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Dear Mr.Henshaw

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Dear Mr.Henshaw
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Dear Mr.Henshaw

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  1. Dear Mr.Henshaw By Beverly Cleary

  2. MAIN CHARACTER Leigh Botts No.1 fan of his favorite author MrHenshaw Boy Grade 6 Does not like his name because he thinks it’s a girls name Used to be called Leigh the Flea Medium height – does not have red hair

  3. SUMMARY Leigh Botts has moved from Bakersfield to Pacific Grove because his parents are divorced. Leigh is feeling sad and lonely and needs someone to talk to so he starts writing letters to his favorite author Mr. Henshaw. Leigh's having a hard time at school. He feels like he has no friends and somebody is stealing his lunch. MrHenshaw suggests Leigh start a diary to write about private things he is feeling that he doesn’t want to talk to his mom about so he does.

  4. SETTING This story takes place in Pacific Grove on the California central coast. Leigh and his mom live in a really little house that used to be somebody’s summer cottage. The cottage is falling apart but Leigh’s mom has fixed it up with things from the thrift shop.

  5. PROBLEMS/SOLUTIONS Leigh Botts’ mom and Dad have broken up / Leigh has accepted the fact that his parents won’t get back together Everyday at schoolpeople steal his lunch / Leigh makes an alarm for his lunchbox. Couldn’t decide what story to write for the young writers yearbook / Wrote about a trip he took with his dad on his dads big truck

  6. THEME I think the theme of Dear Mr. Henshaw is “Never Give Up”.