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Mountains University PowerPoint Presentation
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Mountains University

Mountains University

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Mountains University

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  1. Mountains University

  2. Idea,philoshophy,missions,goals..

  3. What is the Mountains University?

  4. Mountains University: The Idea Mountains University was born as an organization targeted on the base of our society. Aims of this action was, • To change the well-being criteria by combining the cultural identity of the small and isolated societies with the recovery of human relationships • To augment traditional economy by means of modern tools • To prevent aggressive and violent actions(especially in young age groups) • To promote exchange of knowledge and education

  5. Working groups • Mountains University aims to support the multiple uncovered needs of the society and to be the link between the University and the local rural societies • 4 working groups, each one covering a mission of Mountains University • 1) Medical care • 2) Culture • 3) Economy-Environment • 4) Education • Direct actions include organizing lectures, meetings, educational seminarsand medical care missions. These actions are continuously expanded in order to investigate in depth the problems that rural people experience

  6. Evolution of Mountain areas 1.Academies of the Mountains 2.Digital kafeneion of the Mountains 3.Developing pioneer methods for improving local products 4.Teaching between students in a bilateral model

  7. Digital Kafeneion of the Mountains Digital kafeneion is aiming to create an informational system that will provide life-long education, specialized counseling and to develop educational programs based on the local needs that will promote an interventional system for social networking

  8. Working groups-Medical care • provide diagnostic ophthalmological services in isolated rural areas. • Medical and paramedical personnel volunteer (IVO, Eye department of the UOC) • Equipment utilized in this missions come from IVO and the eye clinic of the University of Crete

  9. Missions

  10. Structure of the eye

  11. What do we need? • Digital imaging systems for the clinical evaluation of ocular diseases and interpretation of the findings in a reading center by specialized physicians • Aiming to improve the health service provided in these rural areas

  12. Prevention of blindness • the rural life style is related to specific ocular diseases • The successful prevention of visual impairment in relation to retinal pathologies depends on early detection. Routine eye screening, accurate diagnosis and intervention can reduce the risk and the progression of retinal diseases. Examination of the fundus by direct or indirect ophthalmoscopy represents the most significant examination for early screening and the recommendation of more advanced examinations. Imaging of the fundus using more advanced yet expensive fundus cameras represents an essential component for the diagnosis of the pathology • The lack of such an important eye health screening service in under-served communities and the cost of such technological devices significantly contributes to the prevalence of the main causes of blindness. Residents of rural and remote areas usually struggle to access timely, qualitative specialty medical care, primarily because specialized physicians are located in areas of concentrated population.

  13. Tele-ophthalmogical platform • Major aim is to initially provide a valid functional model on platform and network infrastructure cooperation with the purpose of a highly reliable technical solution • The overall scope of the project is to develop a low cost and uncomplicated tele-health service for the screening and preventive examination of the eye’s fundus. This will be based on a newly developed, low cost, automated eye fundus camera with networking capabilities.

  14. Tele-health service

  15. Thank you for your attention