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Sudan Project

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Sudan Project. Causes of Darfur Problems. Problem arose when Black-African citizens felt neglected by Sudan government. They took up arms under two rebel groups; known as the Justice Equality Movement (JEM) and the Allied Sudan Liberation Movement (ASLM)

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Sudan Project

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causes of darfur problems
Causes of Darfur Problems
  • Problem arose when Black-African citizens felt neglected by Sudan government. They took up arms under two rebel groups; known as the Justice Equality Movement (JEM) and the Allied Sudan Liberation Movement (ASLM)
  • Reason Black-African citizens felt neglected is Sudan government did not help to end poverty in region
  • There has been a conflict between Black-African tribesmen and Arab tribesmen over land and resources in Western Sudan for decades
causes continued
  • Sudan government reacted by supposedly arming Arab tribesmen know as the Janaweed to attack Black-African villages.
  • These problem arose around 20 months ago to this date
refugees fleeing to neighboring countries
Refugees fleeing to neighboring countries
  • Most have fled to neighboring country Chad. Approximately 100,000.
  • Other refugees enter camps in Libya
conditions in refugee camps
Conditions in Refugee Camps
  • Most in camps speak of horrible atrocities including rape and beatings by the Janaweed.
  • Conditions pretty bad, but many enjoy the camps saying at least they can feel safe.
brief timeline of problem
Brief Timeline of Problem
  • March- fighting breaks out in Darfur region between Government and the two rebel groups the SLA and the JEM.
  • By September over 65,000 Black Africans have arrived in neighboring country of Chad.
  • December 9th Un Secretary General expresses alarm over human rights violation
timeline continued
Timeline Continued
  • Late March peace talks begin between rebels and Government
  • April 8th- Sudan reaches ceasefire with one of the rebel groups the SLS
  • July 30th Un security council adopts resolution demanding Sudan disarm pro government militias or face consequences
  • Currently a stalemate occurring no real peace deal has been made. Often there are ceasefire violations.



Key to success

international reaction
International Reaction
  • 2 UN Security Council Resolutions have been passed demanding Sudan stop atrocities
  • Many respected individuals have talked harshly about problem including UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, Secretary of state Colin Powell and even the U.S. Senate who have called the problem genocide.
international presence inside darfur
International Presence inside Darfur
  • Currently hundred( soon to be thousands) of AU monitors and observers making sure ceasefire is not broken
  • Many Peace talks have occurred in surrounding countries including talks currently in Nairobi, Nigeria.

President al-Bashir


Leader of Sudan Government

Former Islamic Rebel

Often at Odds with International Community

Will need his support in order to achieve peace

possible solutions
Possible Solutions
  • The UN security council’s pressure will force the Sudan government into accepting a peace proposal.
  • United Nations sends peace keepers to Sudan to protect the Darfur region from attacks
  • The Sudan government destroys the rebel groups
  • The Sudan government disarms the Janaweed
solutions success
  • Un security council pressure seems to be bringing both sides to the peace table but no real concrete results have occurred
  • Members of Un Security Council Have different views on how to solve problems. Russia/ China believe threatening makes situation worse. Oil involved in that situation
  • African Union troops have been unsuccessful in preventing and monitoring attacks because of lack of funds and man power. This will be increasing shortly.
latest news
Latest News
  • Apparently a peace deal was made on November 9th as the government of Sudan gave into international pressure and made agreements with the Darfur rebels.
  • The agreement calls for the dismantlement of the Janaweed and intelligence well be shared between each side to locate rogue members.

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