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Sustainability:. What is it and what does it mean for your business?. Rebbecca Page – Sustainability Advisor. First things first…. What on earth is she talking About?. Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World - 2014. The 3 ‘P’s : P eople, P lanet and P rosperity.

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What is it and what does it mean for your business?

Rebbecca Page – Sustainability Advisor

First things first
First things first….


on earth

is she

talking About?

The 3 p s p eople p lanet and p rosperity
The 3 ‘P’s : People, Planet and Prosperity

In a nutshell
In a nutshell…

Sustainability means

‘the capacity to endure’

By looking after the planet, people and prosperity you are positioning your business to be a resilient and lasting one.

The funnel
The funnel

As our demand increases and the capacity to meet this demand declines, society moves into a narrower portion of the funnel. As the funnel narrows there are fewer options and less room to manoeuvre. Organisations that continue business-as-usual; are likely to hit the walls of the funnel, and fail.

Forward looking organisations can position themselves to avoid the squeeze of the funnel and invest toward opening the walls and creating a truly sustainable and rewarding future.


Measuring the three ‘P’s



Water Stewardship

Corporate Social Responsibility

It just makes sense cents too
It just makes sense (cents too!)

Recent analysis of Laminex Sales Fleet showed that by simply reducing petrol use by 10% would save 4,700 kg CO2and over$25,000 in twelve months.

This is as easy as:

  • Checking tyre pressures - low pressure can cost 5 per cent more fuel.

  • Turn off air-conditioning when not needed, or face an 8 per cent to 12 per cent fuel penalty.

  • Lighten loads - every 50kg added to a car costs 1 per cent to 2 per cent more fuel

It just makes sense cents too1
It just makes sense (cents too!)

Replacing ONE 1000w Halogen security light with a 30w LED giving equivalent light and functionality (3 hrs per night):

1000w lamp:

Cost per year $657.00

CO2 emissions per year 3217.1kg

30w LED lamp:

Cost per year $19.71

CO2 emissions per year 96.5kg

Savings per year: $637.29 and 3120.6 kg CO2

How can you identify a sustainably ethically responsible supplier
How can you identify a Sustainably & Ethically Responsible Supplier?

  • Ask! Most sustainably and ethically responsible suppliers will be happy to talk about their practices and will share this information on their websites.

  • Third Party Certifications: By engaging an external auditing service to endorse business practices shows that a business is REALLY doing what they say they are doing. Key certifications include:

  • Industry Collaboration: Successful businesses optimise opportunities to benefit both the environment and their business by aligning with industry partners. Some great examples of this include


Laminex New Zealand’s commitment to the environment. Supplier?

This strategy reflects our belief that action must follow good intentions and ambitious goals.