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Vocabulary Words

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Vocabulary Words. Definitions and Sentences: ‘’All American Slurp’’. By: Joseph Gaytan. Emigrate. Part of Speech: Verb Definition: Leave one’s home country to settle in another.

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Vocabulary Words

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    1. Vocabulary Words Definitions and Sentences: ‘’All American Slurp’’ By: Joseph Gaytan

    2. Emigrate • Part of Speech: Verb • Definition: Leave one’s home country to settle in another. • Sentence from Selection: We had emigrated to this country from China, and during our early days here we had a hard time with American table manners. • Own Sentence: People from all over the word emigrate to the United States.

    3. Mortified • Part of Speech: Adjective • Definition: Characterized by feeling of severe embarrassment or shame. • Sentence From Selection: For the rest of the evening, too mortified to go back to the dining table, I nursed a bit of potato salad on my plate. • Own Sentence: When he forgot his magic act he was mortified to go back up on the stage.

    4. Spectacle • Part of Speech: Noun • Definition: eye-catching display of public drama. • Sentence from Selection: I wasn’t sure how she would feel about me after the spectacle our family made at the party. • Own Sentence: Students in my class cause huge spectacles everyday , by throwing stuff in the air.

    5. Systematic • Part of Speech: Adjective • Definition: ordered and planned. • Sentence from Selection: Father, being an engineer, was always systematic. • Own Sentence: When we were leaving for our field trip everyone was systematic and ready to go.

    6. Consumption • Part of Speech: Noun • Definition: act of eating or drinking in a great quantity. • Sentence from Selection: And in the silence, our family’s consumption of soup suddenly seemed unnaturally loud. • Own Sentence: The average consumption of a human is 3 meals a day.

    7. Lavishly • Part of Speech: adverb • Definition: given in large amounts • Sentence from selection: It was lavishly covered with platters of food, but we couldn’t see any chairs around the table. • Own Sentence: With greed, my brother lavishly put most of the chicken on his plate.

    8. Smugly • Part of speech: adverb • Definition: contently , confident in one’s ability. • Sentence from Selection: “I shall have finished my project by Monday ,’’ he said smugly. • Own Sentence: “I will get first place at the U.I.L Meet” , he said smugly.

    9. Coping • Part of speech: Verb • Definition: To struggle or deal with. • Sentence from Selection: The Gleason's were not used to the Chinese ways, and they were just coping the best they could. • Own Sentence: When I come home from school I have to cope with my annoying big brother.

    10. Etiquette • Part of Speech: Noun • Definition: Conventional Requirements as to social behavior. • Sentence from selection: The rules of etiquette, or polite behavior, that people are expected to follow differ from country to country. • Own Sentence: When my family had company over for dinner everyone had proper etiquette.

    11. Revolting • Part of Speech: Adjective • Definition: Disgusting or repulsive. • Sentence from Selection: Sour cream sounded perfectly revolting. • Own Sentence: When I was a little kid I thought that vegetables were the most revolting food in the world.