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Classic Rock Magazine Data Analysis PowerPoint Presentation
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Classic Rock Magazine Data Analysis

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Classic Rock Magazine Data Analysis - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Classic Rock Magazine Data Analysis. My Aim.

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my aim
My Aim...

I am creating a new music magazine in the genre of Classic Rock music, to ensure that this magazine will appeal to my target audience and generate successful circulation and readership figures, I have conducted a focus group with people from the ages of 16-24 (My target audience) and of different genders and I have asked them questions as to what makes buy a magazine.With this information I will clearly be able to see what I should and shouldn’t do with my magazine to appeal specifically to this audience, from this focus group I hope to gather ideas as to what to include in my magazine, I hope to understand just what it is that my target audience want to see in magazines and U hope to create something that people cannot resist buying.

My Method

To ensure that the information I gather is 100% relevant to my target audience and also to my magazine genre, I have designed the questions to ask specifically about the classic rock genre; for example asking about popular classic rock bands and using magazines in the rock genre to give the readers a visual example of the type of magazine I hope to create.This allows my results to link directly to the desired genre and audience which allows me to understand exactly what my target audience think is appealing and entertaining about music magazines, I can then interpretate this data into my magazine.

the focus group
The Focus Group

As mentioned, the focus group contained seven people who are specifically inside my target audience age range of 16-24, the majority of people in the group were aged 16-18 although there was one person who was over the age of 18.

People of different genders were also asked, although I did question more female’s to males; this is due to the fact that after loking at the figures of similar music magazines I can see clearly that rock music magazines appeal more to a male audience, I hope for my magazine to really make an effort to appeal to a female audience, therefore I asked more females to males to understand clearly what they want to find in a magazine.

The ethnicity of the focus group was mainly caucasian, which indicates to me that the magazine will also appeal more to a caucasian audience however I think that I should make an effort to also contain features that would appeal to a different ethnic background, for example featuring a “World Music” section that would appeal to a different ethnic background.Everybody in the focus group live some where in the county of Essex however the majority of people asked came from Harlow.Within the group I also asked asked about their social background by inquiring about their employment status, the majority of people were students meaning that the magazine should maybe appeal more to a working class audience.

similar magazines
Similar Magazines

Comparing my magazine to those of others within the same genre and presenting them as examples for people to choose from preference ensures that every one who I’ve asked would read a magazine of this genre.As you can see, the most popular choice was Classic Rock magazine, I can now study the layout and colour scheme of this magazine and use it as a source of inspiration when creating my magazine whilst also being original and different.


Here I asked what sort of hobbies people had, the most popular option was other, when asked to specify as to what sort of hobby they had the majority of people said that they played a musical instrument; this is perfect for my magazine as it now give me the inspiration to add features within my double page spread such as a section that showcases the undiscovered talent of musicians or giving the readers a chance to perform as a supporting act for other bands in gigs.

place of purchase
Place Of Purchase

Here I asked the mostly likely place people would go to purchase my magazine, evidently most people have said that they would go to WHSmiths to purchase this magazine.Using this information I can ensure that one of the places that my magazine is distributed in WHSmiths stores whilst also maybe containing WHSmith vouchers inside the magazine to also promote the store.

magazine features
Magazine Features

By asking which two features that people would like to see inside the magazine insures that they cannot choose all features and have to narrow it down to two, this then makes them think hard about what they would like to see and it allows me to know the most important features that people look for.From he results I can see that the history of genre and interviews are the most important features that people would like to see in the magazine, therefore I will include these features as I know they will popular.

artist s

I also asked which famous classic rock bands and artist’s that they would most like to see featured in the magazine, the most popular artist was ACDC, as I cannot feature

ACDA within the magazine within the magazine I can feature a newer band in the similar style and present then as the new ACDC which will generate interest the band and the magazine.


I also asked about the types of colour schemes people would find fitting for a magazine of this genre, most people chose red and black but there was one person who made a suggest of using the colour scheme brown and white as it is common in magazines of that genre, therefore I now know what people expect to see in my magazine.


After looking at all of my results I can gather that my magazine will appear to a working class, predominately caucasian audience.I can also see that readers of my magazine are fans of classic rock magazine therefore I will have to study this magazine and ensure that my magazine is unique and interesting that will allow the audience to differentiate between the two whilst also luring them in so that they prefer my own magazine. Another thing that I have found out is that the majority of my audience play their own musical instruments as a hobby I can then interoperate this information into my magazine by creating a feature that would appeal to these people.

I also now know that the most popular place of distribution for my magazine would be WHSmith.

Lastly, I now know that people would like to see interviews and a history of the genre within the magazine as well as the band ACDC and a black and red colour scheme through-out the magazine.


After looking at the results I now know what sorts of features I should include within the magazine and how I can get my magazine to appeal to my target audience.In the focus group I purposely asked more females to males as to their personal preferences when reading magazines as most magazines within this type of genre appeal more to a male audience therefore I wanted to know what I could do ensure that my magazine could also really appeal to a female audience.


Overall, my magazine will have to feature typical elements of most rock magazine as they are effective in appealing to their target audience, however I also think that by adding more unique elements to the magazine they it can be more effective than other rock magazines, I also feel that by really involving the readers and showcasing their talents as well as the talents of rock and could generate a wide interest form people who favor music of a different genre as well.