a guide on how to grow marijuana by medmen n.
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A Guide on How to Grow Marijuana – By Medmen PowerPoint Presentation
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A Guide on How to Grow Marijuana – By Medmen

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A Guide on How to Grow Marijuana – By Medmen - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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· Picking your seeds – First decide whether you wanted to grow sativa, indica or an auto-flowering strain

· Germination – After selecting your seeds the first step is to germinate your seeds. The easiest way to germinate is by soaking the seeds into a glass of water and place them in a warm and moist paper towel

· Seedlings – After germinating the seeds, it becomes a seedling and this last for 2-4 weeks. At this stage place the seedling under the light for atleast 16 hours in a day.



· Vegetative growth – At the vegetative growth, you have to place the pant under an 18/6 lighting regimen, as well as under the brighter lights that are 6500k. Depending on the growing strain this stage may last around 4-5 weeks before flowering starts.

  • · Determine the sex   – You can find out the sex of your marijuana plant by using its pre-flowers which develops during its vegetative growth. Many marijuana growers aim to produce Sensimilla i.e. an unfertilized female plants
  • · Flowering – At the flowering stage, you have to reduce the amount of light it receives.  Place it 12 hours in light and 12 hours in darkness



· Harvesting – With a magnifying glass check your plant trichomes. Creamy or milky white color in trichomes tells you it’s time to harvest

· Drying and Curing – To dry your weed, put it in an airtight glass jar and open it for a couple of minutes every 12 hours over the course of a month or hang it until the it dry to touch.



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