Vco gel nasal packing
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VCO Gel Nasal Packing. Proposer Dr Wan Shah Jihan ORL-HNS, PPSP. Objective. To develop a gel like substance which could be used in post nasal operation. Problem statement.

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Vco gel nasal packing

VCO Gel Nasal Packing


Dr Wan Shah Jihan



  • To develop a gel like substance which could be used in post nasal operation

Problem statement
Problem statement

  • Current widely used products available to control nasal bleeding are base on sponge and balloon types. This products are not comfortable for the patient throughout their use and especially during removal of the product.

  • Recently a German company has come up with antibiotic gel which needs to be mixed before use and harden in the nose. Apart from being very expensive, the problem with this product it takes a long time to disintegrate and most of the time it need to be removed manually thus cause discomfort to patients

Ideal features
Ideal features

  • Liquid form in room temperature

  • Change to gel form in body temperature

  • Disintegrate with time preferably in 48 hours


  • ? Polymerization of Virgin coconut oil with a rather simple chemical reaction.


  • Nasal surgery

  • Epistaxis cases

  • Pro-coagulant elsewhere


  • This invention relates to normally liquid, stable polymer/polyol compositions formed by polymerizing, in the presence of a free radical catalyst, an ethylenically unsaturated monomer or monomers dissolved or dispersed in a polyol mixture including a coupled polyol consisting of the reaction product of a polyol having a functionality in excess of 2 reacted with polyisocyanate in such proportion that the ratio of hydroxyl groups to isocyanato groups is greater than 1. In one embodiment, the coupled polyol is made in situ in the base polyol by addition thereto of the required amount of the polyisocyanate. The novel polymer/polyol compositions are convertible to polyurethane foams and elastomers.