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CTAP 295 Teaching with Technology

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CTAP 295 Teaching with Technology - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Famous People Biographies. Jill Breslin. Shasta Union Elementary, Shasta, CA. FINAL PRESENTATION. CTAP 295 Teaching with Technology. My name is Jill Breslin and I am a 2 nd grade teacher at Shasta Union Elementary. My web site is

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Famous People Biographies

Jill Breslin

Shasta Union Elementary, Shasta, CA


CTAP 295 Teaching with Technology

My name is Jill Breslin and I am a 2nd grade teacher at Shasta Union Elementary.

My web site is

My e-mail is [email protected]

This is a second grade History/Social Science lesson (standard 2.5) on Famous People. The students will research and create a power point slide on a famous person of their choice.

  • How to put a lesson on a web site
  • To work with a variety of people
  • Create a lesson to be used in my classroom
  • To use Front Page
  • To use Excel
  • I learned the following:
    • Graphing with excel
    • Web page creation in Netscape Composer
    • Linking pages and projects
    • Power point
    • Excel
    • Downloading and uploading techniques
  • High interest
  • Students engaged
  • Interest in topic
  • Parent interest
successes continued
Successes Continued
  • Meets standards
  • Meets more than one standard
  • Students use typing skills at a young age
  • Children didn’t like writing rough and final draft first
  • Lack of numerous computers
  • Lack of adult help
  • Lack of student knowledge of Power Point
  • Time for students to type own projects
student data
Student Data

The students improved in their post tests and the average of their projects. There were a few students that did not improve. These students either did not complete the assignments or their attendance was poor.


After reviewing the data, I noticed that the rubric I had made for the project needed revision. The students did not do as well as expected on the project.

I revised the rubric. I also changed some text in the web site and revised the pre/post test.


This project helped me see how using technology could enhance the learning of even young children. There are many different types of technology, and finding the right one for your age student is not always easy. The Internet may NOT be the best technology for your age student and you need to look at all types. You need to know your audience.

Taking a standard and creating a lesson around it is a skill that more people need to explore. I hope to be able to use the lessons that others have created in this project as time progresses.

I have learned a lot from this project. I hope to use some of the skills I have learned to educate others.

student work
Student Work

The following slides contain pictures of my students working on the Famous People Biography lesson and some of their projects.


First the students collect data on the person of their choice. Then they write a rough draft.
Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth was born on February6,1895. He was born in Baltimore, Maryland. Babe Ruth was good at baseball. On July 8, after a game for which only 17 people paid to see his team play, Dunn sold Ruth, pitcher Ernie Shorel, and catcher Ben Egan to the Boston Red Sox for $8,500. He was the best left handed pitcher in baseball. One of his brothers was 6’6” tall. Babe Ruth was the greatest baseball player who ever lived. In the1927season, he hit sixty home runs. That was the most ever.

Juliette Gordon Low

My person is Juliette Gordon Low. She was born on October 31,1860. She was born in Savannah Georgia. She is famous because she was the first Girl Scout. She also was on a stamp. I learned that she was not a little girl when she started. She had a nickname,it was Daisy. The first Scout meeting was, March 12,1912. Girl Scouts has grown to 3.6 million members in 2001. She was deaf. She was inducted into the Women’s Hall of Fame on October 28, 1979. She died in 1927.

Martin Luther King

My person is Martin Luther King Jr. He was born on January 15, 1929. He was born in Atlanta Georgia. He is famous because he tried to get the black people to go to the same schools as white people. I learned that he led boycotts in Montgomery Atlanta. He led the March on Washington. He was assassinated in 1968. We celebrate his birthday on January 15.


My person is Cleopatra. She was born in 69 B.C. She was born in Egypt. She is famous because she was queen of ancient Egypt. She also married her younger brother. She had to go to war.She was 22 when she was married again. She was very different. Her father died when she was 17. She fell in love with Mark Antony.

Abraham Lincoln

My person is Abraham Lincoln . He was born on February 12, 1809 . He was born in Hodgenville, Kentucky. He was famous be Cause he was a president. He was also a lawyer. I learned that he freed the slaves . He chopped down trees. He was a mail man . He was the 16th preside ht. He was married to Mary Todd..

Paul Revere

My person is Paul Revere. He was born in Boston on January 1, 1735. He is famous because he warned the American Army that the British were coming. I learned that he married Sarah Orne. He entered his fathers silversmith business. He was the legendary hero at the start of the American Revolution, when he rode from Charlestown to Lexington, Massachusetts on the night of April 18,1775. During the first years of the war Revere served as a messenger for the Committee of Safety. He died on May 10,1818.