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Ancient Chinese Umbrellas

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Ancient Chinese Umbrellas. By Julia Wesley. Who invented the umbrella?. Statistics show that a man named Umberto Rella invented the umbrella. Obviously, the word “Umbrella” was named after Umberto Rella . . Where and When . The basic umbrella was invented over four thousand years ago.

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who invented the umbrella
Who invented the umbrella?

Statistics show that a man named Umberto Rellainvented the umbrella. Obviously, the word “Umbrella” was named after Umberto Rella.

where and when
Where and When
  • The basic umbrella was invented over four thousand years ago.
  • The first all umbrella shop was called "James Smith and Sons". The shop opened in 1830, and is still located at 53 New Oxford St., in London, England.



how the umbrella was used and more fun facts
How the umbrella was usedAnd more fun facts
  • Long ago, the umbrella was made for the use of blocking the sun
  • Later, the Chinese invented the waterproof umbrella
  • It’s purpose? – for blocking the sun, AND staying dry from the rain
  • The Chinese umbrellas have existed for more than over 2,000 years
  • Each Chinese umbrella is delicately handcrafted and painted with beautiful patterns or designs
how umbrellas were made and what they were made of
How umbrellas were madeand what they were made of

Chinese umbrellas were made of silk, and later paper umbrellas were created. The Chinese lacquered and waxed their Chinese umbrellas to repel water, so they could be used in the rain. They were among the first to do this. The frames of most umbrellas in China were and are made from bamboo or mulberry bark. The Chinese painted their Chinese umbrellas as well. The royal families typically carried red or yellow umbrellas while the common people would carry blue ones.

Bamboo (Red) Mulberry Bark


How umbrellas are used


Today umbrellas are used just as they were back then! For the purpose of blocking the sun, and staying dry from the rain. Though today umbrellas have a different style in the U.S.