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Vocabulary Words

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Vocabulary Words
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Vocabulary Words

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  1. Vocabulary Words

  2. Language cognate derivative diminutive inflection orthography paradigm philology phonology rhetoric syntax Honesty and Deception belie clandestine collusion dissemble nefarious perfidious probity scrupulous spurious strategem Unit 1

  3. Movement emanate inhibit meander retrogress serpentine supersede torpid transitory undulate unremitting Other Languages berserk jubilee juggernaut kowtow maelstrom mecca nabob saga shibboleth trek Unit 2

  4. Relationships adjunct amalgamate contiguous diffuse diverge parity periphery synergy transcend unison Clarity and Vagueness adumbrate arcane covert educe fathom impervious limpid manifest nebulous translucent Unit 3

  5. capacious captious captivate cater concept inception perceptible precept receptacle recipient Root: cap: To take or receive axiomatic definitive empirical hypothetical presuppose rationalize rebuttal repudiate synthesis verifiable Argument and Persuasion Unit 4

  6. aberrant anomaly eccentricity endemic incongruous mundane outlandish paragon ubiquitous unwonted Normality and Abnormality animus corpulent corpus corpuscle equanimity inanimate incorporate incorporeal magnanimous pusillanimous Roots: corp = body anim = spirit Unit 5

  7. abscond bilk clemency contrite impute iniquity redress reprehensible restitution vindicate atrophy debilitate livid moribund noxious pestilent prostrate salubrious scourge unscathed Unit 6

  8. append dispense expendable expenditure impend pending perpendicular preponderance recompense suspension eulogy exalt exhort expatiate garrulous gist histrionic laconic peremptory polemic Speaking Unit 7

  9. consecrate credo desecrate laudable pious sacrilegious sanctimony sanctity supplicate venerate Reverence and irreverence anonymous cognomen denomination homonym ignominy metonymy misnomer nomenclature nominal renown Roots: onym and nomin=name Vocabulary 8

  10. convivial ebullience felicitous irascible placid querulous sardonic surly truculent unctuous Agreeable and disagreeable audacious contumacy dour eclat indefatigable irresolute obdurate obsequious pertinacity stoic Willingness and unwillingness Vocabulary Unit 9

  11. benediction colloquium edict elocution grandiloquence indict interdict interlocutor loquacious soliloquy Roots dic and locu mean to say and to speak deleterious despoil effectual jettison obviate pinnacle raze stultify surmount wrest Building and destroying Week 10

  12. avarice insatiable inundate myriad parsimony prodigal replete surfeit tumult voluminous Plenty and excess extenuation portent pretentious retentive retinue sustenance tenable tenacious tenuous tenure Root – ten means to stretch or hold on to Week 11

  13. adduce confound construe conundrum cryptic equivocate paradox patent perspicacity rudimentary Problems and solutions commodious finite gamut incalculable iota lofty magnitude minuscule picayune vestige Size and amount Vocabulary Unit 12

  14. bedlam chauvinism draconian herculean martinet maudlin mesmerize silhouette stentorian titanic Words from proper nouns concomitant eon extant hiatus inure irrevocable millennium perpetuity pristine transience time Vocabulary Unit 13

  15. deplore disconsolate distraught halcyon lachrymose mercurial revel tirade trauma vex emotions coup d’etat elan entrée esprit de corps laissez faire nouveau riche par excellence potpourri savoir-faire tete-a-tete Words from the French Vocabulary 14

  16. abstract aesthetic avant-garde eclectic grotesque hackneyed perspective representational surrealistic verisimilitude art buffoon farce irony jocular lampoon levity parody raillery regale satirical humor Vocabulary Unit 15 (Last One!)