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Lahore travel guide

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Lahore travel guide
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Lahore travel guide

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  1. Lahore travel guide Lahore is lovingly known as "The Heart of Pakistan." Lahore is a wonderful and exclusive town with a wealthy lifestyle and a wide range of performers, poets and films. There are many wonderful gardens to visit, as Lahore is situated on the banks of Riva and the area is wealthy. Individuals in Lahore are known for their kindness and provide a balmy welcome. Lahore is a brilliant town with an exciting record. It has been decided by the Moguls, Sikhs and English before getting freedom. A wide range of academic institutions, such as the prestigious Govt Higher education, are situated in Lahore.

  2. Places to visit in Lahore Lahore Fort The Lahore Fort, regionally generally known as Shahi Qila is citadel of the town of Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. It is situated in the northwestern area of the Walled Area of Lahore in Iqbal Park which one of the biggest city parks in Pakistan. The trapezoidal structure is spread over 20 hectares.

  3. Badshahi Mosque The Badshahi Mosque indicates the 'Imperial Mosque' in Lahore, requested by the Mughal Emperor Akbar who was a very excellent artist and an outstanding emperor. He was the actual expert thoughts behind the infra-structure of the mosque. In the rule of 6th Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb in 1671 this was began and finished in 1673, is the second biggest mosque in Pakistan and South Asia and the fifth biggest mosque on the globe.

  4. Minar-e-Pakistan Minar-e-Pakistan is a community monument situated in Iqbal Park area which is one of the biggest city parks in Lahore, Pakistan. The structure was designed during the Nineteen Sixties on the site where, on 23 March 1940, the All-India Muslim League approved the Lahore Quality, the first formal contact for an individual country for the Muslims residing in the South Asia.

  5. Museums in Lahore Lahore Museum The Lahore Museum was initially recognized in 1865-66 on the site of the area or developing of the 1864 Punjab Exhibition and later moved to its existing website situated on The Shopping center, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan in 1894.

  6. Shakir ali Museum This museum was actually Shakir's Home at 93, Tipu Block, New Garder City, Lahore, which he created for himself. After his death it was purchased by Idara-I-Saqafat-e-Pakistan and officially transformed into a museum on Apr 3rd, 1976.

  7. Shopping in Lahore Ichra Bazaar Ichhra is a personal and professional place in Lahore, Pakistan. Being a very old place, some very old structures can be seen in Ichhra. It is mentioned for its Ichhra Bazaar, among the most cost-effective marketplaces of Lahore.

  8. Anarkali bazaar Anarkali bazaar is an essential bazaar in Lahore, Pakistan. It is one of the earliest enduring marketplaces in South Asia, going returning at least 200 years.

  9. Best time to visit Lahore The best time to visit Lahore city is winters season. It starts from December to February. Avoid months May to July because at this time temperature reach up to 48°C.

  10. Major airlines which fly from UK to Lahore Flights to Lahore from Manchester and all other airports of UK are offered by most major airlines which are PIA, Emirates, Thai Airways, Oman Air, Qatar Airways, Kuwait Airways, Etihad Airways, Gulf Air, Turkish Airlines and British Airways.