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Presidential Review

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Presidential Review
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  1. Presidential Review

  2. Mrs. Kane’s students should use this presentation to prepare for the United States History and Government exam. This program highlights several presidents, their actions and programs that have affected our history.

  3. Thomas Jefferson • 3rd President • served 1801 -1809 • Father of the Declarationof Independence • Acquired the LouisianaTerritorythis purchase almost doubled the size of the U.S. and opened up the Northwest for exploration and settlement

  4. Jefferson Presidency • Jefferson was the first president to serve in the new national capital, the District of Columbia • He knew the country must be unified if it was to grow • Jefferson wanted to remain neutral,he passed the Embargo Act (Americans couldn’t trade with foreign nations) in an attempt to end wars between England and France

  5. Abraham Lincoln. • 16th President served 1861 - 1865 • Worked for preservation of the Union “My paramount object is to save the Union, and is not either to save or destroy slavery.” • He was unable to do this and 11 Southern states seceded from the Union

  6. Lincoln Presidency • The Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 announced that all slaves in the Confederate states were free • His Reconstruction Plan was designed to reunite all of the states, not punish the South • Lincoln was killed by an assassin’s bullet before he could rebuild the nation

  7. Theodore Roosevelt • 26th President served 1901 - 1908 • Roosevelt was considered a trustbuster for his fight against the abuses of big business • Fought in Cuba in the Battle of San Juan Hill

  8. T. Roosevelt Presidency • The TeddyBear was named after him because of his work in preserving the environment (he designated 150 million acres as National parks and monuments)

  9. Roosevelt Presidency • Roosevelt’s OpenDoorPolicy in China opened up trade in Asia • The U.S. paid the Republic of Panama $10 million for the right to build the PanamaCanal • BigStickPolicy the U.S. would act as a police power in Latin America to keep the European powers out

  10. Woodrow Wilson • 28th President served 1913 – 1921 • Issued a ProclamationofNeutrality for the U.S. at the beginning of World War I ( he wanted our country to stay out of the war in Europe

  11. Wilson Presidency • President Wilson asked Congress to declare war on Germany to “keep the world safe for democracy” • Only After • The Sinking of the Lusitania (a British ship that was torpedoed by Germans, U.S. citizens were killed) • ZimmermanNote - a letter that asked Mexico to help Germany if the U. S. and Germany went to war

  12. Wilson Presidency • President Wilson developed FourteenPoints to plan for permanent world peace with the hope that the world would never have to go to war again. • He proposed the LeagueofNations a place for countries to settle disputes in a peaceful way. • He attended the Paris Peace Conference and helped develop the TreatyofVersailles which ended the war and changed the map of Europe.

  13. Franklin D. Roosevelt • 32nd President served 1933 - 1945 • He was the only President to serve three terms of office • Promised a NewDeal for Americans during the Great Depression

  14. Roosevelt’s Plan for Relief - Recovery - Reform Relief • Declared a bank holiday,EmergencyBanking Act, Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA) • CivilianConservation Corps (CCC) • Employed young people 18 - 25 to build roads, plant trees, work on flood control • TennesseeValleyAuthority (TVA) • Built Hoover, Grand Coulee and Bonneville Dams

  15. F.D Roosevelt Presidency • Recovery • WPA - Work Progress Administration • $4 Billion to put the unemployed to work • Major construction projects were started and actors, artists and musicians were employed • Reform • National Labor Relations Act • The government encouraged workers and employers to discuss wages and working conditions • Social Security Act 1935 • Pensions for the elderly, unemployment compensation and disability benefits

  16. Harry S. Truman • 33rd President served 1945 - 1953 • took office after the death of FDR • Made the difficult decision to drop the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima in 1945

  17. Truman Presidency • Truman’s Fair Deal • More people enrolled in Social Security • Increased minimum wage • Built public housing projects • Had a strong civil rights position • Guided the U.S. through the beginning of the ColdWar