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Michelangelo Buonarroti & Titian

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Michelangelo Buonarroti & Titian - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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By: Augustus Standeven Eduardo Arpini Period 1 4/4/14. Michelangelo Buonarroti & Titian . Michelangelo’s Early Life. Considered one of the greatest artists of all time.

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michelangelo s early life
Michelangelo’s Early Life
  • Considered one of the greatest artists of all time.
  • He was born March 6, 1469 . His mother died when he was young, and he was left with his father, who was a Nobleman.
  • Born in Caprese, Republic of Florence.
  • He was an apprentice for art, which is where he learned his skills.


Republic of Florence

Michelangelo’s Later Life
  • Used colors, light tone design, and draftsmanship which made him and amazing painter.
  • As well as painting, he was a poet and architect.
  • His paintings and sculptures were based off classical art by including religion and stoic, nude people. It also reflects the Renaissance period because the paintings are realistic, full of depth, and he studied anatomy.
  • He died at 89 years old, in 1564.


famous works
Famous Works
  • Madonna of the Stairs (1491):
  • David (1501):
sistine chapel
Sistine Chapel

The Sistine Chapel is probably Michelangelo’s most famous work. It is used in many religious ceremonies. The entire painting is the ceiling of the giant chapel. On the ceiling is paintings and stories of Noah, the creation of the world, and many other religious stories depicted in paintings (shown in image to the left). One of the most famous parts of the Sistine Chapel is the creation of Adam, which shows God creating Adam (shown at the right). This painting reflected the Renaissance art at the time by showing a large background, emotions, and movement.

  • Born between 1488 and 1497 A.D.
  • Titian died on August 27,1576 A.D.
  • Titian was an apprentice in Venice when younger.
  • Worked with Giovanni Bellini,Sebastian Zuccata ,and Giorgione before he set out on his own .

Early Life

  • Titian was the oldest of four children.
  • Born to Gregorio and Lucia Vecellio.
  • Spent his early years in the town of Pieve di Cadore.
  • In his teen ,he became an apprentice of Sebastiano Zuccato

Pieve di Cadore

talents and interests
Talents and Interests
  • Titian is considered one of the greatest painters of the Italian Renaissance.
  • He was well known for his use of colors , and the realistic human forms.
major works
Major Works
  • Became Venice’s leading artist in 1518 after the completion of ‘Assumption of the Virgin’
  • Created works for many royals, such as King Philip II of Spain.
  • Charles V , holy roman emperor.
  • Pope Paul III also hired Titian.

Pope Paul III

assumption of the virgin
Renaissance Characteristics“Assumption of the Virgin”
  • Painted around 1516-1518
  • This work was for a church called Santa Maria Gloriosa
  • Masterpiece established Titian as leading painter.
  • Vivid Background
  • Great use of color
  • Realistic Human Bodies.
  • Shows different emotions
  • People in action.
  • Titian worked with leading artist such as Giovanni Bellini ,and Giorgione.
  • Giorgione proved to have influenced young Titian the most
  • Titan also inspired countless artist such as Diego Velasquez , and Peter Paul Rubens.
death and legacy
Death and Legacy
  • Titian painted until his death on August 27, 1576 in Venice
  • He died of a plague.
  • His eldest son sold his house and his belongings inside in 1581.
  • Some of his artwork can be found around the world, including Russia ,and the national gallery of art in Washington D.C.
“Worship of Venus”

“Venus and Adonis”



  • Born on 1469
  • Born in Florence
  • Lived in Caprese
  • Born on 1488
  • Born in Pieve di Cadore
  • Lived in Venice
  • Both Painters were apprentice’s
  • Painted for Churches and the Pope
  • Both painters were known for their used of colors
works cited
Works Cited