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Cost Effective Simplification

Cost Effective Simplification. About Us. Compumax is a leading technology Value Added Reseller. Compumax provides customers with our technological experience and knowledge .

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Cost Effective Simplification

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  1. Cost Effective Simplification

  2. About Us Compumax is a leading technology Value Added Reseller. Compumax provides customers with our technological experience and knowledge. Our goal is to ensure that our clients are able to run their business as efficiently as possible by supplying equipment, software, licenses, services and support in a timely and cost effective manner.

  3. About Us Compumax is a one-stop-shop for the ever changing needs of our clients. Compumax prides itself on our versatility. We are able to provide a wide range of services for our clients based on our relationships with a multitude of manufacturers. As a result of these strong relationships, we are often able to pass along the benefit of Special or Global pricing.

  4. About Us Consistent reliability is our pledge to you. Consistency is what sets us apart from the competition. Our clients know that when they need us, we will be there! We personally oversee each project from its inception to its completion. We believe that each client is an important relationship to cultivate and grow with over time.

  5. Services Compumax provides network systems, services and solutions to small and medium businesses to Fortune 1000 companies. Our services include not only design and installation of network systems, training and support, but also supplying products to complete the design of their offices. Our solutions are Turnkey Solutions. Compumax strives to set itself apart from the competition by providing the customization and services our clients truly need.

  6. Corporate Licenses Providing and managing Corporate Licenses is an important service we make available to our clients. This is another value added benefit which frees up valuable time and resources for our customers. Corporate Licenses that we offer include Adobe, Crystal Reports, VM Ware, FILEMAKER, Symantec, Microsoft, Citrix, Trend Micro, Veritas, Cisco, NetIQ, McAfee, Borderware, Nortel, DoubleTake, Diskeeper, Ipswitch,Yosemite, Oracle, Crystal Ball, WebMarshal, Novel, Trend Micro, Iron Mountain (LiveVault Server Backup & Recovery), DICentral - (EDI-Internet Solution).

  7. Microsoft Licenses Our clients rely on us to apply our 20 years of license experience to customize license contracts to meet their specific needs. Customers are sometimes fooled into purchasing their software products bundled with the manufacturers hardware. In the long run, this proves to be the most expensive way to purchase software. Another misconception is retail boxed products since they cannot be cost effectively loaded onto a sizable network.

  8. Microsoft Licenses The Microsoft Open Value program was designed specifically for small and midsize organizations with 5 or more desktop PCs who want simplified license management, and better control of their software costs and investment.  We save our customers time and money by consolidating all of their licenses under one contract.  There are many options to consolidate your Microsoft Licenses. We will work diligently to match up the best buying program based on your needs.

  9. Microsoft Licenses Some of the most popular programs include Open Business (without Software Assurance), Software Assurance and Open Value: • Open Business (without Software Assurance) • Can only be purchased once- no upgrade protection • Beneficial for the customer who does not need upgrades every year • Beneficial for a customer with a small budget • Software Assurance • One upfront payment • 2 year program • 2 years of upgrade protection • Renewal fee at end of 2 year term (unless new users are added on) Open Value Option # 1- One upfront payment for all 3 years Option # 2- 3 payments made annually 3 years of upgrade protection Renewal fee at end of 3 year term (unless new users are added on)

  10. More Benefits of Open Value •The ability to run any software version. Tracking and managing licenses can be challenging, especially if people are running different versions of software. With Microsoft Open Value, you can control the upgrade cycle with the latest software releases and can run any version of software. It provides greater peace of mind. •Flexibility for business growth. As your organization grows and you need to purchase new desktops, it's easy to integrate the licenses from the new desktop computers into your existing Open Value agreement through Software Assurance. Software Assurance must be purchased within 90 days of the date you purchased the desktops.

  11. More Benefits of Open Value •The ability to deploy the software you need now. Open Value grants the rights to run any version of the software so that you can stay current and upgrade when you want. With New Version Rights and flexible version management, you can focus more on implementing critical IT projects instead of on building a business case for the next upgrade. •Predictable planning and budgeting. If your organization needs longer-term visibility into IT budget planning, Open Value offers predictable annual payments to help you make better decisions about which IT projects to implement each year. •Spread payments. Open Value helps organizations that have a limited budget. You can amortize your software costs over three years, similar to financing without the interest rates and associated fees. With reduced up-front costs and payments spread over time, you can afford to get the software you need now.

  12. Open Value Company-wide Open Value Company-wide offers additional savings opportunities and a single price per desktop PC to organizations that want to standardize all their desktops on one or more of the Microsoft enterprise products. The Company-wide option includes the following additional benefits: •Better manageability. If you manage multiple agreements, company-wide purchasing allows you to consolidate multiple Microsoft contracts into a single agreement, track licenses online, and standardize all of your PCs on the latest software version. It gives you confidence that you have your licenses under control. •Easier license management. Managing software assets is a critical issue for many businesses. Open Value enables you to legitimately install new software as you need it and pay for it all at the end of the year.

  13. Open Value Company-Wide •Minimize risk and remain compliant. You're responsible for managing new software installations by your IT team and end users. Having upgrade rights means your organization can install the latest version of software without worrying about accidentally becoming noncompliant. This makes it easier for you to reduce your business risk. •More value for software. Open Value includes discounts on frequent upgrades and company-wide purchasing, so you get the best deal for your software purchases. It also provides an agreement that helps you better predict your costs over three years. •Return on investment. Making a strategic choice to standardize on multiple Microsoft software solutions helps you save additional costs. Open Value Company-wide provides discounts and upgrade rights when your organization licenses Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows Desktop Professional Upgrade, and Client Access Licenses (CAL) for Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Windows Server, and Microsoft SharePoint Server and Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) together on each desktop.

  14. Leasing and Financing • We can help get you the most cost effective purchase solutions. • Everyone is feeling the credit crunch is today’s economy. • Through our strong vendor relationships we are able to provide leasing and financing alternatives to help safeguard your company against the adverse effects of today’s economy. • These options: • enable you to work within your budget allowing for a bigger solution than you could afford if you purchased it outright • allow you to build capital strength while conserving your corporate credit line • free up your cash flow

  15. Co-Term Contract Licenses This is a great program for customers who have multiple contracts and find it hard to keep track of everything. Now all of your licenses can be rolled up into one neat contract for each manufacturer. Simplification… With the option of a contract that expires either annually or every 2 years, this eliminates the last minute searching of which contract was renewed last and which contract is coming up next. You have the option of pre-purchasing multiple years of support from one to three years.  Some of the manufacturers that we are partnered with include HP, Cisco, Symantec, Microsoft, VMware, Veritas/Symantec, Mcafee, Borderware and Trend Micro.

  16. IT Services Our innovative team of IT consultants can provide a wide array of services including network and server implementation, network re-design, mail migration and office relocations. We work with our clients to uncover future technology needs for their growing business. Once these needs are uncovered, we ensure that their project gets implemented in a cost efficient manner. Our team of highly trained certified and field experienced consultants in Information Technology and Wireless will survey your site and collaborate with your organization to determine beneficial solutions for your IT’s infrastructure growth and evolution. They will assess solutions through network design, security and management, IDS or wireless intrusion detection systems and project management. Once our assessment is complete, we will propose and oversee cost effective solutions to integrate into your organization.

  17. Critical Power Systems Brownouts and unpredictable power can interrupt the operation of your business. Compumax partners with an engineering team of more than 20 years of experience who can design, install and manage a solution for the instability associated with a deregulated electric utility environment.  Solutions may include Uninterruptible Power Supply to power your critical systems, Emergency Generators as well as Revenue Generation which may provide you with pricing incentives and cash flow programs.  Generators can be customized to accommodate a data center alone or the entire building.

  18. Critical Power Systems One of the manufacturers that we partner with for critical power is APC, American Power Conversion. They are a leader in the critical power industry. • Some of the APC offerings include: • Computer and Peripheral- Battery backup and surge procomputer systems, networks, external storage, and other electronics • Network and Server-Power availability and management for entry-level to high-performance servers, storage and business networking systems

  19. Critical Power Systems These APC offerings include everything from entry-level power back ups to Enterprise power back ups: APCSmart-UPS XL (750-3000VA Tower, 1400-3000VA Rack Mount 2U-5U)Performance power protection with scalable runtime for servers, and voice and data networks. APCSmart-UPS RT (1-20kVA Rack/Tower Convertible 2U-12U)Performance power protection with scalable runtime for space-constrained server rooms, and voice and data networks. APC Smart-UPS SC (420-620VA Tower, 450-1500VA Rack/Tower Convertible 1U-2U)Power protection for entry level servers, small networking devices and point-of-sale (POS) devices. APC Smart-UPS (750-5000VA Tower, 750-5000VA Rack Mount 1U-5U)Performance power protection for servers, and voice and data networks. APCSymmetra (2-6kVA N+1 Redundant Rack Mount 8U-10U)High performance, redundant power protection with scalable power and runtime for servers, and voice and data networks.

  20. Critical Power Systems APCSymmetra LX (4-16kVA N+1 Redundant Rack/Tower Convertible 13U-19U, 4-16kVA N+1 Redundant Extended Run Tower)High performance, redundant power protection with scalable power and runtime for space-constrained server rooms, and voice and data networks. Data Center and Facility 3 PhaseCentralized 3 phase power availability for data centers, high density zones or critical applicationsUninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)Data Center and Facility 3 Phase APCSymmetra MW (400kW to 1.6MW)Modular, scalable, 3-phase power protection with industry leading efficiency and robust performance for large data centers and facilities. APCSymmetra PX (10 to 500 kVA/kW)Right-sized, modular, scalable 3-phase power protection for any size data center or high density power zone. APC  Smart-UPS VT(10 to 40kVA (30kVA in 208V))Compact 3-phase power protection with scalable runtime for small data centers and other business critical applications

  21. Critical Power Systems APCMGE EPS (300kVA to 800kVA)3-Phase power protection designed to meet the unique requirements of small to large facility and equipment room applications. APC MGE Galaxy 3-Phase power protection designed to meet the unique requirements of small to large facility and equipment room applications. Optimize your infrastructure performance

  22. Critical Power Systems APC UPS ManagementSoftware, network management cards, and peripherals for UPS management and safe system shutdown- Whether you are planning, building or operating a data center, APC Global Services has the expertise and services to support you throughout the many phases of the data center lifecycle. Every data center follows a lifecycle that can be repeated often, independent of whatever hardware is in the data center. Each time a business need requires a change to the data center, a new lifecycle is started. A business need that might require a change in the data center can be anything from expansion or consolidation, to deployment of new technologies. Assessment Service- A site survey supplies you with the information necessary to design your facilities for optimal performance, extending the life of your equipment and ensuring the highest level of network availability.

  23. Critical Power Systems Poorly designed power and environmental facilities can have a major impact on the day-to-day operation and overall life expectancy of your data center's physical infrastructure. With an Assessment Service you get an analysis of your current power and cooling capacity and utilization. You also get recommendations to optimize your current infrastructure and to plan for future growth or consolidation. An optimized design increases performance, extends the life of your hardware, and ensures a higher level of network availability. Our Professional Services Consultants work to fully understand your business requirements. Once on site, they collect the necessary data and use the data to write a customized report tailored for your requirements. Whether you have wiring closets or a large data center, use an assessment service to position you for change that meets your business requirements.

  24. Critical Power Systems Planning Tools and Publications:An on-site assessment that provides you with information necessary to design your facilities for optimal performance. Standard theory and practice for adaptable, scalable, and efficient data centers: APC Press publications provide essential, consolidated white papers and best practice specification books for individuals who design, build, and operate critical data centers. The publications reduce the time it takes you to research and analyze current theory and practice. Cost savings, data center efficiency, and reliability are benefits realized through APC Press education. Site Coordination: This service ensures that system installation prerequisites are clearly identified and the equipment you have ordered is properly received. Site Coordination Service ensures fewer unwelcome cost or scheduling problems, and greater visibility and control of your data center project. Project Management: Project Management Services are designed to assist you with the rollout of large scale projects, allowing you to focus on your core business objectives while enabling you to complete your projects on time and within budget.

  25. Critical Power Systems Installation: An APC certified installation and commissioning of your solution ensures your equipment is configured for optimal performance, saving you time and money and extending the life of your hardware solution. With the option of installation packages or individual service components, our installation services are structured in such a way as to allow you to pick and choose what you would like APC to do for you. Network Integration: The assistance you need to transition from your existing solution to your new APC solution. From server migration and cable management to software installation and configuration, APC Global Services Network Integration Engineers can assist in all tasks associated with your move to a new system. Project Management: Our industry experienced project managers are trained to guide project coordination, communication and project budget management to assure your projects are completed on schedule and within budget, avoiding costly overruns and saving you both time and money.

  26. Iron Mountain Live Vault Services It is critical that you utilize a data protection solution that supports backing up your mission critical files such as active databases and open files. Other solutions may require complex plug-ins or costly third party tools to protect open databases. These solutions can be susceptible to serious compatibility and operational problems between the backup solution, the database and the database plug-ins. Further, these backup solutions are not always compatible with the latest release of OFM/OTM. Upgrading a database can cause serious compatibility issues between the backup solution, the database and the database plug-ins. A Distinctive Benefit Through our strong vendor relationship, we can provide Iron Mountain’s LiveVault. LiveVault is an automated server backup and recovery solution which continuously protects open and changing databases including Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and Lotus Notes. LiveVault eliminates the need for complex plug-ins or costly third party tools. LiveVault removes risk and complication through built-in support for backing up open files and databases.

  27. Live Vault LiveVault is fully automated which removes the possibility for human error. The disk-based backup and recovery replaces the burden and risk related with tape. Complete data protection is provided through integrated backup, offsite storage, archiving and recovery. Continuous data protection (CDP) transmits on the bytes as they change and permits you to increase your recovery point objective by as much as 96% over nightly backup. LiveVault frees up your IT staff by ensuring fast and efficient backups without user involvement. Users can efficiently retrieve lost or damaged files In the event of data loss, LiveVault allows for anytime/anywhere system rollback Streamline the migration of PC data to new computer Flexible management of when and what to backup on your computer. Backup files are stored at a well secured Iron Mountain Data Center. Data is stored at numerous locations and with 99.99% system “uptime” so data is accessible whenever it is needed.

  28. Cisco Co-Term & Extended Warranty Contracts Businesses have a difficult time managing their many different contracts with different expiration dates. Compumax can save your IT staff valuable time and resources by managing and maintaining these contracts for you. Our team assesses your needs through detailing a report of all of your existing Cisco equipment. We then work closely with our Cisco service representatives to audit all of the serial numbers to determine which items are covered under warranty and which are not. We then consolidate all of the equipment under warranty and customize a contract based on your specific needs.

  29. Cisco SMARTnet Service Cisco SMARTnet Service is an award-winning technical support service that offers direct, anytime access to Cisco engineers and an extensive range of technical resources. SMARTnet delivers rapid issue resolution, flexible device-by-device coverage, and premium service options to help maximize operational efficiency. Cisco SMARTnet provides the following: Around-the-clock, global access to the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) Access to the extensive Cisco.com knowledgebase and tools Next-business-day advance hardware replacement (premium options available for business-critical devices, such as 2-hour replacement and onsite parts replacement and installation) Ongoing operating system software updates and upgrades Cisco OS software support to extend the life of Cisco devices with improved security, increased performance, bandwidth management, new protocol support, and greater interoperability Proactive diagnostics and real-time alerts on select devices with Smart Call Home.

  30. Printer & Server Extended Warranty Coverage Contracts From HP Genuine Services Businesses have a difficult time managing their many different warranties. Compumax can save your IT staff valuable time and resources by managing and maintaining these warranties for you. Our team assesses your needs through detailing a report of all of your existing printers and servers. We then work closely with our Hewlett Packard service representative to audit all of the serial numbers to determine which items are covered under warranty and which are not. We then consolidate all of the equipment under warranty and customize a contract based on your specific needs. We will be able to monitor this contract for you.

  31. HP Extended Warranty Coverage Contracts • Benefits of HP’s Extended Warranty Coverage Contracts include: • major discounts to put all of your printers and servers on one contract • contracts are customizable • co-term contracts with current support & warranty The Co-Term contract is fully customizable. Working together, we can mix and match your support levels based on HP’s multitude of options. For example, you can classify some of your servers for same day service while others can be put under next day service. HP’s Care Pack program is beneficial. Not only does HP offer discounts for your participation but it is convenient because it will save you time in locating contracts. Let’s say, for example, that you already have a Care Pack on some of your HP servers. While most care packs are for 1-year, consider that some of your contracts have six months or even two months left. A Co-Term contract will take all of your care packs on all of your HP servers and combine them under one contract.

  32. HP Extended Warranty Coverage Contracts We offer Genuine HP Contracts Don’t be fooled by service companies that offer service contracts at substantially lower prices. Because we provide Genuine HP contracts, HP must have genuine HP parts available for every printer and server covered under the contract. Before a contract is finalized, HP audits every printer and server that you would like covered. If they find that a particular product is too old or out of warranty, they will notify us to let us know that it will not be covered under the contract. This advance notice allows the customer ample time to make arrangements to replace the item which will eliminate future down time.

  33. Customized & Specialty Products Our objective is to simplify your technology needs.  One way to help you is through the customization of file servers, PCs and notebooks.  This customization is valuable because it is prebuilt to meet your specifications which frees up your IT staff to do more mission critical tasks.  Compumax makes every effort to provide the most secure products and solutions to your company.  We provide MICR Toner for check printing, in addition to regular toner.  MICR Toner provides a level of quality that no other ink provides when printing company checks for payroll and vendors.    A unique combination of paper and toner can provide a technology which allows the MICR characters to bleed through the check being recognizable on the front and the back without compromising bank reader sorter rates.  Produced within an ISO 9001:2000 certified facility, these MICR toner cartridges are precision-matched to meet the print characteristics of each printer model.  These MICR toner cartridges have the tightest tolerances and consistently meet or exceed the yield of OEM cartridges, providing customers with a low operating cost.

  34. Customized & Specialty Products 4 Hr, 24x7 HW Support4 Hr, 24x7 Hardware Maintenance Onsite (including holidays)HA104AC HP Hardware ExchangeDelivered via HA155AC HP Parts Exchange OfferHA117ACHP Return ServiceHardware Problem Diagnosis; Offsite Support & Materials; Standard Access to ITRC;Standard Office Hours, Standard Office Days;Hardware Transportation to HP Repair Center;Hardware Transportation from HP Repair CenterHA118AC Next Day HW SupportNext Day Response, Standard Business Hours and Days Hardware Maintenance OnsiteHA101AC 4 Hr, 9x5 HW Support4 Hr, 9x5 Hardware Maintenance OnsiteHA116AC 4 Hr, 13x5 HW Support4 Hr, 13x5 Hardware Maintenance OnsiteHA103A

  35. High End Power Back Up Solutions All servers, switches, hubs, routers and fire walls need to be protected. Our highly qualified team can assess and integrate mission critical power backup solutions for your data center in the event of an untimely power interruption. We will provide a total solution which will keep the infrastructure of your organization running smoothly and minimize the down time. Our solutions are engineered to provide high availability through redundant configurations. These solutions will allow our engineers to deliver the highest level of business continuity possible.

  36. Manufacturer Partners Compumax is maintains relationships with many vendors including: Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Cisco, Liebert, APC, Compaq, IBM/Lenovo, Novell, NEC, Toshiba, Dell, Fujitsu, Symantec and Sony.

  37. Certifications • Cisco Certified Partner • HP Certified Partner • Microsoft Certified Partner • VMware Certified Partner • Symantec/Veritas Certified Partner • McAfee Certified Partner • Trend Micro Certified Partner • CA Certified Parter • Adobe Certified Partner • Novell Certified Partner • netiq Certified Partner • Borderware Certified Partner • Oracle Certified Partner • Iron Mountain (Live Vault) Certified Partner • Dell Partner • IBM Business Partner • Lenovo Partner

  38. Contact Contact us for further discussion on how we can best help you. 41 Emmet Ave
East Rockaway,  NY  11518 Phone: 516.239.0298 Fax: 516.239.2612Email: Contact@compumaxinc.com http://www.compumaxinc.com

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