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Land Use. January 17, 2014. Public Transportation & Green Spaces. Current day Metro. Thoughts about the Metro. Where was it located, in relation to the roads? Was it convenient to take? How crowded was it? What was the average rider like?

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Land use

Land Use

January 17, 2014

Public Transportation


Green Spaces

Thoughts about the metro
Thoughts about the Metro

  • Where was it located, in relation to the roads?

  • Was it convenient to take?

  • How crowded was it?

  • What was the average rider like?

  • Is our city currently accessible by foot, bike, bus and train?

  • Other thoughts?

Early plans 1925
Early plans (1925)

Solid- current

Dotted- planned

Video about Pacific Electric


  • Transit Timeline

According to metro why did it go away
According to Metro, why did it go away?

  • $$ to convert aging power substations

  • Need to increase fares

  • No public subsidies to help pay for costs

  • Cultural changes- cars more reliable, status symbol marketing, women & minorities enter workforce

  • New un-crowded highways and freeways

  • GM perfects and markets a bus, with air conditioning!

  • Diesel is not yet considered to be connected with a new phenomenon called “smog”

According to others why did it go away
According to others, why did it go away?

  • GM, Firestone, and Standard Oil wanted more people to buy cars

  • When questioned by Senate, San Francisco mayor Joseph Alito said in response to GM being at fault,

    “I think, Senator, that the answer has got to be yes. The answer has got to be yes because General Motors formed the company together with the oil companies and the tire companies to go in and buy out those streetcar systems, to then dismantle them, and to substitute buses for them.”

Red yellow car
Red/ Yellow Car

  • Where did it used to go?

  • Why it’s not here?

  • Where do we go from here?

What we have now
What we have now

  • Where is it located?

  • Who’s paying for it?

    • Last election, over 65% of LA voters agreed for a .5 cents tax to help pay for public transport. 66.66% were needed, and it failed. Should taxpayers pay for it? How would you vote?

  • How does this impact our city and it’s inhabitants?


Unevenly distributed within the city. Ranging from .31 acres/person to 2.25.

Wealthy areas = more parks

Griffith park1
Griffith Park

  • Mountain Lion


    • P-22 was released into park May 2012, captured near 101 and Cahuenga Pass.

    • From genetic studies, most likely from Santa Monica Mountains, meaning he crossed the 405 and 101!!

    • Being monitored with remote collar

Griffith park2
Griffith Park

  • Connectivity Study

    • Researching and evaluating movement of mammals through potential corridors that may connect the park with neighboring natural areas.

    • As of 2011, the study recorded a mountain lion, bobcat, coyote, mule deer, raccoon, and striped skunk.

    • Urban Carnivores reported a bobcat in Debs Park, located in northeast LA (southeast of Griffith Park)

Madrona marsh
Madrona Marsh

  • Website

Community gardens
Community Gardens

  • Local- Dan McKenzie Community Garden

  • LA Community Garden Council

Urban community gardens
Urban Community Gardens

South Central Farm

Torrance Community Gardens

Florence- Firestone

Citizen science projects
Citizen Science Projects

  • Nature Lab Project

  • Project Noah

  • Urban Birdwatch Count

  • Project Bud Burst

La that was
LA that was