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Travel Guide

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Travel Guide Bronchure Learning Circles Http:// Conclusion The tour cost will include return air tickets, full board accommodation, ,personal requirements, Safari flights. All prices are based of tariffs and seasons. The tour period extends over two weeks. You are

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Travel Guide

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Travel Guide

Bronchure Learning Circles



The tour cost will include return air tickets, full board

accommodation, ,personal requirements, Safari flights.

All prices are based of tariffs and seasons.

The tour period extends over two weeks. You are

welcomed to overstay and enjoy your stay in Kenya.

Response from students grouped

In ten are welcome

Any responses please


The Great Rift Valley

The Bomas of Kenya

Travel Guide

This great Rift Valley is overlooked by high rise escarpments

Necessary Requirements

From Lake Turkana, the light aircraft will fly from north

where you can view the valley floor at High View Point.

It is one of the world’s seven wonders that contains

-Recognized Passport

Kenya southwards back to the Capital outskirts, to sit and

volcanic sceneries and fresh water lakes. Lake Nakuru is


Laced with colourful birds, the long pink lagged white

-Travelers cheques and extra cash for shopping Kenya goodies.

relax for traditional shows at the Kenya’s celebration

flamingos (a very eye catching spectacular that includes other

-Hotel Booking i.e

Best Hotels are within the City Centre and the tour areas


of traditional dancing from all over Kenya and other parts

-Consult your travel agent for your favourable hotel

exclusive of full board luxury tented camp at the parks

From lake Nakuru you need an afternoon game drive when

of Africa. The traditional dancers live in authentic village

you will be watching lions roaming about, the neatly stripped

-You will need personal effects and light clothing for this

zebra, the wilder beast grazing on the plains while the voucher

tropical country

homes created according to diverse tribes. You can also walk

birds sour through the skies. Other features includes Menengai

- Ensure pri-vaccination against Malaria and Yellow Fever

crater and a Volcanic H

Hot Springs. It takes a day to walk

-Tropical fine weather clothing

about the Bomas villages to visit traditional practice centre

round this crater.


Arrival Time at the Jomo Kenyatta International airport is

and watch the traditional artisans at work. The Bomas has

Masai Mara Lodge


lly in the early hours of the day

diverse cultural craft sh

ops where you can purchase diverse

Depart from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to the

Kenya Capital, Nairobi City in the sun

This is a leading World attraction. All kinds of game reserved

low cost souvenirs.

species are found here in large numbers. It is possible to feed

Open Air Market is opened every Tuesday with everything

giraffe and touch elephants tasks from the bacon of your lodge

available in original and natural form. Tropical fruits, juicy and

The Carnivore

tasty are available including pineapples, mangos and passion fruits.


Authentic hand draft items includes sisal hand-woven baskets,

wood carvings and cultural ornaments. Available at reduced

You will not have tasted the Kenya traditional dishes

price. This market is off Moi Avenue near Salvation Army HQ.

Mt. Kenya Safari Club needs smart dress where visitors can

enjoy horse ridding, watching the waterbucks and other game

unless you visit the Carnivore Restaurants.

National Museum

reserves animals. The club includes golf, swimming, and

a cruise in to the game park. Here you find the Ew

aso Nyiro

The meals includes crocodile meat, Camel milk


efinately it will be interesting to visit National Museum with

river, a home for the world largest crocodile

a record of the oldest human remains and a diverse cultural

recommendable for high blood pressure, other game

historic records. Other areas of interest includes cultural gallery,

Lake Turkana

library and a snake park. The largest Elephant’s remains are

meat fresh fruit juices and diverse traditional dishes.

preserved at this museum. Other features includes reptiles,

cultural greeting cards and much more.

Entertainments includes traditional dancers and renowned

After two days at the Mk. Kenya club a light aircraft will take

National Parks

you to the Lake Turkana at the North. The area is occupied by

musicians, bands, both local and traditional.

the nomadic tribes that includes the Turkana, the Samburu

The best way to enjoy your visit is to explore the unspoiled

wildlife that includes animal orphanage for rescued game.

and the Pokot tribes. The later is an off spring of the former

This will keep you awake all night long.

The park includes lions racing

for a kill, Chitters speeding for

intermarriage. The Pokot are 3,000 people in number. They

a meal, Rhinos and all the game stock ready to welcome visitors.

have maintained their cultural values and traditions to date.