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Sun Pillars

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Sun Pillars. By: Audrey. What is natural phenomena’s?.

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sun pillars

Sun Pillars

By: Audrey


What is natural phenomena’s?

Natural phenomenon is phenomenon’s created by earths rotation & earths revolution around the sun example’s: Solar eclipse, Lunar eclipse, Midnight Sun, blue moon, sun pillars and moon pillars. . Natural phenomenon is also phenomenon’s that is similar with natural disaster example’s: sand storm, geyser and wind storms.


What is sun pillars?

  • The sun pillars are like light orange and light yellow pillar witch is standing above the sun in the sky. Sun pillars are similar to moon pillars but sun pillars uses sunlight and moon pillars uses moonlight. Sun pillars can be found in winter season in the afternoons or at night.

Causes of sun pillars?

  • The sun pillars are caused by the ice crystal witch is flowing in the earth’s atmosphere that is reflected by the sunlight from the sun at night or in the afternoon.

Where and when it happens?


In winter season witch only happens in north and south countries.


It happens when the the ice crystals reflects the sun light than formed layer that looks like pillar above the sun.

how the sun p illars happen
How the Sun Pillars happen

Sun light/Moon light

  • Sun pillars

Reflected by Ice crystals

Winter Season

Natural Phenomena

Earth’s rotation & revolution

  • Sun pillars produce sunlight in the afternoon .After the sunlight in the afternoon comes the ice crystal in the earth’s atmosphere than the ice crystals will reflect the sunlight in the winter season. Winter is a type of season that happens to the countries in the north hemisphere and south hemisphere. Season is a natural phenomena that is caused by the earth’s rotation and the earth’s rotation around the sun.
impacts to our live
Impacts to our live
  • The solar pillars can affect more photographers trying to capture the wonderful pillars that comes in winter season and share it to others.
  • Other people will be more curious about this phenomena when they see it.
  • Photographers will make another technology that can capture the sun pillars in more detail or others.
  • Scientist will find out if there is another similar natural phenomenon like the sun pillars
  • Scientist will discover more is there any other source to make the sun pillars happen without humans light and the sun.
  • light pillars (online available) opened September 12 2013
  • light pillars (online available) opened September 12 2013
  • Sun and light pillars (online available) opened September 12 2013