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SEO & PPC Proposal by Triplle SEO Team iDeaClassic Co., Ltd . PowerPoint Presentation
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SEO & PPC Proposal by Triplle SEO Team iDeaClassic Co., Ltd .

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SEO & PPC Proposal by Triplle SEO Team iDeaClassic Co., Ltd . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SEO & PPC Proposal by Triplle SEO Team iDeaClassic Co., Ltd. Content. Your Goal Your Gain How svensonhair center .com is doing on Google . Our SEO process Our Pay-Per-Click Process SEO keywords prososal Our Packages & Prices Why Choose Us Our Profile. 1. Your Goal.

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SEO & PPC Proposal by Triplle SEO Team iDeaClassic Co., Ltd .

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Presentation Transcript

SEO & PPC Proposal

by Triplle SEO Team

iDeaClassic Co., Ltd.



  • Your Goal
  • Your Gain
  • How is doing on Google.
  • Our SEO process
  • Our Pay-Per-Click Process
  • SEO keywords prososal
  • Our Packages & Prices
  • Why Choose Us
  • Our Profile

There are 2 types of web visitor

I’m here to buy.

We’re just looking.

Come & Buy

Come & Go

‘Come & Go’ type is not enough if you want more customers.


This type of traffic is everywhere, usual ad channels will do just fine

Come & Go

Come & Go

Come & Go

Come & Go

Come & Go

Come & Go

As for many SEM firms in Thailand, this is ‘as good as it gets’


Great SEM campaign will both provide quality traffic & increase conversion.


Landing Page Optimized!

Come & Buy

Come & Buy

Come & Buy

Come & Go

Come & Go

Come & Go

Come & Go

Come & Go

We increase your CTR% & conversion rate% give you more customers


This is what you need, “Show-me-the-Money” Traffic

I really like your service.

I’m losing my hair! I need professional help!

I’ve heard Svenson is great!

Come & Buy

Come & Buy

Come & Buy

And we know just how to bring them to you...


SEO Organic result is where you FIND LOTS OF QUALITY TRAFFIC…

20% chance of clicks

PPC Paid Search

Result (PPC)

20% clicks

Come & Go

80% chance of clicks


SEO Organic


80% clicks

Come & Buy

Come & Buy

Come & Buy


SEO = highest ROI%

compared to the other online ad channels.

Discovered by: &

and countless other sites.


Just 1st year we will bring you…

5x increase in online & google visibility

3x+ long term quality traffic increase

More of Me!

2x + register member increase

Come & Buy

Gain useful SEM inside & user behavior data from our research

10X Increase in your web site content & structure quality

1 Year of great support



1 year 6 month 1 month


We will double your passive traffic in 6 months using SEO alone.

200k visits/ month*

100k visits/ month*

High potential free traffic growth for SEO

1 year 6 month 1 month



With the right technique, SEO growth should remain increasing even after campaign stops…

Take that, PPC!

*example estimated traffic prediction


SEO will deliver

PPC will deliver

We will help to make sure that your money is well spent.


Optimized web pages for both User & Google friendliness

Keyword & marketing insights data of your competitors

Get 10-20 keywords ranked top 5 on Google in realistic time frame

Increase your web site traffic at least 2x in 5-6 months

Web content insights, guideline of web content to get die-hard traffic

Help improve your site conversion rate%, set any goal you wish for

Social network campaign integration with our SEO service

Free online marketing & SEO training

Fast response support time both phone and email

Monthly SEO performance & traffic analysis report

As for other unmentioned requirements, please let us know

Our SEO service more detailed


Our PPC service more detailed

Setting up your campaign until everything runs smoothly

Keyword & marketing insights data of your competitors

We always update, utilize new AdWords features

Get free high conversion text ad creations as many as you need

Get the best keywords to get high quality traffic to your site

Campaign monitoring for higher conversion and lower CPC cost

High Google quality score landing page optimization

Fast response support time both phone and email

Free SEM training

Monthly performance & conversion analysis report


‘Hair Loss’ is BIG, therefore, highly competitive

These are your 3 toughest online competitors:

**Rank Score = Calculated using our top 10 keyword proposal average score

*Rank top 100 = how many keywords ranked within top 100 rank on


Search Fact

Where can get the best hair loss tips?

I need to find info about hair loss institutes in Thailand?

How much to pay to get professional help for hair loss?

2,000 - 3,000 of Thai people are asking these questions to Google everyday is ranked page 2 on for only one keyword out of 10.


Ranking comparison with your competitor in targeted terms

Only one generic term ranked on

While competitors outranked you by most target terms.


Thailand Search Volume on - Statistics 2012

There are about 3,000 people, searching for the word “How to cure hair loss” on Google every month.

At about at least 300 people are

looking for hair loss institutes on Google every month.

And more than 40,000 times last month,

people search about hair loss on Google. BUT,

Instead of finding you.....

They find & more of your competitors, Ouch!


True! Your competitor did some SEO works.

BUT you can do better.

You’ve been giving away potential customers for far too long.


Get Your Traffic Back.

Start Convert Them to Your Customers!


Now you might be thinking..

Hiring any SEO/PPC service will stop this.

1. PPC needs budget & know-how to gain cheap, quality traffic daily.

2. 99% of SEO services in Thailand care only one thing….RANKING

And the word ’Conversion’ is still a long way to go for most.

It won’t. Why?



It’s about quality, not quantity of worthless traffic

Remember Me? Mr. Quality Traffic

Total Traffic from SEO or PPC

Come & Buy

How many actually click and buy?

How many left your site? Why?


Not to mention countless of issues like..

  • Traffic KPI, if after ranked, nobody clicks to your site, what then?
  • What if people come to your site but you can hardly convert, what then?
  • Making your site more user-friendly, result in more conversion?
  • Carefully selecting the best & high conversion keywords for you?
  • What about PPC integration with SEO, they need to be linked.
  • Choosing the right content, URL & landing page for your ads?
  • Poorly structured SEO campaign can drive people to wrong page too.
  • We’re sure these won’t be the last issues to solve and whatever that is,
  • our SEM service team is here to help you.

Estimated SEM (SEO + PPC) Timeline













Research & Plan

On-Page –Implementation

Conversion Optimization & Evaluation

Off-Page SEO - Link Building, Traffic Monitoring, Maintenance & Reporting


PPC Baseline 1 month


New ad text creations & Testing

PPC Ads launch & management (time length depends on budget setting)

1st Performance report

1st SEO & PPC Baseline Report

SEO ROI Check & Evaluation


2nd Month

1st Month is for Planning

2nd Month

3rd Month

3rd Month

4th Month


Our thought on our SEO process

The foundation of SEO campaign, get this process wrong, the whole campaign is useless.

The secret of ranking is right here. We keep our enemy closer.

Technical issues and conversion optimization are fun. Signing up process should be super simple.

We use only ethical techniques. No risking your brand reputation by cheating Google.

Content is the backbone of any successful web site. Luckily, we are professional writers too.

No other agency goes beyond our transparency We only report the truth.


Our Conversion Optimization Experience

Un-optimized web site to convert traffic to customers only 5%-10% of total visitors.

Fully optimized web site, can convert from 30%-50%


“hair loss” PPC Ads found on

Mislead Title, LOL!

Who ‘d want to prove if baldness is real?

Title translate: “Baldness Provable”

While it should be “Grow Hair, Possible”

Good description

Your DESCRIPTION needs optimization

1. wasteful spacing

2. unclear phrase used

3. wasteful message

4. Lack of Call-to-Action word

Waste of Title Space


Our PPC Keyword Finding Process

Keywords are the searches on Google you wish to have trigger your ads.

Start any new account by brainstorming as many keyword ideas as possible.

Use product spec sheets, marketing materials, different view points and the Google Keyword Tool to help you think.


Refining Keywords


Delete (check performance), add as negative and

Filter out irrelevant searches

Too general

Add negatives, change match type, make it more specific

Too specific

Add more general variations


We provide professional ad writers

20% MarieFrance Promotion

You Think Getting Slim Cost a

Fortune? Think Again After Click.

I Weighted 120 Kilograms

No more, Now I weight 75 km

Want to know my secrets? Click.

We also test different ad text variations with different landing pages

  • Which landing page is being used?
  • Does all traffic lead to the homepage?
  • Are there specific pages that offer more information on the product/ service?

Our lowest price on the planet

**if more then one web sites, our SEO price is negotiable

*We set up, optimize and monitor your PPC campaign for 14,000฿ per month.

No hidden fees - No PPC budget spending charge.


There’re plenty of good reasons…

1. We are user-friendly, super fast and easy to work with.

2. We are good at content, the most crucial but rare to find in agencies.

3. We are well known in local industry for sem tools expertise.

4. We do NOT risking your name just to cheat Google. We don’t do link farm like others.

5. It’s not just RANKING to us, but helping you get succeed too.

6. We always listen.


Our profiles

Triplle is under iDeaClassic Co., Ltd. Many years, we worked for worldwide corporate SEM firms and recently started our own company in believing that SEM service could be much more fun, improved with innovative and customer caring. We are a team of 8 specialists, who breath in and out SEM.

We have optimized and increased over 30 brand sites’ performance for the last 5 years. Our team includes technical people as well as online marketing who’re great with content. Content is our advantage. We believe content is the heart and soul of any SEM campaign.

Meet the heads of team

Some of Our Works

Shaun Ricodel

Client Support


Joe Anucha

SEM Manager

Bird Trongwit

Head of PPC


We educate people in our spare time

  • We published over a dozen of ‘Digital Marketing’ Books since the year 2004
  • We taught over 1,000s of people on how to do better on Google with their big and small web sites.
  • See all my books at: under author name: อนุชา ลีวรกุล

Contact Us

Visit our site:

Our Thai blog:

Tel: 089 202 9666

Cient service manager:

We are greatful for your time, thank you so much.