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Cost Savings Program

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Cost Savings Program
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Cost Savings Program

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  1. WindFall Networks, LLC The Trusted Payments Advisor to Merchants Globally Cost Savings Program
  2. Our Company’s Mission: Reduce our Client’s costs for processing credit and debit cards to the Lowest Total Cost Possible; and, then manage that process going forward to deliver extraordinary results.
  3. Pledge of Assurance to our Clients: Pay for Results….only We put our expertise and the results we drive to the ultimate test – we are only paid from the cost reductions as a result of our in-depth analysis, guaranteed. In other words, if you don’t make money engaging our service, we don’t get paid for our efforts, period. Don’t you wish other vendors would guarantee results?
  4. Payment Systems There are only 6 Payment Systems in the US and all methods of payments must travel through one of these systems: Cash Wire Transfer Checking ACH Credit and Debit Card Systems (they are not the same) There are many methods to make a payment today, such as: internet e-comm, bill pay, P2P, POS, telephone, mobile devices and many more now and to come. In order to transfer money a bank always has to be involved (i.e., usually in the “background”) and every payment method uses one of these 6 payment systems for the backbone of their service.
  5. Merchant “discount” fees: Assessments and fees Card Brands Assessments, NABU, APE, FANF, etc Processing Processors Credit/debit card highways Charge, collect and distribute all merchant discount fees Interchange Largest fee component Charged by the acquiring bank Set by payment brands Paid to Issuing banks Over 750 Interchange categories 58% of all CC’s earn rewards which come out of the fees paid by merchants
  6. Industry Relationships: Card Issuing Banks Benefit from Interchange Own, partially own or have Joint Venture’s with Processors Card Brands: Visa, MC, Discover, Amex Set Interchange All Publicly Traded Companies now Card Processors Work hard to earn highest possible rate for their issuing bank partners and themselves
  7. Network Relationships Brand Networks Began as non-profit IPO 2008 Sets All I/C Structure, Components & Rates Earns revenue on every transaction on merchant Earns revenue from Issuing banks on transactions and services Began as non-profit IPO in 2006 Sets All I/C Structure, Components & Rates Earns revenue on every transaction on merchant Earns revenue from Issuing banks on transactions and services Issuing Banks Processors, Banks, ISO’s Began entire system Owned Brand networks in beginning Own/Joint Venture with Processors Critical & Integral part of Brand networks VISA/MC Largest risk in the system Get paid the largest fee Interchange Some are owned 100% by banks Some are partially owned by Issuing Banks The remaining have exclusive joint venture relationships w/Issuing banks Critical & Integral Part of Brand networks: VISA/MC
  8. “Finger-Print” of a Credit/Debit Card Transaction (Cost) Constantly Changing Adding categories Adding complexities/ convoluted Multi-faceted (elaborate) Largest Cost Component Expertise required Variable Multi-faceted Confusing Expertise Required Complex Constantly changing Variable components Fixed components Expertise required It’s like trying to figure out the US Tax Code Windfall Networks
  9. Credit and Debit Card Systems Merchant Merchandise Service Credit Card Processors First Data Bank of America JP Morgan Chase (Paymentech) US Bancorp Wells Fargo Heartland Elevon Worldpay, etc. Customer Credit Card Processor, ISO and/or Bank Sponsor Bank What card was used by the customer? Debit/Credit Card Brand Networks (unique & different) Card “Issuing” Bank Bank of America American Express Capital One Wells Fargo US Bancorp JP Morgan Chase Citibank Discover HSBC GE Capital
  10. Windfall Networks We create transparency to this convoluted system We are 100% independent We are not in any Joint Venture with any other company, only you We are the “original” experts We started in 2001 We “wrote the book” on how to reduce your costs and save you money Trusted Advisor and your only advocate in the entire system The “deck” has been “stacked” against the merchant Pay-to-Play system the networks have built We will get you to your LTCP – or we don’t get paid….period.
  11. Minimal time commitment for you ---- We respect your time; we do all the work. Pay For Results Model: No cost reductions or savings to you, no payments to us We are driven by our model We Do All The Work and we drive results…. We are successful finding cost reductions for 90% of clients
  12. How Our Cost Reduction Program Works: Historical information Baseline (Effective rate) calculated Audited by you: Third party numbers Agreed upon and signed off on by you Recommendations We will explain in detail each recommendation Explain what WE will need to do to fix each problem Get your approval to fix all, some or none We work with your processing vendors to get approved recommendations implemented for you
  13. How Our Cost Reduction Program Works:(Con’t) Timeline Usually need several months to implement solutions Each month calculate current cost (Effective rate) and compare to baseline (Effective rate) Example: Baseline: 2.5% 3 month; same calculation; same result 2.5% = no cost reduction = no payment is due for our service 4th month 2% Calculate cost reductions 2.5%-2%=.5% times volume for month and split the savings
  14. The Process From Here: Sign our 2 page Agreement Electronic assess to your Merchant Processing Statements We will analyze your past 12 months of statements over the next several weeks
  15. Summary: Pay For Results: 24 months 50/50 Nothing to lose except extra fees Detailed monthly reporting On-going work to maintain and drive costs lower as well as bring new cost reduction recommendations to you as they occur…..and they will! Industry watchdog Agreement