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Free Fifa 11

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Free Fifa 11

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Free Fifa 11

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Fifa 11 is the newest released football game developed by EA Sports. Anyone who loves football games wouldwant to grab the chance to get their own free copy of this game. It is not surprising that there would be mix reviews regarding the new game. Fifa 11 did not fare well compared to the good reviews gotten by Fifa 10 and Fifa World Cup. A lot of people thought they have seen the best in Fifa 10. There were several new features in the World cup that made it betterthanFifa 10. Many people criticized the Fifa 11 for being ordinary that it did not excite them at all. The latest game was more of a sophistication. With the few changes here and there, it did not really make Fifa 11 stand out compared to the rest. Personality + has been added to the newest football game series. It is simply to determine the identity of the player. It pertains to the players’ traits and stamina. This addition would indeed make you wonder if it really does make a difference having Peronality + in the game. Aside from this addition, playing Fifa 11 is almost the same playing the Fifa World Cup. Players are much more nimble making tighter turns and doing intricate dribbling routines.

  • The game looks better in this new series. Good animation will make you see how a character slightly bends his shoulder to control the ball. The beauty of the animation of the game makes it almost real. The character and its personality is almost real. Commentators Tyler and Gray during the game are still doing a great job. Statistics would flash on screen from time to time where they based their commentaries. There is another addition to the Fifa 11 game and that is the 360 fight for possession. It makes the scuffles for the ball more engaging and less predictable. In totalily the game free Fifa 11 has not much to offer to games enthusiasts. Despite the adjustments that were done, it just didn’t make the game more exciting. With the perfect review from last year’s series, it is hard to even come near in this year’s series. In multiplayer mode, the adjustments are good. But for those who likes to experiment and discover new things, they would find the game quite a bore.
  • If you want to find out for yourself you can get free Fifa 11 download in the Internet these days. Allyou have to do is spend a little time answering surveys from that website after you register an account. You will start earning points after doing the surveys that will give you the chance to download the Fifa 11 game for free.