the olympic ideal n.
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The Olympic Ideal

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The Olympic Ideal - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Olympic Ideal. Alive and well or S mokescreen for alternative ends. Quiz!. What year did the first modern Olympiad take place ? Which person is widely accepted as the ‘father of the modern Olympic Games’? In which year did the first take place in England?

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the olympic ideal

The Olympic Ideal

Alive and well


Smokescreen for alternative ends

  • What year did the first modern Olympiad take place ?
  • Which person is widely accepted as the ‘father of the modern Olympic Games’?
  • In which year did the first take place in England?
  • How many colours are depicted in the Olympic rings?
  • Where did team GB place on the medals table in Beijing 2008 and how many gold’s were won?
  • Where is the next Olympics to be held after 2012?
  • How many companies are sponsoring the 2012 games?
  • London 2012 is what number Olympiad?
lesson objectives
Lesson Objectives
  • To describe the effects of pre-industrialisation and industrialisation to popular recreation and rational recreation.
  • How these factors have lead to the development of the modern Olympics Games.
  • To identify what the Olympic ideal is?
popular recreation
Popular Recreation
  • ‘Popular recreations were pre-industrial sports and pastimes mainly associated with the peasant or lower class.’
  • Linked with holy and religious days.
    • Ashbournemob football ( )
    • Cheese rolling – Cooper’s Hill
    • Cock fighting

Why was this linked to pre-industrial period?

popular recreation1
Popular Recreation
  • Characteristics are
    • Local
    • Disorganised
    • Uncodified
    • Violent / force not skill
    • Working class
    • Limited equipment
industrial landscape
Industrial landscape..
  • Urbanisation ‘development of cities caused by the movement of the working population from rural areas to towns’
  • What effect did the urbanisation have on populations in relation to
    • Society
    • Class
socio cultural factors for the development of rational recreation
Socio-cultural factors for the development of Rational Recreation
  • Influence of middle class embedded morality into recreation – Fair play!!
    • Codification of sports
    • Competitions
    • Organisations

Achieved by public school system. Can you name any sports that originated by public schools?


-Eton Wall Game


the olympic ideal1
The Olympic Ideal
  • Baron Pierre de Coubertin philosophy
    • Bring nations together - international harmony
    • Cross national competition – cultural tolerance
    • Participation was regarded as far more important than winning
    • Fair play and sportsmanship

I would like you to make up an Olympic oath!!!!

(the cheesier the better!!)

the debate
The debate….
  • Is the Olympic ideal relevant today?