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What’s your problem?

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What’s your problem? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What’s your problem?. Which infrastructure project do you feel least comfortable about…. ? Cloudiest scope ?. ? Most difficult to cost ?. ? Most intangible benefit case ?. Greatest risk to under deliver value. ? ? ?.

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What’s your problem?

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most difficult to cost
? Most difficult to cost ?
  • ? Most intangible benefit case ?
knowledge management and collaborative working
Knowledge Management and Collaborative Working
  • a Blue Sky approach to
  • deliver the business REAL value


typical km project
Typical KM project
  • Big – Expensive – Long delivery times
all too commonly
All too commonly…
  • …they fail to hit the mark
collaboration is not
Collaboration is NOT…
  • …a top down process
so how do we make sure
So how do we make sure…
  • …we’re heading in the right direction?
navigate the right course
Navigate the right course:
  • Start with a VERY early pilot
find a dynamic group who needs it the most
Find a dynamic group who needs it the most
  • knowledge sharing adds most value when crossing disciplines & team boundaries
dispell the myth
Dispell the myth
  • “ infrastructure is too monolithic to be agile ! ”
rolling delivery schedule
Rolling delivery schedule
  • Constantly delivering value &
  • Improving from real customer experience
deliver tasty morsels
Deliver tasty morsels
  • To people who can use and improve them
  • And who will then spread the ideas to others
people are the heart of the project help them to love it and live it
People are the heart of the project – help them to love it and live it
  • Provide a social platform so people can share their tips, and comment on what others suggest
  • e.g. ways to manage your inbox, etc
km is nothing new
KM is nothing new:


  • Make the most of the knowledge we have
it doesn t have to be expensive
It doesn’t have to be expensive:
  • Ideas like: leave old camera phones in meeting rooms…
  • * Snap *Upload to photostore * Send links to colleagues
collaboration can be simple
Collaboration can be simple:
  • Spread an understanding of the tools, even existing ones:
  • e.g. how to find a room with conference phone
  • or, how to check free-busy to pick meeting times
make sure we keep it simple
Make sure we keep it simple
  • Collaboration Tools fill the gaps when face-to-face communication is not possible
  • The more elaborate the tool, the longer it takes to use and the less effective the communication
  • Make it easy for people to move up the collaborative scale towards effectiveness and efficiency
and they all worked together
And they all worked together…
  • … happily ever after
some free inspiration from
Some free inspiration from…
  • Independent architectural consultancy.
  • Delivering the technology
  • your business needs
  • www.join-the-bits.com