ad astra to the stars resources for further exploration n.
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Ad Astra! To the Stars! Resources for Further Exploration PowerPoint Presentation
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Ad Astra! To the Stars! Resources for Further Exploration

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Ad Astra! To the Stars! Resources for Further Exploration - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ad Astra! To the Stars! Resources for Further Exploration
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  1. Ad Astra! To the Stars!Resources for Further Exploration

  2. DilectaSelected Resources and Publications

  3. Elementary Latin Activity Packet • Grades 1-4 • Paper-based activities to teach and review vocabulary lessons • Several ideas provided for each vocabulary set • Lessons include: Names Numbers Animals Homes Entertainment Weather Body Parts Commands

  4. Activity Packet (Elementary Level) • Grades 3-5 • Concentration on mythology (e.g., Jason, the Aeneid, the gods) • Emphasizes word study and application of Latin knowledge to English and modern life • Exposes students to Latin derivatives • Discussion and critical thinking activities

  5. Activitates Pro Liberis • Grades 1-2; Grades 3-7 • Complete lesson plans for Greek, Latin, Roman culture, and Classical mythology • Ideas for in-class discussion and activities • Colorful worksheets and handouts included • Family discussion questions • Companion website provides extra materials and graphics

  6. Discovering Languages: Latin • Grades 1-5 • Teaches, reinforces, and reviews vocabulary with illustrations • Gradually teaches Latin pronunciation • Vocabulary lessons include cultural information in English • Glossary included

  7. Learning Latin Through Mythology • Grades 1-7 • Units include a myth, word/sentence study, activity ideas • Uses pictures to aid understanding of Latin • Myth highlights: Atalanta Baucis & Philemon Daedalus & Icarus Daphne King Midas Narcissus Phaethon Medusa

  8. First Latin • Grades 1-5 • Teaches Latin supplementary to cultural and mythological themes • Intersperses Latin sentences with English narratives • Simple grammatical concepts • Strives to show modern/daily applications

  9. Minimus • Ages 7-10 • Teaches simple grammatical concepts by association • Colorful, illustrated comic-style stories • English explanations of grammar, culture and mythology • Highlights “words to help” and derivatives •

  10. Salvete! • Grades 4-8 • Lessons accompanied by illustrations, maps, and pictures • Cumulative reviews and glossary of important vocabulary • Pattern-reinforced translation and derivatives • Semi-comprehensive reference paradigms

  11. Latin is Fun • Grades 4-8 • Concentration on Latin syntax and grammar • Pictures aid understanding of concepts • Introduces grammatical and syntactical concepts through patterns • Word studies help teach derivatives • Emphasizes reading Latin to help translation

  12. Libri Liberis LatineChildren’s Books in Latin

  13. I Am Reading Latin Stories • Ages 6-10 • Original stories in Latin accompanied by illustrations to clarify the text • English translation included • Comprehension questions, glossary, and notes on Latin grammar • Series of four books: Ursus et Porcus Taurus Rex Rena Rhinocerus Octavus Octopus

  14. English Children’s Books in Latin • Ages 6-12 • Translated into Latin from the English originals • Imitate original meter and style • Original illustrations used for familiarity • Glossary of words used • Books translated by J. & T. Tunberg: Cattus Petasatus Virent Ova! Virent Perna Quomodo Invidiosulus Nomine Grinchus Christi Natalem Abrogaverit Arbor Alma

  15. Ursus Books • Ages 4-10 • Accessible through picture cues and association, to encourage active reading • Teaches basic Latin vocabulary, mythology, and culture in separate stories • CD-ROM for PC or Mac

  16. I Am Reading Latin • Ages 4-8 • Original illustrated stories in Latin, accessible through picture cues • Primarily teaches vocabulary of the set theme from each book • English translations provided

  17. Examina CertaminaqueAssessments and Competitions

  18. Exploratory Latin Exam • Grades 3-6 • Tests ability to recognize vocabulary in context • Tests knowledge of vocabulary, derivatives, and common phrases • Syllabus introduces mythology, culture, and history through: Mythology History Geography Art and Architecture

  19. National Mythology Exam • Grades 3-9 • Tests general knowledge of mythology • Focus on roles and characteristics of the gods • More difficult for older, advanced students • Higher-level themed subtests: Odyssey Iliad Aeneid Norse African Native American

  20. Colloquia CollectaListservs

  21. LatinTeach • Geared toward high school teachers • May be adapted or applied to elementary school settings • Subscription-digest and articles available

  22. Excellence Through Classics • Community of teachers for discussion of Classics at the elementary level • Articles, lesson plans, activities, books shared by fellow teachers

  23. Latin-Best Practices • Mostly used by teachers at the high school and college levels • Particularly useful to find answers to questions and suggestions for approaches to lessons

  24. Initia PrimaStarting Points for Further Exploration

  25. Ascanius: The Youth Classics Institute • Links to helpful sites and articles for teaching elementary Latin • Free downloadable lesson plans • Publications available for sale • Scholarships available to high school students

  26. Teaching Materials and Resource Center • Available from the American Classical League • Resources and reference materials • Children’s books in Latin and about Classical topics • Fun classroom items

  27. Latin and Language • Catalogue with wide variety of items: books videos t-shirts posters pencils music stickers

  28. Excellence Through Classics • Materials to prepare for ELE and NME • In-depth activities to reinforce concepts • May also be used independently of the exams • Grants available for teachers