graphical process designer, with built-in actions to quickly create deployment automation Reduce risk Robust configuration management, coordinated release processes, audits, and traceability Enabling clients to more rapidly deliver mobile, cloud, big data and traditional applications with high quality and low risk IBM UrbanCode Deploy automates the deployment of applications, databases and configurations into development, test and production environments, helping to drive down cost, speed time to market with reduced risk. IBM UrbanCode Releaseis an intelligent collaboration release management solution that replaces error-prone manual spreadsheets and streamlines release activities for application and infrastructure changes.

  8. Continuous Delivery Pipeline

  9. Orchestration Engine Change Management Managing workloads across the lifecycle requires orchestration Monitoring Compute Domain Network Domain Storage Domain Service Desk IT Asset Management IT Management Storage Domain Monitoring Domain Data Availability Domain Network Domain Orchestrate Provision Pattern Resource Orchestration Onboard, provision, manage CPU, Storage and Network Service Orchestration Manage the lifecycle of business applications Workload Orchestration Workload aware placement, optimization and operation Web DB App

  10. Orchestration Engine Managing workloads across the lifecycle requires orchestration IBM EndPoint Manager software installation patch and compliance Chef server software installation Tivoli Provisioning Manager F5 Load Balancer Tivoli Netcool Configuration Manager Juniper Firewall NetApp NAS Tivoli Productivity Center (Sonas) Tivoli Storage Manager IT Management Monitoring Domain VMware PowerVM KVM Amazon EC2 zVM SoftLayer Data Availability Domain Network Domain Tivoli Workload Scheduler Orchestrate SmartCloud Control Desk ervice Desk Provision Pattern Over 200 IBM and industry patterns WebSphere DB2 Mobile Business Intelligence SharePoint SQL Server Approval processing Scripting utilitities Email Database Java Web Services OpenStack IaaS Virtual System Patterns PureApplication System Tivoli Service Automation Manager Web DB App

  11. Automating application deployment to cloud resources UrbanCode Deploy IBM Cloud Application Component IBM UrbanCode Deploy World-Wide Banking Application war ddl mq Environments DEV QA ... PROD Cloud Resources (DEV) Cloud Resources (PROD) World-Wide Banking Application World-Wide Banking Application war ddl mq war ddl mq Pattern Parameters can be supplied by Properties from UC Deploy Tomcat MySQL JMS WebSphere Liberty DB2 WSMB IBM PureApplication System Hybrid Public Clouds Private Clouds SmartCloud Orchestrator

  12. Improve Delivery Lifecycle with Software Defined Environments SCM Build Automation Pull changes Publish build IBM PureApplication System Execute application deployment and manage settings across environments Provision platform Deploy early and often to ensure higher quality and faster releases using repeatable, reliable, and managed automation DEV QA PROD DEV DEV DEV Environments Patch/update Platform Config Management IBM Endpoint Manager SmartCloud Orchestrator

  13. Reliable management of middleware configuration across environments WAS Configuration Template Creation Application Deployment Automation Middleware Administrator -or- Application Developer Deployment Automation Developer 2 - Plugin 6 – Define Deployment Process 4 - Assemble 3 - Import 5 - Publish Application EAR Cluster template WAR Exemplar WAS Cell 7 - Deploy 7 - Deploy 7 - Deploy Artifact Library DB WAS Configuration Template Application Environments QA Dev Prod

  14. DevOps: Continuous Testing Combining continuous testing with Deployment automation and service virtualization for reducing time to market and improving quality Test Environments Dev QA Simultaneously test across multiple test stages IBM UrbanCode Deploy Deploy what is ready, virtualize the rest  integrated with Continuously test in production-like env. Test using real world network conditions Dynamic Infrastructure n SHUNRA Network Virtualization IBM Rational Test Virtualization Server virtual components IBM Rational Test Workbench Internal Messages Third-partyServices Databases Provision Deploy Test

  15. Smarter Mobile Quality Assessment User Feedback Crash logs 4 Crash log reporting Bugs Bugs vs. Crashes LOB/Digital Marketer Developer End Users Tester 5 1 2 3 In app bug reporting Sentiment Analysis In app user feedback Over the air build distribution Builds Quality Dashboard with Sentiment Analysis IBM Mobile Quality Assurance services (beta) Addresses five key use cases, attacking pain points for all key users

  16. Recent UrbanCode Deploy Improvements Usability Improvements Source configs = plugins More multifunction lists and tagging Comparison views New Process Configuration Options Workflow capability: vertical integration container z/OS (mainframe) Support Integration with SoftLayer Improved SmartCloud Orchestrator integration WebSphere configuration v6.0 and v6.0.1

  17. Recent UrbanCode Release Improvements v6.0 and v6.0.1 • Rational Team Concert Integration • Change Management • OSCL Integration • Mapping • RTC Delegated UI Dialogs • Release Progression • Release Impact Analyses • Pipeline View • Federated Deployment Dashboard

  18. IBM UrbanCode Deploy – Plug-ins • 59 plug-ins from15 different vendors and open source organizations • Broad range of plugins supported: • Application servers • Databases • Messaging platforms • Test automation • Issue tracking systems • Operating system services • Cloud platforms • Issue tracking • Even more… • Plug-ins can be downloaded for free from

  19. Future Directions

  20. Moving to open technologies Applications IBM UrbanCode Deploy Banking Application Application template Environments Application Lifecycle DEV TEST QA PROD Dedicated Public Network Network Private IBM Cloud Orchestrator Traditional IT Banking Application Banking Application Infrastructure template Heat Orchestration Template (HOT) Heat Orchestration Template (HOT) OpenStack Heat OpenStack Heat IBM Platform Resource Scheduler IBM Platform Resource Scheduler Hardware Server Server Storage Storage

  21. Next generation pattern development and lifecycle management A full-stack engineering solution for designing, deploying, and managing environments Components Cloud Pattern Designer HOT document editor & Environment lifecycle management tool Heat Templates (HOT) Building Blocks Tool Resources HOT Executes on Organic environments Version-aware Full-stack engineering Composable content Cloud agnostic Engine OpenStack Heat Platforms

  22. IBM DevOps Services (JazzHub) for Cloud Open, integrated rapid development experience that scales Git hosting Planned Services Store and manage the code for your application in the hosted Git repo. Integrated Development Environment Use built-in Web IDE, Eclipse, Visual Studio or leverage your tool of choice. Agile planning & tracking, team collaboration Easily share work and collaborate with team members. Mobile quality Improve mobile app quality through crash analytics, sentiment analysis, and feedback. Continuous Integration Continuously build, scan, and test code to improve quality and increase speed of delivery. Deployment automation Instantly deploy your applications. Performance monitoring Identify the early occurrence and root cause of performance issues, not just the symptoms, throughout the application lifecycle. Conduct code level diagnostics to identify bottlenecks and optimize application performance.

  23. Globally distributed enterprise deployments Agents Agents Clustered High Availability Clustered High Availability Relay Server Relay Server Data Center B Data Center A Load Balancer Load Balancer Associated servers across sites Shared by servers Shared by servers DB DB CodeStation CodeStation Replicate deployment artifacts Synchronize data (e.g. process definition, security, templates) Awareness-only of other (e.g historical data)

  24. Environment Change Management Configuration drift detection Compliant? Compliant? Desired State What we want Actual State What is actually on the system Inventory What we believe exists X

  25. Expanding mobile delivery services Develop Use Application Deploy Build SCM Deliver Request Build Built Artifacts Run IDE IBM UrbanCode Deploy Mobile Resource Jazz Build Engine Rational Team Concert Android Worklight Native SDK Build IBM Worklight Server Planned Solution • Automate deployment of mobile applications by interacting with mobile platforms and mobile SDKs • Support for IBM Worklight (available today) • Support for emulators/simulators in Apple XCode and Android SDK • Support for mobile testing “device-clouds”, e.g.: Appurify, Perfecto Mobile and DeviceAnywhere

  26. Deployment automation of native mainframe applications IBM UrbanCode Deploy for z/OS Deploy Code Station on z/OS Test Environment – RD&T Application under test • Download build output from Code Station on z/OS • Deploy to z/OS or RD&T to test application changes Promote Value from planned unified solution • Accelerate delivery and reduces cycle time to develop/test multi-tier applications across heterogeneous environments and platforms • Reduce costs and eliminate delays for delivering mainframe applications • Minimize risk and improve productivity across disparate teams with cross-platform release planning

  27. Summary Adopting DevOps with Cloud accelerates delivery IBM provides enterprise Cloud and DevOps solutions SmartCloud Orchestrator PureApplication System SoftLayer UrbanCode We are investing for the future Codename: BlueMix JazzHub – DevOps Services NextGen Pattern lifecycle management DevOps for Mobile & Mainframe Plan& Measure Public Clouds Private Clouds Continuousinnovation,feedback and improvements Develop& Test Monitor& Optimize IBM PureApplication System Release& Deploy DevOps Services Java Session Cache Mobile DB SmartCloud Orchestrator