hardware engineering internship summer 2012 n.
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Hardware Engineering Internship (Summer 2012) PowerPoint Presentation
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Hardware Engineering Internship (Summer 2012)

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Hardware Engineering Internship (Summer 2012) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hardware Engineering Internship (Summer 2012). Cody Cooke 8/9/2012 Digi International. About Me . Iowa State University Senior in Electrical Engineering 1 st year intern Originally from White Bear Lake, MN Played hockey for 15 years. Hardware Engineering Mentors. Primary Mentor:

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hardware engineering internship summer 2012

Hardware Engineering Internship (Summer 2012)

Cody Cooke


Digi International

about me
About Me
  • Iowa State University
    • Senior in Electrical Engineering
  • 1st year intern
  • Originally from White Bear Lake, MN
  • Played hockey for 15 years
hardware engineering mentors
Hardware Engineering Mentors
  • Primary Mentor:
    • Nathan Herman
  • Secondary Mentors:
    • Brad Ferguson
    • Matt Larsen
    • Nathan Carlson
    • Dan Skenzich
  • Manager:
    • Frank Artner
projects worked on
Projects Worked On
  • X2e Variant creation, Prototyping, and Testing
  • U-Blox GPS Python Scripting and GPS Simulation
  • WVA Daughter Board Assembly
  • X5RProof of Concept, Assembly, and Homologation Testing
  • X4/X4H Cellular Modem replacement and cellular Pre-Scan using CMU200
  • Tank Monitor LED Testing
  • Other little projects around the office for people
x2e cadstar variants
X2e CADStar Variants
  • Worked with Dan to get the XBP24CZ7PIS-I085 added into the Digi Libraries in Cadstar
  • Created an Xbee Pro variant for both X2e with and without Wi-Fi
  • Worked with Dan and Van to get the ENG and MFG files into Pending
  • Filled out a Prototype Request for the -04 variant (US with Wi-Fi) to do collocation testing
x2e collocation testing
X2e Collocation Testing
  • After Prototyping, did a collocation test on both an -04 variant and a -02 variant
  • Report the information to Brad and David so he could move forward with the ECO
u blox gps and python scripting
U-Blox GPS and Python Scripting
  • Worked with a U-Blox GPS engine and wrote a python script for reading the buffer
  • Used the script to test if we were picking up valid coordinates
wva daughter board assembly
WVA Daughter Board Assembly
  • Started with the bare PCB and soldered on all of the components
  • Got graded by the Nathan’s on my work and what I need to look for
  • Assembled the proof of concept for Nathan Herman
  • Acquired MAC information
  • Mounted the X5R onto the sheet metal
  • Installed the SIMs
  • Worked with Will to create the homologation script for Lenny to test with
x4 x4h
  • For the X4s and X4H, installed cellular modems
  • Did CMU200 Testing on a few X4H’s to make sure they passed testing at Digi
tank monitor idf formatting
Tank Monitor/IDF Formatting
  • Worked with Matt to wire up the 55m so that we could test our new container
  • Did LED testing to come up with an alternative to Red/Green Bi-color LED
  • Worked with the mechanical team with getting mounting holes imported into ProE
key learning s
Key Learning's
  • Documentation for everything
    • i.e. variants, DVT testing
  • Asking Questions and Using Resources
  • Developing a learning process that works for you
  • Staying energized and enthused