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Fiction to reality: Lois Duncan and Jack Gantos PowerPoint Presentation
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Fiction to reality: Lois Duncan and Jack Gantos

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Fiction to reality: Lois Duncan and Jack Gantos - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fiction to reality: Lois Duncan and Jack Gantos
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  1. Stories of Life Fiction to reality:Lois Duncan and Jack Gantos

  2. Killing Mr. Griffin • Has a teacher ever given you a bad grade that you think was unfair ? • Have you ever had to miss having fun due to hours of homework? • Is that the same teacher who doesn’t cut you any slack when you have made mistakes? • Have you ever thought it would be a good idea to just GET RID OF HIM?

  3. Killing Mr. Griffin • Well… the characters in Killing Mr. Griffin did! • Pg. 81

  4. Killing Mr. Griffin

  5. By Lois Duncan Who killed my daughter?

  6. Who Killed My Daughter? • Does Killing Mr. Griffin sound like an interesting story? • Did you like the movie I Know What You Did Last Summer? • Are you fascinated by stories filled with suspense, mystery, and the darker side of life?

  7. Who Killed My Daughter? • Well…These stories are all made up by the author. • Her name is Lois Duncan, but not all of her stories are fictional. • The most important murder mystery she would ever was real.

  8. Who Killed My Daughter? • Who Killed My Daughter? is a real-life mystery that needs you to help figure out what the police couldn’t. • Who killed Lois Duncan’s Daughter? • Can you figure it out?

  9. Who Killed My Daughter?

  10. By Jack Gantos Joey pigza loses control

  11. Joey Pigza Loses Control • Is your family imperfect? • Do you find yourself getting into trouble? • Does it seem like nobody understands you? • Do you feel like you are different from others?

  12. Joey Pigza Loses Control • Then you might be a lot like Joey Pigza! • Joey Pigza Loses Control does not hide the truth about parents, relationships, and life. • You might find you have more in common with this novel than you think

  13. Joey Pigza Loses Control

  14. By Jack Gantos A hole in my life

  15. A Hole in My Life • Does Joey Pigza sound like he might have some problems to overcome in his life? • ADD, a dysfunctional family, problems at school ?

  16. A Hole in My Life • Well…this is nothing compared to the real life of the author-Jack Gantos!

  17. A Hole in My Life • A Hole in My Life is a true story about how Jack Gantos went from being a regular kid to award winning author…