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Taking Charge of Your Health

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Taking Charge of Your Health - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Taking Charge of Your Health . Chapter 1 Lesson 1. The Pyramid of Health. The 3 areas of health…. Physical Mental and Emotional Family and Social Do you need all 3 to be a “healthy” person?. Health vs Risk Behaviors. Health behavior is an action that promotes health in all categories.

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the 3 areas of health
The 3 areas of health…


Mental and Emotional

Family and Social

Do you need all 3 to be a “healthy” person?

health vs risk behaviors
Health vs Risk Behaviors
  • Health behavior is an action that promotes health in all categories.
  • Examples:
  • Risk Behaviors are actions that threaten all parts of health.
  • Examples:
factors that affect your health status
Factors that Affect Your Health Status
  • External factors include:
    • Your environment
    • Your heredity
    • Your access to health care
    • Random Events
  • Which of these can you control?
answer these questions
Answer these Questions:

Do I eat a balanced diet every day?

Do I exercise regularly?

Do I avoid harmful substances?

Do I get enough sleep?

Do I understand my feelings?

Am I able to share my feelings with others?

Do I make time for fun?

Am I able to resist negative peer pressure?

Do I have healthful relationships with my family members?

Do I choose friends who help me make responsible decisions?

Do I avoid dangerous situations

Do I know how to resolve conflict?

Do I help my friends to make good decisions?

setting health goals
Setting Health Goals
  • Many people need help in setting their goals
  • Health Behavior Contracts are written strategy that helps a person reach a health goal.
  • Steps to completing a health goal:
    • 1. write down the goal
    • 2. tell how the goal will affect your health
    • 3. describe a plan to follow; keep track of your progress; figure out who can help you
    • 4. at the end, evaluate how your plan went
example of how to complete a health contract
Example of how to complete a health contract

1. Goal- to quit smoking in 3 weeks

2. Effect on health-

3. Plan

4. After 3 weeks:

setting your own health goals
Setting Your Own Health Goals
  • List 3 goals you have for either your short term future or long term.
    • Physical
    • Mental emotional
    • Family social

Decide how long it will take you to achieve each goal. (years/months/days, etc)

What is the plan?

Health goals