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Greenhouse Safety

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Greenhouse Safety
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Greenhouse Safety

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  1. Greenhouse Safety Lawrence Cox Holston High 2013

  2. Before You Begin • Your concern for safety should begin even before the first lab or shop activity. Always read and think about safety before starting an activity. • Perform laboratory (greenhouse) work only when your teacher is present. Unauthorized or unsupervised work is not allowed. • Know the location and use of all safety equipment in the greenhouse. These include eye wash station, first-aid kit, and fire extinguisher.

  3. Clothing • You will get dirty. Make sure that you wear clothing that is appropriate to work in and is safe to get dirty. • Wear closed-toe shoes when working in the greenhouse. • Make sure that clothing adheres to school dress code.

  4. Water Hoses • Water hoses should be placed in their proper storage area when not in use. • Do NOT leave water hoses lying in the walkways where someone could trip over them. • Do NOT drink water from any of the hoses or faucets in the greenhouses.

  5. Tools • Do NOT leave tools lying around the greenhouse when not in use. • Always return all tools to their proper storage place after each use. • Many tools used in the greenhouse are sharp. Use caution. • Always use the proper tool for the job.

  6. Floors • Avoid walking on wet floors in the greenhouse whenever possible. • Wet floors can be dangerous. Greenhouse floors covered with algae can be especially dangerous. Algae on floors is very slippery. • NEVER RUN IN THE GREENHOUSE!!!(Running in the greenhouse will result in an automatic referral to the principal)

  7. Horseplay • No horseplay, running, etc. is allowed at anytime in the classroom or greenhouse. • Horseplay will result in automatic referral to the principal. • 85% of school accidents are caused as a result of horseplay.

  8. Communication • No matter how small, all accidents should be reported to the instructor immediately. • Do not use equipment unless you have been instructed on its use and safety precautions, and given permission to do so.

  9. Electrical • The greenhouses and workrooms contain electrical wiring. • When watering plants make sure to put water on the plants and no where else. • Never spray water around any electrically controlled equipment. • Avoid using electrical equipment when the floors are wet.

  10. Lifting • Lift heavy object safely, using proper lifting techniques. • Never try to show strength by lifting excessive weights. • Always get help if the object is too heavy.

  11. Chemical Use • NEVER USE ANY CHEMICAL IN THE GREENHOUSE WITHOUT THE PERMISSION OF THE INSTRUCTOR. • Only certified applicators are allowed to apply chemicals even with the instructor’s permission • All materials used in the greenhouse are listed in the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) Binder

  12. Chemical Use • Be aware of the Restricted Entry Intervals (REI) for pesticides. • Each greenhouse will be posted with a sign that will state the chemical that was used in the greenhouse and the time that re-entry into the greenhouse will be allowed. • Never enter a greenhouse before the REI has expired.

  13. Responsibility • Take responsibility for the safety of yourself and others. • Follow tool and equipment safety manuals. • Obey rules and guidelines as well as the instructions of your teacher. • Use good judgment for safety sake. If in doubt ask!!!