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National Centre for Natural Fibers & Fiber Arts PowerPoint Presentation
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National Centre for Natural Fibers & Fiber Arts

National Centre for Natural Fibers & Fiber Arts

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National Centre for Natural Fibers & Fiber Arts

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  1. National Centre for Natural Fibers & Fiber Arts Use keyboard arrows to step through the slides

  2. Natural Fibre Centre • For thousands of years man has clothed himself using natural fibers • 200 years ago the industrial revolution enabled mass production of cloth • 80 years ago the first synthetic fibers were produced from oil • 50 years ago synthetics virtually replaced natural materials • Peak oil has arrived; the earth is massively polluted; synthetics represent a significant portion of that pollution; a new initiative is required right now • And it has to be natural & sustainable Sustainable

  3. An ancient craft Making cloth is a craft dating back many thousands of years. Yarn has been found containing fibre from wooly mammoths Although machines have enabled mass production, yarn is still made in the same way

  4. gather the fibre

  5. convert the fibre into yarn

  6. convert the yarn into cloth

  7. Natural Fibre Centre Why Natural Fibre? Why Now? Why Here?

  8. natural fibre is the responsible choice Synthetic fibre is known to cause many health problems Natural fibre is the right choice for the health of the people Synthetic fibre is extremely harmful to the environment Natural fiber produced in a responsible manner is completely sustainable and environmentally compatible

  9. natural fibers Natural fibers include wool, silk, mohair, alpaca, camel, yak, angora, coir, jute, hemp, sisal, cotton, cashmere, abaca, nettle and flax Canada has excellent growing conditions for flax, hemp and nettle as well as for breeding sheep, goats, llamas and alpacas

  10. huge demand for natural fiber In the last 3 years the demand for alpaca fibre has risen significantly The demand for alpaca fiber in China alone, outstrips global supply Sports clothing manufacturers are returning to the use of natural fiber and alpaca fleece is being featured heavily

  11. renewed interest in natural fibre fashion by today’s youth

  12. Natural Fibre Centre What is the National Centre for Natural Fibre and Fibre Arts?

  13. Natural Fibre Centre • To promote the production and use of natural fibers in BC through the establishment of a co-operative organization dedicated to developing and marketing the industry, as well as creating a processing and manufacturing centre for local natural fibre producers Purpose

  14. Natural Fibre Centre Mission

  15. Fibre Mill & Yarn Production Mills can be small, large or enormous

  16. Natural Fibre Centre • A working fibre mill throbs at the heart of the centre • Visitors have the chance to view the multiple processes involved to convert a pile of dirty and matted fleece into brightly coloured yarn • The mill serves the numerous small scale farms throughout BC and can cope with large orders as well as small Industry

  17. Visitor & Educational Centre

  18. Natural Fibre Centre • A broad spectrum of educational courses from animal husbandry to fleece processing; through spinning, weaving, dyeing, knitting, felting and the numerous arms of creativity that form the fibre arts • Artists both local and from afar demonstrate their arts and provide visitors with the opportunity to learn new skills Education

  19. Education needs to be fun though!

  20. naturally caring for our fibre producers Education needs to extend to the care of the animals providing much of the fibre Courses include: healthy living, feeding, grooming, shearing, obedience training and even showing

  21. Commerce

  22. Natural Fibre Centre • Fibre in various stages of processing can be purchased in the visitor centre store and globally via the online store • Batts, sliver and finished yarn, fibre art, finished knitwear and furnishings made by local craftspeople and from our own mill, are all available for sale Retail

  23. Natural Fibre Centre • The machine shop produces hardware articles used in the fibre arts: needles, frames, looms and spinning wheels as well as pickers, carders and tumblers for those people who love to do it themselves Manufacturing

  24. Llama, Wool-Sheep & Alpaca Farm Selecting and breeding animals especially for fibre production

  25. Natural Fibre Centre • Visitors have the opportunity to learn all about the history, uses and production of natural fibre, whilst touring our own herds of fibre-producing sheep, llamas, alpacas and goats as well as our plant fibre operation Visitor farm

  26. Promoting Organic Farmingthe only sustainable future

  27. Natural Fibre Centre • The farm produces a variety of plants for natural fibre development and processing and operates entirely within organic principles • Fibre plants and hay for the animals are grown on the site without the use of chemical fertilizer • Local farms are encouraged to join the co-operative • An educational tour guides people to the understanding of why organic farming is the only certain route to a sustainable future for all Organic Farming

  28. Animal Rescue & Retirement We have a duty of care Even with the best intentions there will always be animals in need of rescue and re-homing A sanctuary catering for rescued and retired large animals operates as a charitable venture and is based on the hugely successful Redwings Horse Sanctuary in England

  29. Veterinary Services Caring for a large number of animals requires knowledge and dedication The ultimate goal is to have a large animal veterinary clinic on the premises serving the rescue centre, the Llama & Alpaca Farm as well as the local region

  30. Natural Fibre Centre • The pleasant location of the Okanagan; the attractions of the education centre, fibre processing mill and visitor farm; as well as the focus on all aspects of natural fibre production and use; position this co-operative development as a unique tourist attraction throughout BC, North America and even the world • The waterside RV park and campsite allows visitors to spend several days exploring the region as well as discovering all aspects of the fibre arts industry Tourism

  31. RV Park Bring your RV and bring your family and make a holiday of it! Mix education and fun and make it a visit to remember

  32. Hosting Shows & Festivals

  33. Presenting Cultural Events

  34. Natural Fibre Centre • From the animal to the finished sweater, the centre guides visitors through the entire process of yarn and fibre production; reconnecting them with the origins of their clothing Outline

  35. It took only 4 years from the creation of the BC Wine Institute to install BC as a global niche-wine producer • It required leadership, co-operation and funding to develop the industry and the market • BC wine sales are now in excess of $180 million annually British Columbia Wine Industry Compare

  36. a new generation of fibre artists is waiting to get started

  37. together we can make it happen

  38. We all need fibre Days without it are rare

  39. National Centre for Natural Fibers & Fiber Arts The time is right