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FIFA 2010

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Bushra Shaikh 7E. FIFA 2010. When and where was it held?. The FIFA World Cup 2010 was held in South Africa in the year of 2010. Several teams from countries around the world competed including South Africa itself. Who were the finalists? Who won?.

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FIFA 2010

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    1. Bushra Shaikh 7E FIFA 2010

    2. When and where was it held? The FIFA World Cup 2010 was held in South Africa in the year of 2010. Several teams from countries around the world competed including South Africa itself.

    3. Who were the finalists? Who won? The finalists were the Netherlands and Spain. The winner of the 2010 FIFA World Cup was Spain. There was only one goal scored in the game and it was by Spain, the Netherlands scored nothing.

    4. The Winning Goal! After a missed penalty from the Netherlands the ball is then passed on in the Spain team. The right starts it off mid-field and them passed to the center mid-field. The defense comes from behind and kicks the ball to one of the attackers. As the attacker travels from the sides to the goal he passes it to another player but it blocked my one of the Netherlands. Since the player on the Netherlands team falls to the ground the Spain’s attack steals the balls and continues passing from mid-field to attack. Spain finally passes to the attack nearest to the goal where the player gets a clear shot. Iniesta is almost blocked by player number 21 from the Netherlands .The goalie misses the ball by far and is too late to block it. The player that scored the goal on the Spanish team was named Andrès Iniesta and the goal was scored from extra time.

    5. What could the defense have done? The defense could have spread our more and keep up with the ball more often. They also could have blocked more and make it hard for the Spanish team to communicate to each other and have clear passes. They could also have been a little faster and could have gone one step ahead of the Spanish team so they could steal the ball.

    6. What individual skills were used by the players? One of the most important players in the game was Andrès Iniesta because he was very fast in getting the ball closer to the goal and scoring before the Netherlands could block. Also number 9 and 10 in the Spanish team were good at receiving and passing the ball to each other because they did not wait for a long time to pass they acted quickly and effectively.

    7. Off the Ball The Spanish team did not use one route to get the ball to the goal instead they passed it to many different directions to confuse the Netherlands and to outrun them so they could not block or steal the ball. They also played from the sides and not the middle so they could have more control over who gets the ball and also get a clear pass.

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