hl7 never sleeps snapshots for around the globe l.
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HL7 Never Sleeps: Snapshots for around the Globe

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HL7 Never Sleeps: Snapshots for around the Globe - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HL7 Never Sleeps: Snapshots for around the Globe. Catherine E Chronaki Affiliate Director, HL7 Board of Directors International Council co-Chair FORTH-Institute of Computer Science, Crete, Greece chronaki@ics.forth.gr. HL7 Leads HIT Standards development since 1987.

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hl7 never sleeps snapshots for around the globe

HL7 Never Sleeps:Snapshots for around the Globe

Catherine E Chronaki

Affiliate Director, HL7 Board of Directors

International Council co-Chair

FORTH-Institute of Computer Science, Crete, Greece


hl7 leads hit standards development since 1987
HL7 Leads HIT Standards development since 1987
  • HL7 grows exponentially - demand outstrips capacity, HL7 v3, HL7 CDA, 40+ WGs, 50+standards products in use
  • HL7 is supported by over 35 Affiliated NfP orgs beyond USA and members in over 50 countries
  • HL7 becomes International, USA is represented in the International Council
  • Partnerships are created to enlarge the scope and enhance implementation
  • HL7 International Foundation in Europe
hl7 collaborates closely with standards developing profiling organizations
HL7 Collaborates closely with standards developing & profiling organizations
  • Joint Initiative Council: ISO, HL7, CEN, CDISC, LOINC, GS1
    • Avoid replication of work
    • Cultivate Consistency
  • ISO: Joint Working Group, CEN, CDISC: BRIDG,
  • IHTSDO: Vocabulary binding, LOINC: More vocabulary binding
  • Decision Support Collaboratives:
    • Clinical Interoperability Council (Bridging the Chasm)
    • Clinical Interoperability Interchange Collaborative (CIIC)
  • Quality Measurement Colloquia, Public Health Reporting, Pharma processes
  • And others…IHE, Continua, OpenEHR, NCI
hl7 standards are voted in iso
HL7 standards are voted in ISO
  • EHR functional model
  • CDA R2
  • HL7 v2.5
  • RIM, data types

Benefits of HL7 Standards

breed Interoperability

enable decision support

drive health care quality

facilitate clinical research

support bio-surveillance

foster healthcare capacity building

enable pharmaco-vigilence

Accelerate globalization/market defragmentation

Build capacity

what is an hl7 affiliate
What is an HL7 affiliate?
  • HL7 Affiliates are Independent non-profit membership organizations
  • Operate and provide local insight in a certain country or territory
  • Reflect the specific needs in the development, awareness, and adoptionof HL7 standards of their territory
  • Represent the interests of their HIT stakeholders in interoperability and standards
  • Collaborate with local Government agencies,eHealth programs, Standards Developing Orgs, Consortia, Fora
  • Need Initial 5 Petitioners from 4+ HIT Stakeholders Academia, health care, government agencies, consultants, industry, etc.
what are typical activities of an affiliate
What are typical Activities of an Affiliate?
  • Sign agreement with HL7 international with key activities:
    • Localization of HL7 standards, Training, Certification,..
  • HL7 affiliates form a vibrant community attracting the interest of implementors and early adopters through
    • IHIC (its implementation focused conference)
    • International Council Meetings (incl. HL7 around the world) , Sunday prior to WGMs
    • Affiliate chairs are members of the HL7 international council
hl7 focus on education elearning tutorials free webinars
HL7 focus on Education: eLearning, tutorials, free webinars
  • A very successful initiative from HL7 Argentina
  • 14 weeks: 1w intro,1w vocab, 1w UML/XML, 4w HL7 V2.x, 4w HL7 V3, 3w CDA
  • 50-60 pages for week, 5-10 hours study for assignments
  • 14 tutors worldwide (Canada, US, Argentina, Uruguay, China, Italy, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Romania, Singapore)
    • In Spanish: 2010 : 2 eds ~120 students; 2011 : 1ed: 45 studentsfromMexico, Chile, Costa Rica, Spain, Argentina.
    • In English: 200+ students, 14 from scholarships granted by HL7 International/Argentina, 1000+ students in waiting list.
  • For more information: www.hl7elc.org
hl7 affiliates by continent
HL7 Affiliates by Continent
  • Europe
    • Active: Austria, Germany, France, UK, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Netherlands, Romania, Chech Republic, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Russia, Turkey, Luxemburg, Spain, Switzerland
    • Inactive or terminated: Ireland, Poland, Burgaria, Denmark
  • Americas
    • Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Canada
  • Asia
    • Active: Japan, China, Taiwan, India, Pakistan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong
    • Inactive or terminated: Malaysia
  • Oceania
    • Active: Australia, New Zealand
hl7 snapshots from the globe europe 1
HL7 Snapshots from the globe: Europe -1
  • Finland:
    • earchive, ePrescription Project (CDA, V3) goes to production: implementation guide engagement: voting, quality assurance for the use of HL7 Standards CDA
  • France:
    • DMP ready for deployment - medication record/pharmacy network (71%/ +10% increase)
  • Greece:
    • Digital Health WG between athens medical society, young doctors association, HL7 Hellas
  • Germany:
    • Translation of epSOS terms, news in German for HL7ers
hl7 snapshots from the globe europe 2
HL7 Snapshots from the globe: Europe -2
  • HL7 Luxemburg (2010)
  • HL7 The Netherlands
    • New EHR WG
    • 200+ organizational members
    • HL7 University
  • HL7 UK
    • UK Conference
  • HL7 Austria
    • Model collaboration with IHE/Prorec
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia (around the block)
hl7 snapshots from the globe europe hl7 foundation
HL7 Snapshots from the globe: Europe : HL7 Foundation
  • HL7 International foundation
    • established in Brussels in June 2010 focusing on European activities
  • Engagement in European activities
    • epSOS for cross-border ePrescription and patient summaries
      • Collaboration with IHE & the consortium
    • eHGI: eHealth governance initiative
      • Contract signature pending
    • Semantic HealthNet: participation in network of excellence
      • In negotiations
hl7 snapshots from the globe americas
HL7 Snapshots from the globe: Americas
  • USA:
    • USA: ARRA/HITECH funding
    • IHE/HL7 CDA implementation guides consolidation project
  • Canada:
    • Standards Collaborative
  • Mexico:
    • HL7 mandaated as official government standards
  • Argentina:
    • eLearning Course marches on (Argentina, US, India, Singapore, Romania)
    • CDA projects
  • Brazil:
    • CDA referral project
    • HL7 WG Meeting in May 2010
usa cda consolidation project
USA: CDA Consolidation Project
  • Collaborate with IHE and the US Office of the National Coordinator (ONC)
    • Bring into single, master implementation guide
    • Port to new tooling supporting structured templates
    • Update per new US domain requirements for Meaningful Use of Electronic Health Records
  • Reconcile HL7/IHE/HITSP for CCD/Summaries
    • Consolidate:
    • Update for Meaningful Use
  • Consolidate Health Story Guides
    • Header
      • US Realm Header template
      • Guide-specific
    • Sections
      • Section codes, cardinality harmonized with IHE/HITSP
      • Entry requirements (September)
  • Future Option: Add International domain
    • Determine interest, value, support

Health Story Implementation Guides:

  • Consultation Note
  • Diagnostic Imaging Report (with DICOM)
  • Discharge Summary
  • History and Physical
  • Operative Note
  • Procedure Note
  • Unstructured Documents
  • Progress Note (in ballot)
hl7 snapshots around the globe asia 1
HL7 Snapshots around the globe: Asia-1
  • India
    • 3rd Edition of eLearning Course in India
  • Japan
    • HL7 Standards recognized by Govt. 594HIS: HL7 v2.5 messages and CDA for referral endorsed by the ministry of Health in Japan that provides incentives to vendors
  • HL7 Pakistan
    • new baby of the family!
  • Taiwan
    • National Infrastructure for exchange of EHR: Progress towards achievement of adoption objectives (EMR: 20% hospitals (75%) 10% primary care (100%), 7% hospital exchange
hl7 snapshots around the globe oceania
HL7 Snapshots around the globe: Oceania
  • New Zealand:
    • p2gp project marches on…
  • Australia:
    • organized the 1st HL7 WGM outside North America in Jan 2011
    • Renamed standards and Education Meeting
questions i hope to have answered in this talk
Questions I hope to have answered in this talk..
  • What are HL7 affiliates?
  • What is the HL7 affiliates role in eHealth standards development & adoption?
  • Where are key HL7 project successes in Europe? Asia? Americas? Oceania? Africa?
  • What is the HL7 International Foundation in Europe?
hl7 international event @ ehealth week may 10 2011
HL7 International event @ eHealth week: May 10, 2011

Tuesday May 10, 16:45-18:30, Room: Oslo

  • The Business Case for HL7: Charles Jaffe, CEO, HL7 International
  • Trust in Interoperability, Robert Stegwee, Chair HL7 NL, CEN TC251
  • Integration of Clinical Research in an Hospital Information System: Investing in Secondary Use Pier-Yves Lastic, Chair CDISC European Coordination Committee
  • Collaborative Use of Standards for x-border ePrescription and Patient Summaries, Fredrik Linden, epSOS Coordinator
  • HL7 never sleeps: snapshots around the globe, C Chronaki