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frontal view of the skull. frontal. parietal. nasal. supraorbital foramen. optic foramen. zygomatic. i nfraorbital foramen. sphenoid . maxilla. mental foramen. mandible. lateral view of the skull. parietal. frontal. sphenoid. occipital. ethnoid. temporal. nasal. external

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  1. frontal view of the skull frontal parietal nasal supraorbital foramen optic foramen zygomatic infraorbital foramen sphenoid maxilla mental foramen mandible

  2. lateral view of the skull parietal frontal sphenoid occipital ethnoid temporal nasal external auditory meatus zygomatic styloid process mastoid process of temporal bone maxilla condyloid process mandible coronoid process

  3. right orbit (eye socket) sphenoid ethmoid frontal lacrimal maxilla zygomatic

  4. vertebral column

  5. Atlas resting on the Axis

  6. cervical vertebrae

  7. thoracic vertebrae lumbar vertebrae

  8. sacrum coccyx

  9. thoracic cage

  10. scapula

  11. humerus

  12. radius

  13. carpals

  14. metacarpals and phanges

  15. pelvis

  16. right lateral view of pelvis

  17. femur

  18. tibia and fibula

  19. tarsals

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