ancient chinese tangrams l.
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Ancient Chinese Tangrams

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Ancient Chinese Tangrams - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ancient Chinese Tangrams. By Ms. Laura Billhimer. Review Don’t forget : Test on Friday!. What do the following pictures have in common?. Raise your hand when you think you know!. . If you guessed that they are all games…. You are right!. Today….

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ancient chinese tangrams

Ancient Chinese Tangrams

By Ms. Laura Billhimer

what do the following pictures have in common
What do the following pictures have in common?

Raise your hand when you think you know!

If you guessed that

they are all games…

You are right!

  • We are going to learn about a game invented in ancient China.
  • This game is a lot like a…

This is a square made of 7 shapes.

Each shape is called a tan.

Atangramis a picture that is made out of all 7 shapes of the square.
  • The shapes must touch but may not overlap.

Notice how each shape has all 7 pieces!

is this a tangram
Is this a tangram?

Yes it is! Why?

It has all 7 pieces.

is this a tangram15
Is this a tangram?

No! Why not?

It only has 5 pieces!

is it a tangram now
Is it a tangram now?

Yes! Why?

The picture has all 7 pieces

The ancient Chinese used tangrams to tell stories.
  • The storyteller moves the the tans (shapes) around to make and show the shape of a character in the story.
you are going to hear one of these ancient chinese tangram stories right now
You are going to hear one of these Ancient Chinese Tangram stories…right now!

Listen to the story and watch how the tangrams are arranged to make each picture in the story!