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Debt Collector PowerPoint Presentation
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Debt Collector

Debt Collector

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Debt Collector

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  1. Disclaimer Content By viewing information within this course content, you agree that this is general education material and will not hold anybody responsible for loss or damages resulting from the content provided. You agree that you understand that FOREX trading has big upside potential/reward & risk alongside it. You must be aware of the risk and must be willing to accept them in order to invest in the FOREX market.

  2. The great irony of forex trading is that it’s difficult precisely because, it is very simple.

  3. The Debt Collector Don’t be deceived by this simple principle it is pretty simple yet very powerful and it will allow you to double you account in no time and harvest a minimum of 100pips per trade, imagine that... provided, if you stick to it religiously.

  4. As you all know there are two things that happens in the prices in the forex market-- It Trends and it Consolidates/Ranges. Prices either it goes up/down or stays within the range in other words it does not goes up or goes down, which means it does not create a new high price or a new low price.

  5. MILLION DOLLAR TIP If I will sum it up the market does two things, it moves directional and non-directional or to put it simply it Trends and Ranges. It Creates a DC ZONE.

  6. As you were looking at those examples, you will start to understand that there is an obvious pattern that occurs in the movement of prices in the forex market. Which is by the obvious examples you have easily grasp the million dollar idea right? And the million dollar tip is that...

  7. MILLION DOLLAR TIP After the market creates a DC it explodes into a Violent Breakout.


  9. TP BUY SL

  10. Now, that information alone could help you double your account each time you trade the DC with a Violent breakout.

  11. Just like the prices of grocery items, rice, toll fare and oil...sometimes it goes up and sometimes it goes down (Trends) and sometimes the prices just stays the same or consolidates (DC).

  12.  YOU HAVE TO TRAIN YOUR EYES TO SPOT THE DC ZONE. In order for you to become profitable.

  13. If you begin to realize the power of that information you could make a lot of money trading the Forex market you could double your account each time you trade the breakouts of the range. That is the power of the DC.