marie de france n.
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Marie de France

Marie de France

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Marie de France

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  1. Marie de France

  2. Formulas for the lais • Des lais pensai k’oi aveie (I thought of the lays which I had heard) • Plusurs en ai oi conter (I have heard a number of them told)

  3. Harp & Rote

  4. Marie on herself Oez, seignurs, ke dit Marie, Ki en sun tens pas ne s’oblie. Hear, lords, the words of Marie who in her time does not neglect her obligations. Al finement de cest escrit, Qu’en Romanz ai traitie e dit, Me numerai pur remembrance: Marie ai num, si sui de France. At the close of this text, which I have written and composed in French, I shall name myself for posterity: my name is Marie and I come from France.

  5. Lanval read aloud by Judy Shoaf • Trobairitz Poem: "Fin joi" by Comtessa de Dia

  6. Njal’s Saga (13th century)

  7. Mörður hét maður er kallaður var gígja. Hann var sonur Sighvats hins rauða. Hann bjó á Velli á Rangárvöllum. Hann var ríkur höfðingi og málafylgjumaður mikill og svo mikill lögmaður að engir þóttu löglegir dómar dæmdir nema hann væri við. Hann átti dóttur eina er Unnur hét. Hún var væn kona og kurteis og vel að sér og þótti sá bestur kostur á Rangárvöllum. There was a man named Mord whose surname was Fiddle; he was the son of Sigvat the Red, and he dwelt at the "Vale" in the Rangrivervales. He was a mighty chief, and a great taker up of suits, and so great a lawyer that no judgments were thought lawful unless he had a hand in them. He had an only daughter, named Unna. She was a fair, courteous, and gifted woman, and that was thought the best match in all the Rangrivervales. Njal’s saga

  8. Egil Skallagrimsson

  9. Fabliau(x)

  10. Henry II and Thomas Becket

  11. Aberdeen Bestiary (ca. 1200)Owl

  12. Ram

  13. Tiger?

  14. Leopard

  15. Dragon

  16. Dragon?

  17. Demon

  18. Unicorn

  19. Phoenix

  20. Medieval Occupations