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  2. About us • A Bangalore-based company, established in 2009 • Leaders in the integrated operations of Computer Software Development, Training, and Consulting • Creates IT solutions for its Indian and global clients with service support in the areas of design, development, implementation, customization and training. • Best in class resource consulting team that requires turn around time of just 6-48 hours for providing On-demand IT resources to our clients, based on the required skills. • Edi5 is sensitive to the needs of the Industry.

  3. Our core business

  4. Services offered

  5. OUTSOURCE ACCOUNT RECEIVABLE • Outsourcing of Account Receivable function today is a business dynamic of growing importance, specially in India where numerous blocks and red tapes exist. • A growing awareness that competitive advantage comes from the delivery process as much as from the product. • This has been instrumental in upgrading • such functions from its traditional backroom function to a strategic function.

  6. EDI-5 TECHNOLOGIES understands its Customers as: • Truly World Class leaders in their respective manufacturing core areas and who have grown to become world leaders in their segments and who are dedicated to excellence for the last several years/decades in all area of applications and exceeds their customers’ expectations in quality, researched products, timely delivery and cost effectiveness through continuous painstaking product innovations, cutting edge technologies and consumer interactions. We believe and stay focused that: All customers of ours are truly customer oriented . • EDI 5 commitment & response: • We shall • Improve upon their Receivable such as C-Forms, VAT Forms, TDS Certificates, etc. • Reduce their cycle time • Help operational cost reduction – leading to healthy bottom line. • Enhance reach with better time cycles • Differentiate from competition with high visibility • Ensure the customer has a strategic/operational flexibility

  7. EDI 5’SSTRENGTH • Length of experience and competency. • Home grown – knows the Indian turf well with complete knowledge of IT and tax regulations. • Clear vision, Prudent planning, flexible and compact. • Expertise down to the operational staff. • Sound with good work ethics. • Robust business model that operates on strong performance standards. • A sound and strong enterprise. • Commitment & Reliability.

  8. Scope of Activity – EDI 5 To extend an A to Z solution : • Handle their Account Retrievable pan India from Bangalore • C-Forms, TDS Certificates, VAT Forms, etc,. • Tracking, Follow –up, Reporting, Rectifying and Collection • Sorting out disputes and rectifying • Weekly/Monthly submission based on follow-up and information • Online reports and reviews • Invoicing, tracking & Collection • Return Management (Reverse Logistics) • MIS • CRM

  9. EDI 5 COMMITMENT • Flawless verification done by EDI 5 Technologies for the original forms received • On the basis of predetermined Checklist of C form Validation • Assured weekly report to Customer within timelines • Timely escalation of collection issues to Customers if form collection does not happen in • Three collections follow ups with the same customer • Assured reconciliation of EDI 5 databases with customer’s database on a monthly basis • Assured responses within 24hours on the queries raised by customer’s on • The collection of concessional forms Contd…

  10. EDI 5 COMMITMENT • If Client receives any C form directly, and informs us thro’ communication then EDI TECHNOLOGIES shall Proactively Update their database accordingly • After receipt of rejected C forms from customers, EDI 5 shall confirm the receipt and shall maintain DATA BASE for all such Rejected C Forms from client.

  11. EDI 5’s assurance • Reduce Cost continuously by innovation and volume driven. • Timelines, on-time delivery, 24x7 involvement. • Improve Productivity by our own performance. • Improve Efficiency by being tech savvy and employing skilled personnel. • Reduce risk by ensuring safe standards. • Enhance Financial Performance by better rates. • Ensure our Customers finally attain Customer Delight .

  12. Check list process – the differentiator • EDI 5 shall adhere to the below LISTED CHECKLIST ACTIVITY FOR ALL “C” FORMS VALIDATION • CHECK IF the column, Name of issuing State /Office of issue is filled by the VAT/Sales Tax Officer issuing “C” Form along with his official seal. • CHECK if the Date of issue of C Form is also filled up by the VAT/Sales Tax Officer who issues the Form. • CHECK if The Name & Address of the purchasing dealer to whom the “C” Form is issued is filled by the customer.

  13. Check list process – the differentiator • CHECK IF The purchasing dealer has similarly fill up his CST Registration Number or CST, TIN Number (as applicable in the State where the customer is located) and date of Validity of the registration. CHECK if the date of validity of registration is prior to the Date of sale. • CHECK on the purpose of purchase which is very important [i.e. (i) resale or (ii) use in Manufacture/ processing of goods for sale or (iii) use in communications network or(iv) Use in mining or (v) use in generation/distribution of power or (VI) packing of Goods for sale/resale]. Hence, CHECK if the relevant entry is retained and the other Entries are cancelled.

  14. Check list process – the differentiator • CHECK if The date of issue of Form C by the purchasing dealer is mentioned in the Column provided for and if the date of issue is after the date of sale. • CHECK if The Form is signed by the authorized person giving the details of name of the person, status of the person, duly affixing his rubber stamp. • CHECK if Particulars of Invoice/Sale Bill Number, date and amount has been filled at the bottom of the form. If the space is not sufficient, then if the details are entered on the reverse of the form or in a separate sheet/annexure, duly authenticated by signing with rubber stamp below entries made.

  15. Edi 5 technologies pvt. Ltd.

  16. Edi 5 technologies pvt. Ltd. • Registered Company complying with all Govt. statutory regulations • Headquartered at Bengaluru (Bangalore) • Manpower – Experienced and In-house trained • Bankers – ----------- • IT integrated with --------- • Locations being facilitated from- Bangalore. • Employees covered under PF, ESI. • A sound net worth company • Promoters involved in this Industry for over 25 years

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