directness in good news and neutral message n.
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Directness in Good-News and Neutral Message PowerPoint Presentation
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Directness in Good-News and Neutral Message

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Directness in Good-News and Neutral Message - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Directness in Good-News and Neutral Message. Teacher – Shahed Rahman. ADJUSTMENT GRANTS. Good news in adjustment grant justifies directness. In a positive situations a message written in the direct order is appropriate Considering Special Needs . Considering Special Needs.

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adjustment grants
  • Good news in adjustment grant justifies directness.
  • In a positive situations a message written in the direct order is appropriate
    • Considering Special Needs
considering special needs
Considering Special Needs
  • You begin directly with the good news answer.
  • Refer to the message you are answering
  • Two special needs
    • Need to Overcome Negative Impressions
      • Negative impression remain; so overcome them.
      • Experience has not been pleasant
      • Using the words that produce positive effects
      • Overcome through positive writing
      • Even apologies may be negative
      • Do not unnecessarily recall the bad situation
      • Stop using negative words – mistake, difficulty and misunderstanding
considering special needs1
Considering Special Needs
  • Need to Regain Lost Confidence
    • Regain lost confidence through convincing explanation
    • Its always depends on the situation
    • Need to survey the situation.
    • Make sure its ethical and supported by truth.
    • Explain the corrective actions
5 steps considering the special needs
5 Steps Considering the Special Needs
  • Begin directly with the good news
  • Incidentally identify the correspondence that you are answering
  • Avoid negatives that recall the problem
  • Regain lost confidence through explanation or corrective action
  • End with friendly positive comment
contrasting adjustments
Contrasting Adjustments

A slow and Negative Treatment

The Direct and Positive Technique


order acknowledgments

Acknowledgments are sent to let people who order goods know the status of their orders.

Businesses usually acknowledge orders with form notes but they sometimes use letters.

Acknowledgments can serve to build good will.

Many companies use computer generated message for such situations

order acknowledgments1
  • Using Directness and Goodwill Building
    • Start with the good news - that you shipped the goods
    • Directness and goodwill mark the message
    • Mr. Brown your product should reach you in a day or two.
    • Check the sample letter in page 133
    • Sending receipt will build a goodwill.
  • Being Tactful in Shipment Delays
    • When goods must be delayed, handle this news tactfully
    • In vague orders, request the needed information positively
    • Emphasize receipt of the items in back orders
    • We cant ship the inkjet cartridges until the 9th
    • We will rush the inkjet cartridges to you as soon as our stock is replenished by a shipment due May 9
main points of order acknowledgments
Main points of Order Acknowledgments

Give status of order, acknowledging incidentally

Include some goodwill- sales talk,reselling, or such.

Include a thank-you.

Report frankly or handle tactfully problems with vague or back orders.

contrasting acknowledgments

Slow Route to a Favorable Message

Fast Moving Presentation of the Good News


  • Using Directness for Bad News
    • Claims are written to collect for damages
    • Use directness for this bad news because
      • The reader wants to know what went wrong with their product or service
      • It adds strength – enhances the likelihood of success
  • Identify the Problem in a Direct Beginning
    • Need to identify the transaction involved
    • You can put it in Subject
    • Subject: Damaged Condition of fire extinguishers on arrival, your invoice C13144
  • Stating The Problem Directly
    • State the problem clearly in the beginning
    • Example : The model H freezer ( Serial No. 713129) that we bought from you September 17 suddenly quit working, ruining $517 of frozen foods in the process
  • Giving Choice in Correcting Error
    • Handling the claim by either stating what you want or letting the reader decide
    • Money back or replacement
    • Most business people want to do the right thing
  • Overcoming Negativeness with a Friendly Close
    • Your closing words should show your cordial attitude
    • Thank you in advance
    • I would be grateful if you could get the new merchandise to me in time for my Friday sale.
outlining the claim message
Outlining The Claim Message

Begin Directly. What is Wrong

Identify the situation ( Invoice number, Product Information etc. ) in the text or in a subject line.

Present enough of the facts to permit a decision.

Seek corrective action.

End positively – friendly but firm.