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Survey of Program Models of Christian Community Computer Centers

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Survey of Program Models of Christian Community Computer Centers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Survey of Program Models of Christian Community Computer Centers. Andrew Sears Executive Director TechMission. 617.282.9798. Outline. About TechMission and AC4 Survey of Models for Using Technology in Youth Programs

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Survey of Program Models of Christian Community Computer Centers

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survey of program models of christian community computer centers

Survey of Program Models of Christian Community Computer Centers

Andrew Sears

Executive Director



  • About TechMission and AC4
  • Survey of Models for Using Technology in Youth Programs
  • Survey of Models for Using Technology in Programs with Adults
  • Additional Resources and Assistance from TechMission and AC4
techmission inc
TechMission, Inc.
  • TechMission, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) with the goal of supporting Christian computer centers through two program areas:
    • Association of Christian Community Computer Centers (AC4): supporting Christian CTCs across the world through an association model (currently with over 560 member organizations)
    • TechMission Boston Program: supporting Christian Community Technology Centers (CTCs) in the greater Boston area through direct program support with plans to replicate in other cities (LA and Chicago)
our mission
Our Mission
  • Mission: to support Christian community computer centers across the world as they address the Digital Divide by providing others with computer skills to make a living and a spiritual foundation to make a life
ac4 member site statistics
AC4 Member Site Statistics
  • Combined Technology Program Budgets: $16,551,798
  • Participants Served in Tech Programs: 108,865

Numbers reflect annual budgets and number of participants each year and are based on self reporting of AC4 member sites.

techmission boston program
TechMission Boston Program
  • Program operated by TechMission and partners across six sites in Boston
  • Provides at-risk high school students with:
    • SAT preparation class to over 200 students
    • MCAS preparation class to 175 students
    • Academic tutoring and support
    • College planning and preparation
    • Computer classes to over 350 adults
what is a christian community computer center
What is a Christian Community Computer Center?
  • Definition of Christian Community Computer Centers: any ministry using computers as an outreach to serve the community












Tech Ministries

After School


Job Training

Teen Programs






Adult Education





models for integrating faith with tech holistic programs involving tech
Models for Integrating Faith with Tech: Holistic Programs involving Tech
  • Over 75% of AC4 members primary model is to integrate technology as part of holistic program
    • After School and Teen Programs
    • Rehabilitation Programs
    • Jobs Programs
    • Adult Basic Education, GED or ESL Program
  • Faith and spiritual development are one component of holistic development
    • It is often very hard to separate faith out from other components in a holistic program (i.e. in a rehab program)
models for integrating faith with tech computer classes and tech programs
Models for Integrating Faith with Tech: Computer Classes and Tech Programs
  • About 25% of AC4 sites operate technology programs that are operated distinct from other programs and may take the following approaches to integrating faith:
    • No faith in tech program, but provide information on other optional activities involving faith
    • No faith in tech program, but offer optional Bible study before or after classes
    • Open class time with prayer requests
    • Include faith as part lesson for computer classes
    • Require listening to a mini-sermon or participating Bible study to participate in computer classes
k 8 after school technology activities
K-8 After School Technology Activities
  • Model: provide “tech time” in existing after school program
  • Integrate computers with other activities in after school program
    • Black History Month, Scan in Art, Themes
  • Project based learning works best
    • Teaching software does not work without a goal
  • Need to split age groups (k-8 into 2 or 3 age groups)
  • Music Mixing and Video Production works well with older kids (4-12th grade)
k 8 computer aided learning in after school programs
K-8 Computer Aided Learning in After School Programs
  • Compass Learning Odyssey Program
    • Provides Web based testing and lessons for k-12 youth based on state standards.
    • Provides ability to diagnose individual student learning deficiencies and reports for groups of students
computer aided learning in high school programs
Computer Aided Learning in High School Programs
  • TestU (
    • Provides Web based testing and lessons for 9-12 grade youth to pass state assessment exams and to do well on SAT and ACT exams
    • Provides ability to diagnose individual student learning deficiencies and reports for groups of students
    • Alternative option is
  • College preparation and future planning:
other program models for youth
Other Program Models for Youth
  • Computer Club
    • Meet for tech projects or field trips
  • Media, Music Mixing and Video Production
    • Hip Hop eJay (
    • Acid Music (
  • Youth Run Business
    • Web Design, Graphics Design, T-Shirts, etc.
    • Example:

Teen Volunteer and Intern Programs

  • Youth Volunteers Duties
    • Assist with classes
  • Youth Staff Duties
    • Supervise walk-in center and fix computers
    • Assist with classes
    • Work in Web Design Business
    • Learn on the job and through self study
  • Discipleship: all youth staff have regular time of discipleship and leadership training
educational and edutainment software
Educational and “Edutainment” Software
  • Jumpstart Series
    • Provides educational games for kids ages k-6
  • Web-Based Educational Games
  • Encyclopedia Africana by Microsoft
    • Provides the most complete encyclopedia of African and African American information
helpful sites for youth ministers in general
Helpful Sites for Youth Ministers in General
becoming a certified microsoft office specialist mos testing center
Becoming a Certified Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Testing Center
  • Provide Certification in Microsoft Office
  • Costs $495 to become a certified testing center
    • comes with 10 tests & practice software
    • Additional tests are $50 each
  • To sign up call Alex McCabe at DDC Training Services (800-528-3897 ext. 315)
    • ask for their application and order form to become an iQ Testing Center for MOUS Exams
other certification programs
Other Certification Programs
  • A+ Certification in Computer Hardware and Tech Support
  • Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE)
  • Cisco Certification
computer aided learning for adults ged training software
Computer Aided Learning for Adults: GED Training Software
  • Innovative Learning Systems Nova:
  • American Guidance Service:
  • Aztec Software:
  • McGraw-Hill/Contemporary:
  • Plato Learning System:
  • Steck-Vaughn:
  • Merit Software:
model for computer classes
Model for Computer Classes
  • Classes can easily be taught by volunteers
    • Get more advanced students to assist in classes
    • One instructor, 2-4 assistants and 10-20 students
  • Classes are taught with instructor using LCD projector
  • Classes can be as little as once a week (good for most volunteers) with homework students do during the week
  • Typing can be taught with minimal instruction using supervised, scheduled time with Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing
  • Curriculum/lesson plans available at
sample office track
Sample Office Track


Intro to Computers

Overview of Computers

Intro to the Internet


Intermediate Word

Intro to Excel







(or start Track

for Multimedia)


Establish Basic Computer Knowledge; highly employable

in office jobs, administrative assistant and temp work


sample multimedia advanced track


Web Design

Graphics Design

Video Production



Windows 2000


A+ Certification


Youth Run Business

Employment or Start New Businesses as as Web Designer, Graphic Designer or in Video Production, Get Certification


Sample Multimedia/Advanced Track


Digital Music Studio

curriculum for computer classes
Curriculum for Computer Classes
  • TechMission Manual contains curriculum for Intro to Word and Excel
  • AC4 has dozens of additional lesson plans for teaching computers at
    • Includes Word, Excel, Photoshop, etc.
    • Includes lessons for youth and adults
  • “Using Theology to Teach Technology” by Clemmie Perry
    • Find more at:
walk in computer center
Walk In Computer Center
  • Provide walk-in computer access to the community
  • Low cost way to serve the community
  • Have Interns Serve as Lab Monitors for Assistance
techmission leadership development model
TechMission Leadership Development Model
  • Students take a computer class then become…
  • Assistants who then assist in teaching a class and may take advanced classes and then become…
  • Instructors who then teach a class and train assistants and may become…
  • Interns who help run programs and teach classes
basis of techmission leadership development model
Basis of TechMission Leadership Development Model
  • People Remember…
    • 10% of what they read
    • 20% of what they hear
    • 30% of what they see
    • 50% of what they see and hear
    • 70% of what they discuss with others
    • 80% of what they experience personally
    • 90% of what they teach to someone else

From psychologist William Glasser

recruiting volunteers
Recruiting Volunteers
  • Make announcements in other Churches for Tech Volunteers
  • Computer Ministries
    • Computer ministries are teams of volunteers from churches or staff that support community computer centers
  • Online volunteer recruitment
    • Like online “job posting” for volunteers
    • No way to limit inquiries to Christians only
    • Register opportunities at,, and
techmission volunteer training model
TechMission Volunteer Training Model
  • Have required volunteer training each semester
  • Three parts of training
    • Program Overview and Vision Setting
      • Explain what we do, and the motivation to build vision
      • Details of program and expectations of volunteers
    • Train the Trainer
      • Provides basics needed for teaching and being assistants
    • Cross-Cultural Ministry Training
      • Required each semester for all volunteers
benefits of ac4 membership training
Benefits of AC4 Membership: Training
  • Training through our national and regional tech conferences, workshops and conference calls
  • TechMission Manual: 60+ page manual for operating Tech Programs including curriculum and capacity building materials
  • Information and curriculum available to members only on our Website
  • Free electronic subscription to Christian Computing Magazine
benefits of ac4 membership community
Benefits of AC4 Membership: Community
  • Conferences: regional and national
  • Regional Chapters for regional collaboration
  • Volunteer Network: recruit volunteers for members through AC4’s website
  • E-mail List with over 700 participants
  • Contact List of Christian Computer Centers
benefits of ac4 membership resources
Benefits of AC4 Membership: Resources
  • Subgrants and Intensive Technical Assistance totaling $750,000 (through the C4T Project in CA, IL and MA)
  • Discounted Gifts in Kind Membership providing access to over $800 million in product donations
  • Advocacy for members to foundations, corporations and government initiatives
  • Equipment: Assistance in securing computer and hardware donations
  • Consulting on starting and growing a computer center and Web Design
how to join ac4
How to Join AC4
  • Sign up for membership at
  • Membership cost
    • $20 per year for organizations with budgets over $500,000
    • $50 per year for organizations with budgets over $500,000
techmission conferences
TechMission Conferences
  • TechMission National Technology and Ministry Conference: October 27-28, 2004 in Atlanta
  • TechMission West Coast Regional Technology and Ministry Conference: June 5, 2004 in Los Angeles
  • TechMission Northeast Regional Technology and Ministry Conference: March 2005 in Boston
ac4 members chapters and program sites
AC4 Members, Chapters and Program Sites

AC4 Member Sites

AC4 Chapter Sites




other information resources and networks
Other Information Resources and Networks
  • Community Technology Centers Network
    • CTCNet is the secular counterpart organization to AC4
  • Christian Computing Magazine:
  • International Conference on Computing and Missions (
  • Youth Learn:
    • Provides manual and E-mail list for youth and technology
  • Compumentor:
    • Provides technology information to non-profits
computer literacy and jobs

Computer Industry***


Jobs Down 55-65%*

Jobs Grown to 7.4 million &

Increasing 6.5% per year

Once provided 52%

of jobs to some groups,

but now only 28%**

65% of all jobs use computers

90% of all jobs use computer-

related technologies

* In a range of Northern cities between 1967-1987, When Work Disappears

** Statistics are for inner-city black men in Chicago

*** Other sources include Bureau of Labor Statistics and Department of Commerce

Computer Literacy and Jobs