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  1. Marijuana

  2. Marijuana smoker at a demonstration in favor of legalizing marijuana in Mexico City.

  3. A man smokes marijuana from a pipe during the International Day for the Legalization of Marijuana in Medellin, Colombia.

  4. A man uses a glass pipe to smoke medical marijuana.

  5. A manager of Sunset Junction medical marijuana dispensary, shows marijuana plant buds in Los Angeles.

  6. A gardener cleans up marijuana plants at a marijuana growing operation in Oakland, California.

  7. A marijuana user rolls a joint in San Francisco, California.

  8. An estimated 15,000 people all exhale marijuana smoke as the clock hits 4:20pm at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado.

  9. A medical-marijuana user holds a homegrown bud in Portland, Maine.

  10. A salesperson bags up a sale for a customer at Dr. Reefer's marijuana dispensary at the University of Colorado.

  11. A soldier pulls up marijuana plants in an illegal plantation in Tecate, northern Mexico.

  12. A soldier stands over an altar in a camp used by marijuana growers during a marijuana destruction operation in the Sierra de Juarez in Ensenada, Mexico.

  13. Police are pictured with two of the 14 wild black bears that were guarding an illegal marijuana growing operation.

  14. A Mexican soldier arranges blocks of marijuana, weighing a total of 46 tons, before they are incinerated at a military base in the border city of Tijuana.

  15. A soldier walks through a cloud of smoke from burning marijuana on an illegal plantation in Tecate, northern Mexico.

  16. Mexican soldiers stand in formation as 46 tons of marijuana is incinerated at a military base in the border city of Tijuana.

  17. A U.S. soldier questions a marijuana farmer near Kajaki, Afghanistan.

  18. A vice president at Abundant Healing store (left), hands over a check to one of his marijuana suppliers in Fort Collins, Colorado.

  19. A police officer stands guard during a drug destruction in Panama City. 4.7 tons of cocaine, marijuana and heroin seized by the police were incinerated.

  20. Medical marijuana plants are pictured as they dry in the Los Angeles area.

  21. A woman holds up 1.5 gram "care packages" of medical marijuana at the HarborsideHealth Center in Oakland, California.

  22. Marijuana is harvested in Davenport, California.

  23. The slain body of a drug hitmanafter an operation by Mexican soldiers at a ranch near the municipality of Sabinas Hidalgo, 100 km from Monterrey, Mexico.

  24. Thank You Marijuana plants lay in a pile before being burned in Juarez, Mexico.