Three wishes story motif
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Three Wishes Story Motif. Scarlett Rowe 8 th grade English PJHS. UNIT SUMMARY.

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Three wishes story motif

Three Wishes Story Motif

Scarlett Rowe

8th grade English


Unit summary

  • The students will be reading “The Monkey’s Paw” and “Three Wishes,” two short stories based on the Three Wishes story motif. The students will be completing story maps and comparison charts to write a five paragraph comparison/contrast essay. The students will also produce a “movie poster” or Power Point presentation based on their favorite story. The students will end the unit by producing an original free verse personal poem based on the three wishes motif to share with the class.

Vision statement

  • During this unit, I hope to help the students to feel more connected to the literature they read and use their imagination to create a product and share it with their peers. I also hope to engage the students through technology and help them to understand how common themes and motifs repeat themselves throughout literature.

Gauging student needs assessment
Gauging Student Needs Assessment

  • I can use the information from these assessments to:

    • Focus on elements of literature which present problems

    • Plan activities in which they will answer their questions

  • Students can use the information from these assessments to:

    -Share ideas and opinions

    -Compare their questions to those in previous units

    -Set goals for how they will adjusttheir reading style for this kind of literature

Curriculum framing questions
Curriculum-Framing Questions

  • ESSENTIAL QUESTION: How do our personal dreams and/or wishes change our lives or the lives of others?

  • UNIT QUESTION: What is the difference between faith and magic? Give examples of how faith affects people’s lives.


  • What is a story motif?

  • What are the elements of plot?

  • How do you compare and contrast two stories?

  • What is a Haiku?

  • What is a Limerick?

Helpful websites


What s happening
What’s happening?

  • We will connect the stories to our lives

  • Collaborate with peers

  • Create a presentation and a poem demonstrating what we have learned

  • Share our products with a real audience

  • Provide feedback and constructive criticism to our peers