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Facing Challenges

Facing Challenges. Chi Schive April 16, 2001 Taipei. Changing Environment. Globalization World trade has been expanding much faster than world production

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Facing Challenges

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  1. Facing Challenges Chi Schive April 16, 2001 Taipei

  2. Changing Environment • Globalization World trade has been expanding much faster than world production • Weightless ProductionTechnology The quickly developed IT technology has changed the way of manufacturing and doing business.

  3. Merge: An Industrial Reorganization • Merge Waves of the U.S. Economy • Merger in the Financial Sector

  4. Merge History in the U.S. 1989-1910, Merge for Monopoly 1. 15% of plants and employment involved. 2. U.S. Steel came from emerging 785 plants--combination of combinations. 3. Standard Oil acquired 20 of 25 refineries in the Cleveland area.

  5. continued • 1923-1931, Merger for Oligopoly The formation of GM 2,750 utility companies, 43% of total, were merged. • 1960-70’s, Merger for Growth The market boom encouraged inter-industry merger. • 1980’s and After, Merger for Growth, Diversification and Conglomeration Merge caused by deregulations

  6. Merge in the U.S. Financial Market • Riegle-Neal Interstate and Branching Efficiency Act of 1994 • Financial Services Competitiveness Act of 1995

  7. Merge in the U.S. Financial Sector • Chemical Bank and Manufacturers Hanover Trust Chemical Bank • Bank of America and Security Pacific Bank of America • Chemical Bank and Chase Manhattan Chase Manhattan • Citi Corp. and Travelers Group Citi Corp. • Bank of America and National Bank Bank of America

  8. Performance After Merger • About one-third of all mergers failed. • Benefits of recent financial mergers are yet to be seen. • Merger initiated from outsiders, such as banks, tends to be less satisfactory. • Should merger for survival be given a different thoughts?

  9. Knowledge, Innovations and Integration • Innovation deals with problem solving. • The capability of solving problem is related to the stock of knowledge held and the capability of using that knowledge. • Knowledge comes from experience, the publicly available information and some uncodified characteristics and tacitness of innovators.

  10. From Industry to Technology Paradigm • The Boundary of Industry Turning Blur • Technology Paradigm, An New Way of Thinking Industrial Development

  11. Fifteen New Growing Area, Japan (1995)

  12. Fifteen New Growing Area, Japan (1995)

  13. Technology Paradigm Technology paradigm affected by three elements: l. Certain needs to be fulfilled. 2. Some scientific principles to be applied for that task. 3.Certain supportive or material technology to be used.

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