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Th e impacts of the use of ICT. Social.

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Th e impacts of the use of ict

The impacts of

the use of


Th e impacts of the use of ict


The social impacts of ICT is that its gives you access to your personal information. Face book is acceptable in some cases because employers can access your account and find out a lot about your personality and your behavior by what you put as your status’s or by by how your pictures portray you for example if you pose with friends you can come across as a friendly, social person. As well as having advantages face book and the internet can have negative impact on a school Childs life because instead of doing homework you could go on a social networking sites or play games instead of studying for an exam or doing homework. The internet has evolved for the better because it can give us more information and its enabled us to be able to do research to find out more from different countries. It enables us to be able to contact the outside world instead of just in our country. As well as having advantages the internet has its disadvantages because there is more social networking that can distract us from working. Being able to find information on the internet has got easier because if you wanted to you could find out anything you want about anybody.

Th e impacts of the use of ict


Economic changes the way customers are able to purchase products such as clothes, books and games. Economic changes the way people purchases insurance services and holidays online or face to face. These changes have also influenced a change in the way you find quotes for products and services. Being able to buy online has changed the customers attitude due to the fact that you don’t really to talk to the people on the other end of the computer and your transaction is done much faster. Due to the internet shopping increasing it means that less and less people are buying things from the high street and are doing it online instead which means eventually all the shop will close down because everyone is buying their essentials online which means that they have no business and will earn no money which would change the high street industry forever because there will be no business.

Th e impacts of the use of ict


As well as ICT revolving an becoming a more industry ICT has created many changes to the economy by creating more jobs which means that there will be less unemployment. Jobs such as Ict technicians for schools or for bigger companies, network managers which would also create more jobs due to the internet supplied. Internet companies will grow in size because more and more people want the internet.

Th e impacts of the use of ict


Threats on the internet can include viruses, spam, phishing, identity theft, spyware, cyber bullying, hard drive failure, corruption of backup data. These are all serious problems that you can obtain when researching on the internet. Identity theft is the most vital because if you do online shopping or you order over the internet then anyone could pick up your name address and credit card account. Face book although it has advantages its disadvantage is that people can access your information easily.