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Boston’s Methadone Mile PowerPoint Presentation
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Boston’s Methadone Mile

Boston’s Methadone Mile

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Boston’s Methadone Mile

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  1. Boston's Methadone Mile

  2. Kenny, who has been destitute now and again throughout the years, strolled wrapped in a cover on a stretch of Massachusetts Avenue nicknamed Methadone Mile. (Keith Bedford/Globe Staff)

  3. A man lit a cigarette while another put on a shirt as they exited a destitute shelte frequented by medication clients. (Keith Bedford/Globe Staff)

  4. Shaun (right) looked as his companion Chris infused heroin behind a house. Following a night in the sanctuary both were feeling the manifestations of heroin withdrawal and felt the inclination to get high. (Keith Bedford/Globe Staff)

  5. A vagrant held his prosthetic leg in his wheelchair at the intersection of Mass. St. also, Albany St. Dreading he could lose the prosthetic, he grips it as he falls asleep. (Keith Bedford/Globe Staff)

  6. Shaun kissed his significant other, Donna, in the parking garage of a shopping center close Mass. Pkwy. The two have been heroin clients for quite a long while and are attempting to kick their propensities. (Keith Bedford/Globe Staff)

  7. Shaun remained on a corner close Methadone Mile. (Keith Bedford/Globe Staff)

  8. Lexi sat under a roadway bridge where she dozes. Lexi, who had been an opioid client, has been destitute for almost nine years. (Keith Bedford/Globe Staff)

  9. Leonardo wore a Batman veil as he strolled along the street. "I need to have the capacity to work here," he says. "I'm not requesting a free check; I'm not requesting SSI or any of that. I'm requesting work and a spot to live and to be a piece of society here." (Keith Bedford/Globe Staff)

  10. Boston police and a security protect pursued a charged street pharmacist on Mass. Pkwy. after he fled while being addressed. (Keith Bedford/Globe Staff)

  11. Boston cops captured the charged street pharmacist as a Longwood private security officer (right) viewed. (Keith Bedford/Globe Staff)

  12. People rested wrapped in covers on Melnea Cass Blvd. (Keith Bedford/Globe Staff)

  13. Shirley begs along a stretch of Methadone Mile. In the event that there is more than one individual in the same spot begging, individuals from the destitute group alternate strolling along the columns of autos, requesting cash. (Keith Bedford/Globe Staff)

  14. Sherry, a vagrant, remains at the intersection of Mass. Blvd. furthermore, Albany Street. The area is a spot where individuals assemble to purchase or offer medications. (Keith Bedford/Globe Staff)

  15. Craig, who says he's been destitute for a long time, smoked a cigarette in the city. (Keith Bedford/Globe Staff)

  16. Lexi connected for her espresso one morning among her covers. She had been out late the prior night, begging until well past midnight. (Keith Bedford/Globe Staff)

  17. Andrew chilled his head in the sink at his mom's Abington home as he manages the impacts of going a couple days without heroin. Andrew has battled with liquor and medication enslavement for quite a long while and is attempting to stay calm. (Keith Bedford/Globe Staff)

  18. Andrew embraced his mom, Barbara, in the kitchen of her home in Abington. She routinely takes him in, nourishes him, and gives him rides to work amid his times of moderation. <BR class=br>(Keith Bedford/Globe Staff)

  19. Shaun tossed an utilized needle into a channel in the wake of shooting up heroin close Methadone Mile. He started utilizing again in the wake of being kicked out of a methadone program. (Keith Bedford/Globe Staff)

  20. Diane shut her eyes in the wake of looking at being mishandled in the city. She said somebody she imparts a dozing space to on Melnea Cass Boulevard stole her K2, manufactured pot. In the wake of spending a hour searching for it, she was surrendered to the way that it was away for good. (Keith Bedford/Globe Staff)

  21. A man who calls himself Bodie, getting high on engineered maryjane cigarettes. (Keith Bedford/Globe Staff)

  22. High on a progression of medications known as the mixed drink, Lexi inclined toward a shopping basket that she conveys her possessions in. Lexi is a previous heroin client now on methadone. The mixed drink is a modest blend of pills taken by methadone and Suboxone clients to get high. (Keith Bedford/Globe Staff)

  23. Chris embraced Diane in the wake of getting high on an engineered cannabis cigarette before a corner store along Mass. Blvd. (Keith Bedford/Globe Staff)

  24. Lexi sits in the medianof a bustling road as she enjoys a reprieve from begging. (Keith Bedford/Globe Staff)

  25. Dave sat on an edge of Mass. Pkwy. with a bruised eye he got in the wake of getting in a quarrel with a security monitor in Boston. Dave, who is destitute, says he utilizes different medications. (Keith Bedford/Globe Staff)

  26. A disposed of sign sat on the ground close to a stretch of Mass. Rd. (Keith Bedford/Globe Staff)

  27. Shaun changed his shirt as he held up to board a van that takes vagrants to a sanctuary. (Keith Bedford/Globe Staff)

  28. Barbara, Andrew's mom, watched her child from the lounge area of their home in Abington. She has battled for quite a long time with Andrew's now and again tranquilize use. (Keith Bedford/Globe Staff)

  29. Andrew sat with his better half, Briana, subsequent to getting high on maryjane at Ames Nowell State Park in Abington. The two have battled with liquor and medication compulsion for quite a long while subsequent to meeting at a recovery program in Florida. (Keith Bedford/Globe Staff)

  30. Shaun and his significant other, Donna, searched for warm-climate garments in their capacity unit. (Keith Bedford/Globe Staff)

  31. Shaun holds a needle in his teeth before shooting up heroin. (Keith Bedford/Globe Staff)

  32. Robert Morgan gave out garments, nourishment, and toiletries to individuals from the destitute group in the range. Morgan and his significant other live close-by and attempt to give out gifts twice every week. (Keith Bedford/Globe Staff)

  33. Shaun numbers the change he made begging. He says numerous vagrants dispose of pennies, however he spares them until he has enough to convey to a Coinstar machine. (Keith Bedford/Globe Staff)

  34. Mark, an opioid client, has been destitute for a long time. He said the first occasion when he took a stab at begging, "the woman bolted the entryway. I was so mortified I left. I said, 'I can't do this.' People said, 'Tune in, it's going to happen..'" Minutes after the fact, a driver gave him $5. (Keith Bedford/Globe Staff)

  35. People rest along a wall on Melnea Cass Boulevard, close Mass. Pkwy. (Keith Bedford/Globe Staff)

  36. A security officer urged individuals to move along from before the Cumberland Farms store on Mass. Ave.. (Keith Bedford/Globe Staff)

  37. Lexi put her hands in her coat sleeves as she smoked a cigarette under the roadway bridge where she dozes. (Keith Bedford/Globe Staff)

  38. Shaun embraced his better half, Donna, as she set out toward a prospective employee meet-up. Donna has following been in recuperation and living in an asylum. Shaun is as yet living in the city and has been in and out of detox. (Keith Bedford/Globe Staff)

  39. Terrance, who calls himself Delicious, cried as he discussed his time living in the city. "Everything I could request was to be cherished, and I would never get it. The hardest thing you can do in this world is to live in it." (Keith Bedford/Globe Staff)