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Will You Survive?

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Will You Survive?. Your survival guide to everything life threatening … By: Maddie Cramer 6 th Grader Extraordinaire!. Remember…. Anxiety will worry for itself…. Common Fears. Arachnophobia- Fear of spiders Acrophobia- Fear of heights

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will you survive
Will You Survive?

Your survival guide to everything life threatening…

By: Maddie Cramer

6th Grader Extraordinaire!


Anxiety will worry for itself…

common fears
Common Fears
  • Arachnophobia- Fear of spiders
  • Acrophobia- Fear of heights
  • Agoraphobia- Fear of situations where escape is difficult
  • Trypanophobia- Fear of injections
  • Sixthgradephobia- Fear of sixth grade…
  • What does it take to be a good student at Madras Middle School?

1. You need to be committed to doing your work. If you aren't committed to doing your work, then it’s not going to be any good. Good work requires time and effort. If you want the one hundred, you have to earn it.

description 2
Description 2

2. In order to be a good student, you need to be organized. Organization will help you do well in almost everything, including school. When you are organized, you will be able to find your work. This is important when it comes to things like projects and tests. You don’t want to lose that study guide!

description 3
Description 3

3. Finally, in order to be a good student at Madras, you need to have a good attitude. When you do something that you aren’t happy about, it’s not going to turn out very good. Therefore, you aren’t going to be very successful. If you smile whenever a teacher tells you about a project, you’re going to feel more confident and prepared! Success will meet those who smile!

1 st problem
1st Problem
  • Problem- You forgot to color a picture on your science project. It’s due today and you are in homeroom freaking out. What can you do?
  • Answer- Homeroom is a perfect time to finish things. You can finish homework and projects, and you have almost 30 minutes to do so.
2 nd problem
2nd Problem
  • Problem- You have a huge test coming up in math. You have already used all the study guides in your math book. You still feel unprepared. What can you do?
  • Answer- You can ask your teacher if she or he knows of any websites that can help you study. There are tons of great study sites online!
3 rd problem
3rd Problem
  • Problem- You have problems understanding a certain subject in language. You’ve been online and throughout your book. However, you have a huge test coming up and no study guide. What should you do?
  • Answer- You can ask your teacher if he or she will explain the subject to you more thoroughly. You can also ask your parents about it. They’ve already been through school and you will be surprised at what they know.
4 th problem
4th Problem
  • Problem- You are failing one of your classes. You are working hard to boost your grades, but it won’t be enough to pass. What can you do?
  • Answer- You can always ask your teacher for help. That’s what teachers are there for. You can see if your teacher will give extra credit or if he or she will hold a study session in the afternoon.
5 th problem
5th Problem
  • Problem- You are working on a math booklet. However, you have soccer practice in the evenings and don’t have time to do your work at home. What can you do?
  • Answer- Lunch is a great time to work on projects. Ask your math teacher if she or he will allow you to work on your booklet during lunch.
what not to do anecdote
What Not To Do… Anecdote
  • Learning experiences are hidden everywhere in your life…
  • It all started when I realized how much homework I had to do. I never really thought about the whole enchilada. Procrastination was the first of two learning experiences I had that day. I had started on my homework, but I wasn’t working very fast. That was a mistake. I had to leave for tennis and by the time I came back, I had to eat dinner. When I finally finished dinner, I had so much homework left. Therefore, I realized I need to plan time for homework and not procrastinate.
what not to do part 2
What Not To Do… Part 2!
  • We need to pay attention. There is more than one learning experiences in every situation.
  • After I realized how much homework I still had, I learned something else. I learned that I need to review everything I have to do. That way, I can plan and be prepared for anything that my teachers throw at me. I realized having a plan can keep me on track and help me with my other problem- procrastination.
6th Grade

1. In sixth grade, you have lockers and have to keep up with all your stuff.

2. In sixth grade, you have your own choice of what connection you want.

5th Grade

1. In fifth grade, you have to carry all your stuff around, and you hang your book bag in the back of the room.

2. In fifth grade, you don’t get to choose your connection class and are stuck with what the school assigns you.

comparison 2
6th Grade

3. In sixth grade, you have six periods:1st, 2nd,3rd,4th,5th, and 6th.

4. In sixth grade, you have to go to the bathroom on your own time.

5th Grade

3. In fifth grade, you only switch classes once or twice, depending on what elementary school you go to.

4. In fifth grade, the teacher gives you bathroom breaks during the day.

Comparison #2
comparison 3
6th Grade

5. In sixth grade, you don’t have spelling words. However, you do review vocabulary.

6.In sixth grade, you have exams, which are like mini CRCTs at the end of every nine weeks.

5th Grade

5. In fifth grade, you have spelling words and spelling tests every week.

6.In fifth grade, you only have one big test- the CRCT.

Comparison #3
comparison 4
6th Grade

7. In sixth grade, you have your own math and science books. You are expected to keep track of them. Therefore, if the teacher asks for homework, you better have it.

8.In sixth grade, you have a lot of your own projects at home. You are also expected to be able to complete these.

5th Grade

7.In fifth grade, you don’t have your own math and science books. The only ones you use are kept at school.

8. In fifth grade, you don’t have a lot of at-home projects. The only ones you have are in school, and the teacher guides you the whole way.

Comparison #4
comparison 5
6th Grade

9. In sixth grade, you don’t have to read or do AR (accelerated reading).

10. In sixth grade, you get to work on electronics such as I pads and computers.

5th Grade

9.In fifth grade, you are still required to read ever night or do AR.

10. In fifth grade, you don’t normally get to work on electronics. If you do get to work on them, the electronic will be a computer.

Comparison #5
comparison 6
Comparison #6


1. In sixth and fifth grade, you get a awards day, where you receive an award for the hard work you have done in school.

2. In sixth and fifth grade, you get a end-of-the-year yearbook with all of that year’s best memories!

3. In sixth and fifth grade, you still have to take that horrible, down right torture test- the CRCT.

cause and effect
Cause and Effect
  • Cause

1. You forget to study for a test. You end up failing it, but your teacher is letting you retake it.

2. You forget to do your homework.

  • Effect

1. You have to go to your teacher’s room during lunch to study. Then, the next day you have to miss part of class to retake it.

2. You have to serve lunch detention as punishment and finish your homework.

cause and effect 2
Cause and Effect #2
  • Cause

3. You are sick with the stomach bug and miss a day of school.

4. You are caught chewing gum for the third time!

  • Effect

3. You have to make up all the work that you missed and figure out how to do it on your own because you missed the teacher’s instruction.

4. You have to serve lunch detention and call your mom or dad explaining what you did wrong.

cause and effect 3
Cause and Effect #3
  • Cause

5. You continue to talk in class even when the teacher asks you to stop.

  • Effect

5. You have to face the consequences that the teacher gives you, such as lunch detention and no reward day.

my expertise
My Expertise


When I first heard about band, it seemed like a fun experience to me. Therefore, when the time came to choose a connection, I chose band. I play the percussion instruments. These include:

  • The snare and base drums.
  • The xylophone and glockenspiel
  • The cymbals and the kettle drum
my e xpertise part 2
My Expertise Part 2

The Snare and Base Drum

The snare and base drum are the two main drums played in band’s percussion section. The snare has a set of snares (wonder where it got its name) on the bottom of it. When the top of the snare is hit, the snares underneath vibrate, producing a sound. The base drum is a huge drum. When it is hit, the base drum vibrates, producing a loud, low sound.

my expertise part 3
My Expertise Part 3

The Xylophone and Glockenspiel

The xylophone and glockenspiel are both considered as “the mallets” in band. The xylophone is a wooden scale which is struck by (you guessed it) mallets. The glockenspiel is a metal scale that is also struck by mallets. Both instruments achieve their sound by the vibration of their bars.

my expertise part 4
My Expertise Part 4

The Cymbals and Kettle Drum

The cymbals and kettle drum are two entirely different, unique percussion instruments. The cymbals are made of alloys, (combination of metals) which are mostly copper based. They produce sound through vibrations when hit by each other. The kettle drum is a wide copper or brass drum. It produces sound through vibrations when struck, but the kettle drum can be tuned for different sounds.

my expertise part 5
My Expertise Part 5


Overall, percussion is a wide variety of fun and different musical instruments. It has an instrument for every type of person (mine being the mallets). It is a wonderful learning experience in the world of music, and it allows people to express themselves! I , personally, recommend this category of musical instruments!

thanks for watching
Thanks for watching!


Inspiration- Ms. Meza

Overall design and product- Maddie Cramer