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Willful Blindness

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Willful Blindness
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Willful Blindness

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  2. Willful Blindness

  3. Brandeis University Caves: Cancels Honoree Degree & Speech

  4. Willful Blindness Deception

  5. Blackout: Wichita Bomber

  6. US Attorney’s Response • “…Loewen’s alleged actions in no way…reflect on any religious group.” • But What Does the FBI’s Criminal Complaint Say?

  7. Loewen in His Own Words • “I have been studying subjects like jihad, martyrdom, and Shar’ia law. I don’t know how you can read the Qur’an… • “and not understand that jihad…is demanded of all Muslims…” • “I have numerous ideas of ways I could perform jihad in the path of Allah…” • “I must be active in some kind of jihad to feel I’m doing something proactive for the ummah”

  8. Another Denial? • Ft. Hood: Work Place Violence • Little Rock: Drive-By • Boko Haram is “…trying to portray its philosophy as being a Muslim philosophy, and that’s just not accurate” Ambassador Robert Jackson, Dep. Asst. Sec. of State for Africa • Abubakar Shekau: “It is either you are with jahideen, or you’re with the Christians. We know what is happening in this world. It is jihad war against Christians…This is what I know in Qur’an. Allah says we should finish them when we get them.”

  9. Raymond Ibrahim: Nigerian ‘Sex-Slaves’ Disrupt Obama Narrative on Islam

  10. Since 2009, The Language Has Changed 9/11 FBI ‘09 Intel. Strat. Ft. Hood* V.E. 3 29 9 0 Enemy 39 0 0 0 Jihad 126 0 0 0 Jihadist 32 0 0 0 Muslim 145 0 0 0 Islam 322 0 0 0 M.B. 5 0 0 0 Religious 65 3 1 59 Al-Qaeda 36 0 1 0 Caliph 7 0 0 0 Shar’ia 2 0 0 0 *Maj. Hassan NOT Even Identified in Report

  11. Topics to be Covered • Muslims: Not All Are Fundamentalists • Theological Basis for Male/Female Relations • Dress Codes • Family Honor and Chastity • Marriage Practices • Impact on Children • Violence Against Non-Muslim Women • Female Apartheid • American Law in American Courts

  12. First, a Brief Review of the Basics • Meccan Period: 610 to 622: • 86 of 114 Chapters in Qur'an Received • All Peaceful & Tolerant of Others • Medinan Period: 622 to 632 “The First Jihad” • 28 of 114 Chapters in Qur'an Received • All Violent; Subjugation of Non-Muslims • Conquered Arabia • What Versus Take Precedence?

  13. Initial Conquests:“The Second Jihad”

  14. A History of Imperialism • Islamism 622 to 1683: “The Second Jihad” • The Caliphs Followed 7th Century Beliefs (632-661) • Engaged in Conquests of Dar al-Harb • Islam Must Dominate • Secular/Cultural Islam 1683 to 1924 • Muslims Regrouped in Middle East • Egypt Conquered by Napoleon in 1798 • Became More Nationalistic in Arab Region • Revival of Islamism 1928 to Present: “The Third Jihad” • Re-Birth of Salafism • Promoted by Banna, Qutb, Wahhab, Mawdudi, Khomeini

  15. 9/11 Commission • “What motivated the attackers was a seductive Jihadist Ideology rooted in Islamic law; “That has been lying dormant during the decline of the Ottoman Empire, “But has been revived and renewed in the Twentieth Century.”

  16. GRAND JIHAD or “The Third Jihad”Impose Shar’ia LawTwo Methods EXTREME/RADICAL JIHAD PRACTICAL /STEALTH JIHAD Non-Violence “Mainstream” Front Groups Promote Islamization by Deceit & Disinformation Saudi Financial Backing Muslim Brotherhood Follow Salafism & Wahhabism INDIRECT ATTACK • Overt Violence • Foreign Terrorists—al-Qaida • Domestic “Lone Wolves” • Jamaat al-Fuqra in US • Follow Jihadi-Salafisim & Wahhabism • DIRECT ATTACK

  17. “Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America” “The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a Grand Jihad in destroying Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their own hands AND the hands of believers “So that America is eliminated and god’s religion is made victorious “Without this level of understanding we are not up to the challenge & not prepared for jihad…” Author: Mohamed Akram

  18. SHAR’IA LAW & WOMEN Treatment of Females Indicates Type of Islam: Secular or Fundamental Shar’ia Theology Denies Equal Protection May be Criminal or Civil Violation Women Not Equal to Men!

  19. Our Sources

  20. Theological Basis for Male/Female Relations • (4.34) “Men are the protectors and maintainers of women, because men have more strength and…support them from their means. • “The righteous women are devoutly obedient…and to those women who are disloyal or (show) ill conduct, admonish them, refuse to share their beds, and beat them lightly, but if they return to obedience, seek not against them means of annoyance…”

  21. Women Considered InferiorBecause Muhammad Said So! • Genetics Are Off • Deficient Mind • “Your wives are a tilth (field) unto you, so approach your tilth when and how ye will.” • Men Marry Women for: wealth, status, beauty, & religion • “If a man invites his wife to sleep with him and she refuses, then angles send their curses… .”

  22. What Rights do Muslim Women Have? • “You shall give her food when you have taken your food, …cloth her after you have clothed yourself…nor leave her…except (at) home.” • “…the best mosque for women is the inner part of the house.”

  23. Islam’s Culture of Male Dominance • Women, Sex, Violence, Honor, all Linked • Major Theme: Male Supremacy & Female Submission = Shar’ia Law

  24. Dress Codes • Modesty is the Key! • “…believing women…should lower their gaze and guard their modesty;… not display their beauty and ornaments;…draw their veils over their bosoms and not display their beauty EXCEPT for their husbands…or (other family members) or slaves…and they should not strike their feet in order to draw attention to their hidden ornaments.” • All Designed to Protect Men from Temptation.

  25. Many Styles of Coverings

  26. The Meaning of the Veil • Symbolizes Faith, Purity, & Obedience • Badge of Honor • And Supports Traditional Values • Protects Against Sexual Harassment • Promotes Treatment as Individuals not Objects • Frees Women from Exploitation • Rejects Western Decadence • AND Protects Men from Aggressive Femininity.

  27. The Fundamentalists Believe • Women’s “Awra (Nakedness) Must be Covered When Outside the Home • “Islam Regards the Female Body Essentially as Evil and the cause of Sexual Immorality.” • “…the Dangerous Female Body that Somehow, in Muslim Society, Has Been Made to Carry the Heavy Burden of Male Honor.”

  28. Women, Honor, & Chastity • Man’s Honor = Woman’s Chastity • Not Based on Personal Character of Honesty & Fidelity • Family Honor Depends on It • Men Considered Weak Until Honor Restored • If Raped, Female Charged for Adultery Unless 4 Male Witnesses

  29. According to Brigitte Gabriel • “…honor in the family is the sole responsibility of the female. Male honor lies between their women’s legs.” • “An unmarried woman must remain a virgin…until marriage.” • And must “…produce proof of her virginity to her father-in-law on her wedding night.” • “If she fails to bleed…(her)death becomes the obligation of her family members… .”

  30. Islam’s Contempt for Women • Female Circumcision = Genital Mutilation • Part of Shar’ia; but NOT Practiced by All Muslims • Where Did It Originate? Desert Culture • Performed by Age Nine • Kept Wives of Warriors Chaste While Men Off Fighting to Protect the Tribe.

  31. The Problem • World Health Organization Defines FGM: “…as the partial or total removal of the female external genitalia or other injury “to the female genital organs for non-medial reasons.” • The Numbers of FORCED FGM (Per CDC): • 150K to 200K Girls at Risk in US • 9531 in Georgia (2404 < 18 / 7128 > 18) • 8472 in Metro Atlanta (1883 < 18 / 6588 > 18)

  32. OCGA 16-5-27 • Prohibits: • Performing FGM • Consenting or Permitting FGM • Or Transporting Victim to Another State for FGM • Punishment: NOT < 5 or > 20 Years • Allowed When Necessary to Preserve Physical Health by: • Physician, RN, LPN or Certified Midwife

  33. Returning to Nonie Darwish • Growing up Muslim “…never gave me the feeling that my body was holy, but rather filthy that must be hidden.” • A man’s “…temptations and resulting sinful actions are therefore her problem and not his responsibility.” • Woman’s Primary Duty: Protect Family Honor • No Reciprocal Responsibility on Men • Uncovered Women Deserve Disrespect

  34. Shar’ia Law & Marriage Practices • Dower: Paid by Grooms’ Family • Contracts : Arranged by Parents at Puberty • Represents Transfer of Female Guardianship • Often to First Cousin • Forced Marriages--Not a Matter of Personal Choice • Family Decision Imposed on Daughters • Some As Young as 6 Years Old Betrothed • Resistance by Daughter Dishonors Family

  35. Some of the Faces

  36. Honor Killing in Jonesboro, GAfor Being “Reluctant Bride”

  37. Polygamy is OK • For Men Up to Four Wives Plus “what your right hand possesses.” • Only if the Husband Can Treat All Equally • Much Suspicion & Distrust Between Wives • Adversarial Climate & Manipulation Result • Wives Don’t Form Relationships Outside Marriage for Support • All Linked to Pre-Islam Tribal Culture

  38. Temporary Marriages • Only for Males • “We used to participate in the holy battles …and had no wives with us. So we said ‘ Shall we be castrated?’ He forbid us…and allowed us to marry women with temporary contract.” • Sanctioned Prostitution

  39. If Women are Disobedient • Verbal Admonishment • Suspend Sex for four Months • Beat “Lightly” • “Take in thy hand a branch and smite her therewith...” • This is Assault and Battery • Or, Divorce—Men Say “I Divorce You” X 3 • Forms of Sanctioned Family Violence: Wife Beating, Rape, & Honor Killings

  40. Honor Killings • Reestablishing Honor Is Man’s Responsibility • To Save Face & Restore Social Standing • Murder is Legal to Protect Honor • “…honor killing falls into perfect harmony with Muslim views of women and their sexual repression.” • Shar’ia Law: “The following are not subject to retaliation—a father or mother…for killing their offspring, or offspring’s offspring.”

  41. Why Muslim Women Murdered in North America? • 91% for Being Too Western: • Too Independent • Not Subservient • Not Wearing Islamic Dress • Pursuing Advanced Education or Career • Having Non-Muslim Friends • Refusing to Marry First Cousin • Wanting to Choose Husband • Leaving Abusive Husband • Only 9% Murdered for Sexual Impropriety

  42. Muslim Man Stabbed Wife 30 Times in Neck: “Killed because he objected to her behavior in the community”

  43. Buffalo TV Executive Charged for Beheading Wife After Divorce Filing

  44. Philadelphia Muslim Kills Pregnant Wife for Not Wearing Hijab • Roysce “Yusef” Haynes Had Two Previous Assault Charges • Wife’s Family Objected to Hijab • Haynes Charged with First Degree Murder

  45. Amina & Sarah SaidN. Texas Muslim Community Leader Supports Honor Killings

  46. Both Daughters Murdered by Father

  47. Arizona Father Arrested for Running Down Daughter for Being too Westernize