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Review Game. What is the difference between a law and a theory? A law is a summary of observed behavior A theory is an explanation of behavior. How many grams are in a Decagram? 10. What is the appropriate SI unit for the mass of a block of gold? kilogram.

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What is the difference between a law and a theory?

  • A law is a summary of observed behavior
  • A theory is an explanation of behavior.

Give an example of a chemical change.

Cooking an egg

Burning wood

Baking anything


What is this definition of?

The products are different substances from the starting materials.

Chemical change


Give me an example of an element.

Anything on the periodic table.

Water and air are NOT elements.


Who is credited with doing an experiment showing that the nucleus contains positive charges?

Ernest Rutherford


What are some clues that a chemical reaction is occurring?

Gas bubbles

Solid (precipitation) formation

Color change



Why do we not place a 1 as a coefficient in balanced equations?

It is assumed and therefore not needed to be written.


Why do we NOT change subscripts when writing a balanced chemical equation?

Compounds with different numbers of atoms in their arrangement are different substances.


Who discovered new information on acids by experimenting with conductivity solutions?



Why are the standard units of mass (grams) not useful when studying atoms?

Because atoms are so small


A balanced equation of

2Mg(s) + O2(g) 2MgO(s)

tells us that this many moles of magnesium are needed to produce 2 moles of magnesium oxide?

2 moles Mg produce 2 moles MgO


What is the limiting reactant?

  • The reactant that is completely consumed when a reaction is run to completion.

What is a photon?

  • A packet of electromagnetic radiation energy.

Which color of visible light has the greatest amount of energy per photon?

  • ROYGBIV = Violet is the highest

Metals make _______ ions.

Nonmetals make ______ ions.

Metals make cations.

Nonmetals make anions.


What does Leo goes Ger stand for?

  • Lose electrons – oxidize
  • Gain electrons – reduce

Why does oxidation of metals in air go slower than expected?

  • A thin layer of metal oxide forms on the surface inhibiting corrosion

What is the pressure of 1.5 mol of a gas in a 3.0L container at 22.0 °C?

  • PV = nRT P = nRT/V

(1.5 mol) (0.08206 L mol/K atm) (295K)


= 12 atm


If the temperature of an ideal gas is raised from 50°C to 100°C while the pressure remains constant, what will happen to the volume?

  • Volume will increase but NOT double because temperature is NOT in Kelvin.

What is sublimation?

A solid changes directly into a gas without changing into a liquid first.


In soda pop, what is the solvent and what is the solute?

  • Water is the solvent
  • CO2, sugar, flavors, etc are the solute

What is the term used by chemists to describe a solution in which a small amount of solute is dissolved in the solution?



The total mass of a solution is 50g. The solvent mass is 30 g. What is the mass percent of the solute?

Mass % = mass of solute x 100%

mass of solution

Mass of solute = 50g – 30 g = 20 g

Mass% = 20g/50g x 100% = 40%


You are mixing two solutions of citric acid. One container is 2M. The other solution contains almost twice as much and is at 4M. If you mix them together, what would you guestimate the new Molarity is?

Between 3 and 4